Barack Obama starts another war in Libya. Where are all the anti-war protesters?

FanOreilly 2011/03/19 19:40:56
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Barack Obama has taken the USA into yet another war in the Muslim world:

This is a REAL war...you know the kind where the military is shooting people.

Remember all the protests when Bush went to war?

Where are all the protesters?

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  • Recruit 2011/04/26 00:46:24
  • Dave Evans 2011/04/26 00:27:40
    Dave Evans
    Gosh.....one might almost think it was more about partisanship than principle all along...well, if one were actually awake and paying attention.

    Gitmo is still open for business. The Patriot Act is still in force. We have not altered the planned withdrawal from Iraq at all (ie haven't sped it up) we have actually stepped up troop levels and bombings in Afghanistan/Pakistan and now we are involved in another war in Libya and..........*crickets*

    Where are the protest marches? Why isn't the MSM running with it as the lead story every single night? Where are the signs carried by protesters comparing Obama to Hitler? "NOT IN MY NAME!..."NO BLOOD FOR OIL!" anyone?
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/05 01:32:40
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    They had been lied about the whole thing and swear this is not a war They are only helping these people be free. We are supposed to forget that people have to die and get their asses handed to them for that to actually happen they have
  • Tom 2011/03/24 03:47:44
    They are staying home because the price of oil is too high so they don't want to pay more for gas and Obama is a Democrat so they are OK with his wars.
  • Dave Evans Tom 2011/04/26 00:28:58
    Dave Evans
    bingo. Obama has a capital "D" beside his name so his wars and his trampling upon civil liberties must be OK.
  • Frank Butler 2011/03/22 14:58:42 (edited)
    Frank Butler
    People hated Bush because he spent too much money, people hate Obama for spending far more money. People hated Bush for starting Wars in the Middle East, now Obama is starting a war in the Middle East. People hated Bush for dramatically expanding the expense associated with Medicare through the Prescription Drug Benefit program and people REALLY HATE Obama for spending EVEN MORE (that's putting it mildly) by starting OBAMACARE.

    One last thing, why are we fighting a war in Libya? Please answer me that.
  • daylight 2011/03/22 06:15:58
    Its bigger then obama, he is so far into the system, he is part of the system to bring down the USA currency, stripping the USA through war, spending, taxes, energy , a stinking system of lies. Hes a dictator used by the elite.
  • GOP Poison 2011/03/21 19:48:06
    GOP Poison
    If you want all of these wars to stop within 72 hours just re-start the draft.My solution would be that anyone in the congress that votes to go to war because it is a justafiable and good war should get the honor of taking ever son,nephew,grandchild,daughte... neice to the plane and seeing them off as they go to the front.When Mitt Romney was asked what his sons were doing for the war effort he stated that they were doing their best for the war effort by working to get him elected.After the election he was asked how soon his sons would be signing up and he refused to answer the question.I do not want to generalize but as a non commissioned officer in the army i always ask what branch of the military a person was in when they become become hawkish.Most just turn and walk away.NOTHING worse than a chicken hawk(no offense george}
  • Harmonica79 2011/03/21 17:49:06
    Alright, here we go again. Obama DIDN'T start a war! We are a part of the UN and France is the one to blame... not Obama. You are to protect your allies! They went in, then Britain and the US followed. How hard is that for people to understand?
  • HOWARD ... Harmoni... 2011/03/22 14:52:19 (edited)
    Liberals are the DUMBEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA.


