Bam Margera Overdose, Margera of "Jackass" Not Dead: Why do we make idiots rich?

Creamy 2009/07/20 23:34:22
This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
We don't let people like Bam Margera rich and famous...
I think Bam Margera...
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Bam Margera of "Jackass" was rushed to a Pennsylvania hospital after Margera made a "breathless" phone call to 911, presumably after a drug overdose. Bam Margera is suspected of having overdosed on heroin or cocaine, but Margera's family has not confirmed the rumors. Instead, Bam's family has told reporters that Bam was severely dehydrated.

Bam Margera has a history of doing drugs and drinking heavily, and has obviously overdosed on drugs. Why do we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous?
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  • Sykes! 2009/07/21 13:57:43
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    Because we're American, and that's how we roll.

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  • John Joy 2011/08/25 13:29:14
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    John Joy
    i think bam is the funniest one out of the whole jackass crew besides wee-man like even when bam was crying after being pinned in with a cobra u just gotta laugh now that was a classic eppisode
  • Andrea 2010/11/23 04:50:30
    I think Bam Margera...
    I think bam iz awesome he is pro skater owns his own shows and if stupid things iz what expresses himself then ok if u don't like him or what he does go do something better in ur life than to diss on him he doesn't care if u think it's stupid on what he does cuz maby that's his point
  • KyleBal... Andrea 2011/02/09 21:34:38
    no bam margera is not dead so what now im his cuz
  • Patty 2010/08/21 23:31:58
    I think Bam Margera...
    I think Bam Margera is awesome because he does what he does and he worked hard getting there. He'd never overdoes on drugs, I think he might of had one of those parties where he had a little to much alcohol to drink and not enough water or something along that line.
  • CodyOsborne 2010/06/26 02:15:07
    I think Bam Margera...
    bam amgera i sa hero in my eyes he stood for what people want in life he got rich and had a good time and now that he "died" your just going to trash him every time he screws up id be damnedif none of youhave tried drugs i should personally stick that goddamn punxatony grouund hog up your anus
  • GROENEN... CodyOsb... 2012/06/01 00:56:02
  • will 2010/04/06 09:49:15
  • Poolasj 2010/03/31 18:16:46
    I think Bam Margera...
    Dude, It was alcohol, not drugs. Shut the f*ck up and stop spreading rumors. He was going through some tough shlt, he doesnt need this kind of thing.
  • msjojo Poolasj 2010/08/29 21:20:38
    um was not alcohol, the news visibly said it was a cocaine or heroin overdose, nothing of alcohol... read up on your news cause your not hittin right...
  • GROENEN... Poolasj 2012/06/01 01:02:30
    go have sex with bam....for gods sake....get a life
  • MissLadySesshomaru 2010/03/19 16:26:22
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    I TOTALLY agree with Sykes!
  • Dan 2010/01/18 05:54:37
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    how did "we" make him rich and famous? what the hell did you do for him?
  • Tori 2009/11/15 03:21:54
    I think Bam Margera...
    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS HE OKAY???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • INDO_420 2009/09/05 06:18:09
    I think Bam Margera...
    is a tool.
  • / bama babbyy (: 2009/08/15 01:55:35
    I think Bam Margera...
    / bama babbyy (:
    i think he rocks!!!
  • princess 2009/07/31 16:09:39
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
  • GROENEN... princess 2012/06/01 00:59:46
    shut up already you whitetrash princess
  • annie 2009/07/29 21:49:13
    I think Bam Margera...
    i think he iz like soo freakin funny!!
  • HeliAce 2009/07/29 09:47:13
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    They're entertaining to idiots.
  • Teddy 2009/07/29 00:20:38
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    It is hilarious watching someone else get hurt trying to something you have already done or want to do.
  • Shaylee Teddy 2010/03/24 17:49:22
    U R SO MEAN!
  • Teddy Shaylee 2010/03/25 02:20:56
    Never said I was nice.
  • Belly 2009/07/27 14:51:59
    I think Bam Margera...
    we make them rich and famous becase we think it is funny that they do the things that they do they entertain us
  • Dawn 2009/07/27 14:02:43
    I think Bam Margera...
    I think Bam is funny and i would most likly do everything on his show but if he keeps doing drugs he is gonna end up being like steveo before he quit drugs.....he can be funny and stupid without drugs why cant bam do it
  • Alissa Dawn 2009/07/29 19:22:57
    His mom replyed to TMZ saying that he called 911 SEVERELY DEHYDRATED. No drug overdose. http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/20... Although, he did admit to popping Ambien durring the drinking....
  • GROENEN... Alissa 2012/06/01 01:00:33
    his mom is a fame whore
  • aubland 2009/07/27 07:45:34
    I think Bam Margera...
    is crazy and insanely awesome just like the other jackass guys they rock and i watch them all the time and have all the movies
  • Anonymous 2009/07/24 16:38:07
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    b/c they make us laugh hard that we pee on our pants!!! ^__^
  • kaτo gaτo 2009/07/24 01:10:03
    I think Bam Margera...
    kaτo gaτo
    well, he's made accomplishments and is rather successful with certain things. he's just an entertainer who happens to do drugs. i don't think he's famous for being an idiot because i really don't think he is.
  • GROENEN... kaτo gaτo 2012/06/01 01:07:58
    of course he is....pro skateboarder? wtf...? he sucked as a skateboarder, ask anyone who knows that scene....and what else is he famous for>?? ill tell you what....not a f'n thing...timing is everything, and because we live in a no talent, everyones a celebrity world, He knew Knoxville, and beat on his dad, f'ed with his mom, and terrorized that old fat tard that couldnt speak....now thats talent.
  • val 2009/07/23 12:37:50
    I think Bam Margera...
    people that are rich or not can be stupied the fact is is that everyone has mistakes
  • Cheyenne 2009/07/23 01:29:15
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    Stupid things make us laugh. Whether we want to or not, laugher just sort of follows stupidity.
  • garethm... Cheyenne 2011/12/11 00:57:52
  • garethm... Cheyenne 2011/12/11 01:59:57
  • Alisa 2009/07/22 21:09:47
    I think Bam Margera...
    It is the case of people never knowing their own limits.
  • sisi111996 2009/07/22 06:08:54
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    we're the idiots who watch this crap.
    (I'm the idiot who watches how hot Bam is!!! :-))
  • GROENEN... sisi111996 2012/06/01 01:01:38
    ...well i guess you like that fat nose inbred look ...its ok, we all like different things
  • illbeyours0xx 2009/07/22 04:34:32
    This is why we make idiots like Bam Margera rich and famous:
    I agree with Sykes!.

    And I wonder what's going to happen between him and Missy.
  • garethm... illbeyo... 2011/12/11 00:59:28
    Anal sex
  • Annaivi 2009/07/22 02:59:38
    I think Bam Margera...
    wtf there all jack asses. if America thinks their amusing they get paid. 'cause America is a jackass

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