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Backlash Against Boycott of Glenn Beck

- "A left-wing group’s effort to intimidate corporate advertisers on Fox News’ Glenn Beck show appears to be backfiring as it triggers a wave of support from grass-roots fans rushing to defend the popular TV personality from the attacks."

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  • TheFewTheProud 2009/08/24 22:21:04 (edited)
    He's too close for comfort for the opposition. Glenn is the Prince of Truth and he backs it up with facts, even video facts. How about Obama's czar that helped write the stimulus bill? Another criminal.

    The questions Beck asks are simple yet exactly what we want to know more about. And did you see the White House answer to his question about the Czar Van Jones?

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  • The Fro... Taxtired 2009/08/27 12:36:00
  • DeeDee Taxtired 2009/08/27 12:48:49
    Glenn is right on target...pull your money...hit them in THEIR pocketbook. They are getting desparate and MY money will not support any company pulling ads from his show...money talks, BS walks and it's true! And in case some uninformed liberal reads this...OBAMA IS A RACIST!!! Who didn't know that?
  • America... DeeDee 2009/08/27 12:59:56
    American Rhetoric Review
    Well you better take a walk! The money has spoken.....

  • Mick 2009/08/27 12:35:00
    Go Glenn!!! We the quiet majority, are finally speaking out!!! Yes we can , Yes we Can!!!!
  • arvard 2009/08/27 12:34:02
    Glen Beck speaks the truth. Obama is a racist.
  • America... arvard 2009/08/27 13:00:58
    American Rhetoric Review
    what a bunch of lunatics! Get a grip people! This represents your thought process? you have got to be kidding!

  • chris 2009/08/27 12:32:59
    TIME TO KICK THE LEFT DOWN MORE THEN THEY ARE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ken 2009/08/27 12:32:18
    He is asking too many questions to hit the adm agenda. Some of the people woking for Obama really don't support America.
  • Kris 2009/08/27 12:29:14
    He is the best we have to tell the truth and be a leader!!!!!!!!!
  • America... Kris 2009/08/27 13:01:47
    American Rhetoric Review
    Wow, that says a lot! Bunch of cry baby losers!

  • vinny 2009/08/27 12:28:38
    We need a counter boycott, well organized, probably using the web aimed at the media networks that are supporting this administration. Beck is right on, telling the sad truth that this is no less than a socialist take over. God help America
  • The Fro... vinny 2009/08/27 12:31:20
    The Frog Prince
    I don't watch any MSM nightly news any more. I got tired of watching some bull shit cheerleading squad giving out the socialist free passes to this country.

    tired watching bull shit cheerleading squad socialist free passes country
  • MUGEN :... The Fro... 2009/08/27 17:15:16
    MUGEN :: 無限

    The first two you mentioned are communist (even though communism includes many elements of socialism).

    I find it amusing that you mentioned these 3 dictator but don't mentioned the current socialistic states (i.e. all of western europe) which have both better health care and better standards of living compared to us.
  • mjq 2009/08/27 12:27:18
    he is exposing them for what they are and aslo exposing the corruption that exists in washington dc...... exposing the liberal lies, and decit, acorn and SEIU, Obama and his hinchman, LOVE BECK keep up the good work god bles AMERICA this is the peoples country noy REPOS Reed Pelosi and ObSama
  • mjq 2009/08/27 12:24:52
    i will watch him 10 times more and DVR him too the left are a bunch of douchebags
  • The Fro... mjq 2009/08/27 12:26:58
  • Anti 2009/08/27 12:17:54
  • Stripes 2009/08/27 12:15:13
    The truth will set you free. Beck is quoting "FACT", something Liberals run from. Any company that drops Beck through scare tactics can consider me a past customer. Stay strong Beck, we .love you.
  • tommyboy1994 2009/08/27 12:14:06
    The Truth always hurts! It just amazes me that people seem so taken aback at the tactics of this administration. All anybody had to do was look at the track record and where and with whom he cut his teeth in politics.
  • obamasux 2009/08/27 12:09:58
    democrats, left wing scum hate America as much as obama and other muslims.... so how is that hope and change thing working for you?

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