    After the Arab Leuge called on the West to impose a "no fly zone" over Libya they immediately moved to take political cover denouncing the action almost as soon as it started due to civilian casualties (which are impossible to avoid in any military conflict). According to news reports the Arab League would have us flying our jets and helicopters without taking action to suppress Qudafi's SAM sites (surface to air missiles). It was the targeting of SAM's and radar sites which caused the civilian loss of life (of course) and without which it would be impossible to enforce a No Fly Zone without significant coalition losses. Enforcing a no fly zone while leaving Libyans air defense system intact would mean EU and American pilots would be sitting ducks for SAMS resulting in their death or capture and torture as they would be easy targets over enemy territory. This could lead to an escalation of the conflict as America would be called upon to rescue downed air men; According to the Arab League, it is OK for the Europeans and Americans to loose their lives to fight a war OPEC has called for but not OK to do so in a way that minimizes coalition losses.
  • Dave Evans Harmoni... 2011/04/26 00:32:44
    Dave Evans
    We didn't? We've run hundreds of bombing raids and fired several hundred cruise missiles into that country. What would we call it if somebody else did that to us? I'm pretty sure we'd call it war.

    As for the UN, I do not recall agreeing to outsource our foreign policy to the UN. We have no business there. As for our "ally" France, they didn't see the need to "protect" us in Iraq, why should we feel the need to get involved in their foreign adventures? If they're so keen to get involved, let them do it themselves.
  • Mtnsweety 2011/03/21 16:33:48
    I'm not a fan of Obama but he didn't start this war.
  • FanOreilly Mtnsweety 2011/03/22 08:09:13

    So who ordered our military to kill Arabs in Libya? George Bush?
  • Mtnsweety FanOreilly 2011/03/23 17:15:04
  • FanOreilly Mtnsweety 2011/04/26 00:35:30
    NATO is in charge of the US military?

    You are carrying water for Barry like an obedient little zombie.
  • Frank B... Mtnsweety 2011/03/22 15:12:07
    Frank Butler
    Yes please let us all know who started this "war"?
  • Mtnsweety Frank B... 2011/03/23 17:14:58
  • Hawkeye Mtnsweety 2011/03/23 10:32:30
    Well yeah.. you're entirely correct.. Obama DIDN'T start this war but what people are most complaining about isn't who started the war but who got America INTO it and they want to know WHY we SHOULD be in it and HOW Obama went about GETTING us into it.......
  • Mtnsweety Hawkeye 2011/03/23 17:27:26

    We are apart of NATO , that is how we got in it. Our government in my opinion made a good choice by saying this is what we'll do and no more. No ground troops in Libya.
    We have to protect Innocent people and enforce the arms embargo.
  • Hawkeye Mtnsweety 2011/03/24 00:27:53
    Look.. I'm not even sure that I oppose the actions in Libya at this point but that's NOT the subject of this post..

    The question raised here is about the double standard that continues to rear it's ugly head where the Left is concerned.. We ALL remember the continuous and never ending outcries of rage over the military actions of GWB and HE actually went to Congress and got approval for everything he did.... in FACT,, the Democrats under the Clinton administration was calling for the invasion of Iraq two years before Bush became President..

    Take a look at the following quote..

    "'The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation."

    Is THIS from Rush Limbaugh or Hannity???

    No.. This is a DIRECT quote from Barack Huessein Obama in reference to GWB when he was running for President..

    The hypocarcy here is STUNNING and Blatant..
  • Dave Evans Hawkeye 2011/04/26 00:40:12
    Dave Evans
    I agree with SENATOR Obama. It is disgusting that when Rand Paul read SENATOR Obama's statement and made a motion to have the Senate vote on it, not only many Democrats but also many Republicans voted to table it and not have to have a public vote on it. I was particularly disappointed in my home state of Florida's Marco Rubio whom I had high hopes for. This is just disgusting. The CONGRESS has the constitutional authority to declare war-not the President. They are spineless and shirking their constitutional duty for not calling Obama to account for his unconstitutional usurpation of power.
  • Hawkeye Mtnsweety 2011/03/24 19:39:26
    ONE more thing.. You have said that we got into this because we are a part of N.A.T.O. and AS such,, we are obligated by treaty to participate..

    Today,, March 24th @ 3:00 PM..

