Barack Obama mother and Timothy Geithner's Father!

Dinkiedow 2009/12/07 00:13:32
Stanley Ann Dunham worked for Peter F. Geithner,The turbo-tax kids father.Peter was the director of the Ford Foundation.Obama's mother Ann looked over the Ford micro finance program she was developing.Timothy spent most of his childhood in Zimbabwe,Zambia,India,Thailand and finished high school in Bangkok.To think Obama' father worked for shell oil and his step father worked for Mobil oil!Peter F Geithner was also inter woven with Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers and Bob Schrank who was the author of Growing up Radical and Red in the USA! 1989 Obama took a summer intern job with Sidney&Austin; where Michelle Robinson his now wife and Bernadine Dohrn,William Ayers wife worked.Why not she already wore the pants in the family.Michelle was his supervisor!! 1991 Barack Hussein Obama filled out an application stating that was the only name he had ever gone by.this to become a member of the Illinois Bar Association.Obama claims he was a Professor,that's like Sanders of Kentucky fried chicken was really a illinois bar association obama claims professorthats sanders kentucky fried chicken illinois bar association obama claims professorthats sanders kentucky fried chicken illinois bar association obama claims professorthats sanders kentucky fried chicken illinois bar association obama claims professorthats sanders kentucky fried chicken illinois bar association obama claims professorthats sanders kentucky fried chicken Colonel
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  • JBQ 2012/05/17 23:27:38
    There is definitely a connection between Obama and Geitner through their parents.
  • CiciLiu 2010/08/04 06:55:21
    small world
  • krafty 2009/12/08 23:43:46
    This country needs to stage a coup. The people of Iran show more courage than we do. We are just sitting here waiting for Obama and his scumbag pals to destroy our courntry.
  • Dinkiedow krafty 2009/12/09 00:40:55
    A leader has not come forward.But did you hear that democratic pollster on Glenn Beck when he warned Obama and friends that a majority of the people are Quite pissed and they are "Coming",After You!
  • princess 2009/12/07 22:30:08
    And all these sewer scum stink to no end.......
  • Mia 2009/12/07 19:01:54
    Another article on the same topic:

    Read the comments too, for more links.
  • FightForFreedom 2009/12/07 18:42:56
    I have to say that if O did not get elected we would have never found out about all this corruption that has been and is going on. They have been playing us like fools and now it's our turn to play them and just because they have money and power, we have the heart, the smarts and the NUMBERS! We learn something knew everyday and just when you think it can't get worse, it does. I feel like we are living in a twilight zone episode.
  • Kane Fernau 2009/12/07 17:42:42
    Kane Fernau
    Sounds like Obama's Mama got around!
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2009/12/07 17:34:54 (edited)
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Yeah, this is something I found out about 6 months ago, nobody paid attention because apparently they failed to see what it meant.. Thanks for posting Harold.

    As a sidenote to those it concerns.. Geihtner's father was a bilderberg and so is little Timmy.. Wonder how Obama got into office? I don't.
  • Dinkiedow The Gov... 2009/12/07 18:37:08
    Thank You,I forgot to add that part.I bet you know the rest of the story.Feel free to add all you know.Lets get it all out!
  • The Gov... Dinkiedow 2009/12/07 21:39:42
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Man, I don't think there are enough pages on the internet to explain it all.

    In a nutshell, we are screwed..
    I am fearful the only thing left will be civil war.. or submit to the full communism of the world. Communists, globalists, left, right, all together now. We as a human race are in danger not just America. We have been sleeping for decades.

