Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

Mopvyzo USA 2012/01/22 16:43:12
Barack Obama For President ...

SLIDESHOW: Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

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Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

  1. Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

    Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

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Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

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  • culpepper 2012/01/24 16:50:23
    Good! the USA may yet have a chance
  • rhaver1 2012/01/24 14:19:36
    If we're going to "invest".... I'd like a different investor. The Solyndra debacle made it pretty obvious that Obama isn't very good at it.
  • Rusty 2012/01/23 12:04:50
    Hey that's the way the soviet union did it....no religion only man can be worshiped. What is nice about that is you can fool and manipulate men. So any evil mind can take over.

  • NoobGotPowned 2012/01/23 07:39:05 (edited)
    Now that we have cracked how to keep a boner for 48 hours our bounds are limitless.

    Corporate science is bullshit and hasn't given us anything useful since...

    toilet paper cialis
  • Harley Quinn 2012/01/23 06:57:05
    Harley Quinn
    Yay for science!
  • Justin.Long 2012/01/23 02:04:22
    It's not gonna matter what is true or bot if he continues what he does were done
  • Arinn 2012/01/23 01:11:50
    science? ok
  • Mandy 2012/01/23 01:09:53
    Inspiring and so true. GO SCIENCE!
  • sjalan 2012/01/23 01:02:40
    He couldn't be more correct. His vision is an accurate one. Too bad the Republicans are are owned lock stock and barrel by the religious right who don't believe in science.

  • den 2012/01/23 01:00:27
    obama may be the p[roduct of the cross breeding of monkeys but my family tree was created directly by God.
  • Curmudgeon den 2012/01/23 01:20:43
    Which one? Every faith on earth claims their god did everything.
  • den Curmudgeon 2012/01/23 07:56:33
    Jehovah and His son Jesus that created heaven and earth
  • Noel16161 2012/01/23 00:57:16
    Go Mr. President! We are falling behind.
  • SourDiesel 2012/01/23 00:56:25
    Darwin was a genius!
  • den SourDiesel 2012/01/23 07:55:00
    Darwin was dead wrong as is the idea of evolution and it was the result of no scientific research
  • SourDiesel den 2012/01/23 08:28:10 (edited)
    There is a scientific consensus on the matter that is backed up by mountains of evidence. Evolution is a fact. How evolution happens is the theory now. The selfish gene theory is the most plausible in my opinion. If you don't think evolution happens, have you ever seen insects evolve to better counter-act pesticides? Have you ever seen viruses evolve to counter-act the human immune system?
  • den SourDiesel 2012/01/26 18:31:00
    in the first place you have no evidence at all but I will answer you- materialy speaking and scientificly speaking nothing can produce something- then inorganic matter cannot produce organic life also a vegtable cannot produce an animial- a reproductive system must be perfect in the first generation-it cannot develop- air,water,vegtable and animal must begin at the same time to have a sustainable eco-system then there are no existing so called missing links- it is geneticaly impossible for one species to produce another-giveing you a large number of so called missing links the theory of evolution is one big lie.
  • SourDiesel den 2012/01/26 20:48:13
    Your statement shows that you are very uninformed about what evolution is. Evolution is not one species producing a new species. I would recommend visiting talkorigins.org to learn more about evolution.
  • Mopvyzo USA 2012/01/23 00:51:13
    Mopvyzo USA
    Barack Obama On Science And Charles Darwin

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