    Headline news.. NATO is only NOW considering taking charge of this operation.. We did NOT go to Libya at the behest of NATO.. We went in there and THEN asked NATO to take charge..
  • Dave Evans Hawkeye 2011/04/26 00:40:59
    Dave Evans
    Germany is part of Nato too......yet they didn't feel obligated to get involved. Trying to hide behind Nato is a sham.
  • Dave Evans Mtnsweety 2011/04/26 00:36:43
    Dave Evans
    We are Nato. Nato doesn't move without us. The administration can't hide behind Nato. It was Obama's choice to get us involved. We did not have to be and he still can't answer what the exit strategy is, what our national interest here is, how long it will take and what the outcome will be. At first he says Daffy must go, then he backs off from that. If Daffy goes (and I wouldn't mind since he is a brutal tyrant after all) who replaces him? What do we really know about the Rebels? We do know some of them were with Al Qaeda-as was reported in the British press.
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2011/03/21 16:15:00
  • Sweet Fang 2011/03/21 16:05:23
    Sweet Fang
    Where are they?
    Probably still standing around Crawford, Texas.
  • KoAm 2011/03/21 15:45:39
    Didn't you know? Liberal presidents are allowed to start any war they want. For whatever reason they want. Hell, they don't even NEED a reason.

    When a conservative president takes us to war, though -- no matter how justified -- he is automatically recast as the Spawn of Satan.

    You see, the "anti-war protesters" aren't against all wars. They're just opposed to the ones that start when the president is a conservative.
  • GoNavy! 2011/03/21 15:02:01
    Man, you know those idiots on the left are only against war when it is anybody but their guy waging it!

    Plus, you don't think they are going to speak out against "the anointed one" do you?
  • Bronar 2011/03/21 14:53:30 (edited)
    It's Bush's fault you racist! Oh, and you're a Nazi too! How dare you ask such a question!
  • David 2011/03/21 14:31:23
    "Obama starts ANOTHER war in Libya"

    Hardly an accurate statement!

    Bush started Iraq and Afghanistan!

    Besides the French began this based on a humanitarian resolution to stop a dictator massacring the citizens of his country!

    As far as the US and the UN are concerned this is an operation with very limited goals.

    If Bush had the intelligence to do the same our economy would be a lot better situation!
  • whitewu... David 2011/03/21 16:13:24
  • David whitewu... 2011/03/21 16:25:48
    Lets wait on history for the length of this!
  • Dave Evans David 2011/04/26 00:43:19
    Dave Evans
    What's the difference between Daffy and Saddam?

    Well other than the fact that Saddam was far more brutal I mean?

    (que jeopardy music)

    OOH! I've got it! One of them had a moustache and the other doesnt!
  • David Dave Evans 2011/04/26 04:56:03
    Glad you got that sorted!
  • Dave Evans David 2011/04/26 16:35:01
    Dave Evans
    Can you name any other difference...other than that Saddam had far more blood on his hands?
  • David Dave Evans 2011/04/26 17:08:59
    What makes Iraq different Syria or North Korea?
  • Dave Evans David 2011/04/26 20:58:45
    Dave Evans
    North Korea is armed with nukes and is right next to China...that's rather different wouldn't you say? Syria? To small and weak to be able to do much of anything.
  • David Dave Evans 2011/04/27 13:20:49
    I am glad you got that sorted out!
  • Angus 2011/03/21 13:49:01
    I believe we are all overlooking the most important question and that is the legality of Obama's actions. But before we do that I assume that we all agree that when firing missiles into a sovereign country they are considered an act of war. That said,a declaration of war requires a 2/3 majority vote from congress. I am certain that such vote did not take place and that Obama violated the Constitution by authorizing the attack without congressional approval. This is an impeachable offense. Why aren't we doing anything about this? It seems the Anointed One can do what ever he wants.
  • Account Closed 2011/03/21 11:49:54
    Account Closed
    So the President wanted to protect the Libyan people, hm, I guess Libyans are worth more than those who were being killed in Bahrain and Yemen both of which the Government killed protestors demanding change. No that's not it, its OIL!!! Liberal hypocrites
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