    We may be too late.. And all you Obama supporters.. Have fun with that. Don't say we haven't been trying to warn you guys for over 2 years. You don't want to listen. So be it. Don't get too attached to that house you just mortgaged or that new car you just financed you will lose it. Get ready to move in with extended family because if you think the situation in this country is bad right now, LMAO!!! George Soros has just predicted another economic fall-out.. If you don't know who this piece of s**t is. You shouldn't be allowed to vote in the first place. Drop your loyalty to the dems or repubs or socialist or communist or green parties ( they might as well just be part of the communists), they all have a common goal and it is NOT your best interest.
  • Dinkiedow The Gov... 2009/12/07 21:56:13
  • The Gov... Dinkiedow 2009/12/08 00:08:48
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    LMAO.. that is the only time I have truly laughed about this whole situation.. Thanks Harold.. :)
  • jscusmc69 The Gov... 2009/12/07 19:52:16 (edited)
    PUPPET!! puppet
  • The Gov... jscusmc69 2009/12/07 21:26:03
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    The most terrifying one yet.
  • jscusmc69 2009/12/07 17:22:40
    YOU have GOT to be JOKING!! WELL not really--this is a GREAT find and AS more of the OBAMA PUZZLE pieces come together JUST MAYBE the poor fools who still look at him as -"THE ONE"--will wake up. Humm-just came to me---THESE DISCOVERIES could help in getting rid of him AND his CLOWNS!!
    LIAR in Chief! fools one--will wake humm-just me---these discoveries rid clowns liar chief
  • Dinkiedow jscusmc69 2009/12/07 18:42:00
    Thank You,I love it.What a billboard that would make!
  • jscusmc69 Dinkiedow 2009/12/07 19:53:40
    IF you could find someone with the BALLS to out it up--remember O-Man controls the Media!
  • Captain Kirk~POTL 2009/12/07 16:28:01
    Captain Kirk~POTL
    WOW!!! Very interesting.
  • Richie 2009/12/07 14:23:46
    amateur hour at the White House!!!
  • Seeker-TERM LIMIT SUPPORTER 2009/12/07 11:53:57
    before I can even give the comment I would love to give in regards to Obama and his administration--- Do you have a link or website- to back this "finding" up? Please.
  • Dinkiedow Seeker-... 2009/12/07 18:51:33
    Just search Stanley Ann Dunham and Peter F Geithner! Bye the way She change the spelling of her last name to Sutoro.It comes up as she is still alive at 67,living in new york.With alias Stanley Ann Dunham.Something mother and son have in common,name change. 67living york alias stanley ann dunham mother son commonname change http://peacecorpsonline.typep... alias stanley ann dunham mother son commonname change httppeacecorpsonline typep
  • ♥ IzzyXPink ♥ 2009/12/07 11:33:41
    ♥ IzzyXPink ♥
    I know da story dont need to read cause i knew it from my teacher
  • ~Donna~ conspiracy theorist... 2009/12/07 11:14:01
    ~Donna~ conspiracy theorists don't seem so nutty anymore do they
    Now that is interesting..... thank you for sharing this....
  • Nance 2009/12/07 08:12:26
  • safari 2009/12/07 08:07:24
  • patti 2009/12/07 05:27:05
    Six degrees of separation..
    More and more that pile under Obama's rug keeps tripping him, This is very interesting, does no one in his camp think this would not be revealed at some point?
    degrees separation pile obamas rug tripping interesting camp revealed
  • unicorn... patti 2009/12/07 05:53:09
    They have worked very hard and very fast to manipulate things so that when people wake up .. it will be too late.
  • patti unicorn... 2009/12/07 05:57:56
    I think they will fail. I have to think that, if not well, we didn't do enough.
  • unicorn... patti 2009/12/07 05:59:37
    Just like he said in the video, if we fail it is our own fault. :(
    We won't fail, and you are right more and more "see" every day. I have hope.
  • patti unicorn... 2009/12/07 06:00:22
    We will win.. !!!!
  • Jaymee 2009/12/07 05:16:34
    They Look Related.

    related related

    Could Odumbo and Geithner be 1/2 Bro's?

    related odumbo geithner 12 bros
  • Dinkiedow Jaymee 2009/12/07 19:09:26
    wouldn't that be funny!
  • Jaymee Dinkiedow 2009/12/07 21:12:14
    LOL Yes it would. It may be being that Both Obama and Geithner are both pathological liars and crooks.
  • Dinkiedow Jaymee 2009/12/07 21:32:25
    It's a long list.If Everyone could bring one to light the press would have no choice!
  • danaslc 2009/12/07 04:33:23
    The corruption, the history of all these people. Folks, we have been taken over.
  • wtw 2009/12/07 04:12:36
    Very dubious connections as we have already known!
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2009/12/07 03:16:06
  • Kate 2009/12/07 03:08:56
    This whole administration gives me a major migraine!!!
  • TruBluTopaz 2009/12/07 03:04:44
    All of these folks are desperately interwoven political creatures. Check out any of their names at www. muckety.com and see how they link up. It's both fascinating and appalling. interwoven political creatures check names www muckety link fascinating appalling

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