Attacking Obama Because of an Umbrella, Republicans Reach New Lows

ProudProgressive 2013/05/18 12:37:46
The Right Wing's psychotic addiction to attempting to manufacture scandals and slander the President of the United States reached a comical new low this week. After the Benghazi "bombshell" blew up in their faces, they tried the IRS, only to find that (a) the IRS was run by a Bush Appointee at the time, (b) the "vast conspiracy" consisted of two field agents in Cincinnati and (c) Right Wing tax fraud is a lot more widespread than anyone knew. Then they tried the AP, only to find that (a) there was no partisan motivation (b) the investigation was one the Republicans demanded, and (c) the motivation was to try to protect national security.

So what's left? UMBRELLAGATE!!!!!!

You can't make this s**t up!

Article excerpt follows:

Attacking Obama Because of an Umbrella, Republicans Reach New Lows
May 17, 2013
By Allen Clifton

I thought I had seen every possible kind of ridiculousness when it came to the desperation of Republicans attacking President Obama—but then just yesterday I logged onto Facebook. There, I saw a picture posted by some of my Republican friends of Obama giving a speech with an umbrella being held over his head by a Marine.

And at that moment I lost all hope for these people. Not that I had much to begin with, but when you're reaching so far as to attack the President for something as meaningless as a Marine holding an umbrella for him (and the Turkish prime minister) while he gave a speech in the rain—it's just sad.

Attention all Republicans: This is not something new. Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all had somebody hold umbrellas over their heads at one point or another.
It's a pretty safe bet previous presidents did as well.

When you become "outraged" over an image of a Marine holding an umbrella for the President (implying he's some elitist who refuses to even hold his own umbrella) you simply prove how desperately pathetic your party has become.

It isn't enough you've tried recklessly for months to create some kind of Benghazi conspiracy that's only proven to be absolutely nothing. Or that I know you'll blow this IRS situation up into "evidence" of the corruption of our tax system, and dig until you can find someone at that department that might have watched Obama on television once to use as concrete proof that the President had something to do with it.

No, that wasn't enough. Now they're pushing "umbrellagate."

How dare a proud Marine stand in the rain and hold an umbrella for the President of the United States? You people do realize serving the President is an honor, right? Just because you cretins don't like him doesn't negate the fact that he is the President (and a damn good one at that) and it's an honor to be a Marine standing beside him.

Conservative blowhards and websites like The Daily Caller are trying to spin it as a violation of Marine Corps regulations regarding umbrellas. Oh no! Impeach!!

First of all, the regulation in question states that a male marine cannot carry an umbrella while in uniform. The marines in question weren't carrying the umbrellas, they were holding them in place. Secondly, even if under normal circumstances that would have been questionable behavior (it's not, but let's play along), it becomes an obsolete point considering it was the President of the United States making the request.

It's attacks like this which make me lose any amount of respect I had for 95% of Republicans.

Because when you're so desperate that these are the depths at which your party will sink to attack a President, it shows a couple of things:

He's winning
You're running out of options

And Republicans have become pathetically sad.

What's next?

BREAKING FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE: President Obama refuses to drive his own motorcade and forces trained pilots to fly Air Force One.

Wouldn't shock me…

Read More: http://www.forwardprogressives.com/attacking-obama...

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  • Rebel Yell 2013/05/18 13:46:49
    Rebel Yell
    Golfgate, vacationgate, Michelle's physical fitnessgate, birthergate, the threefold scams now propelled by Republicans for political posturing..... and just when we think they cannot become more petty, more juvenile, more idiotic, and more insignificant in their posts... we have UMBRELLAGATE ! Oh, the horror ! Impeach him! Impeach him !!!

    A Marine Corps spokesperson , when asked by CNN, blew it off with a shrug . No big deal.

    Yet SODA harpees are in full drool mode over an umbrella. FOX must have thrown them some bait. I'd take that bet.

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  • reba 2013/06/05 13:48:08
    not biased much are you?!?! you say replublicans shove our opinions down y'alls throat. HA! psht, you are pathetic also. even you say "Attention all Republicans: This is not something new. Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush all had somebody hold umbrellas over their heads at one point or another" somebody, not a marine...maybe staff at the white house, but not a marine. so thanks for proving your own point wrong. great job :)
  • nothingbutthetruth 2013/05/27 07:05:36
    When one is not doing something constructive, they always find a way to go after idle things, and this is just an example.
  • katywon 2013/05/26 03:03:30
    Oh the Horror of it.
    Getting a little ridiculous in the crazy world of haters.
  • James Miles 2013/05/21 15:34:33 (edited)
    James Miles
    Why does it have to be a right wing conspiracy or even a left wing conspiracy? The POTUS has always been ostracized. Just because this one is half black doesn't give him a free pass from criticism. Grow up conspiracy theorists. Americans always have been critical of their government. These days we're not being critical enough while freedoms erode, taxes are manufactured at every turn, and it's getting tougher than ever to maintain quality life styles.
    Our government is pitting the weak minded citizenry against one another. LEFT or RIGHT, it's beyond high time everyone pulled their heads from the sand and see just what's really going on around us.
    Truth is, both sides take their turns passing us, the taxpayer, around like their personal whore. The government needs to be criticized regularly. Just to let them know they are not fooling everybody.
  • Dachel St. Mary 2013/05/21 12:05:33
    Dachel St. Mary
  • tina.ericson.10 2013/05/21 00:32:19
    I've lost respect for 95% of Democrats. When Amabassador Stevens called for military assistance, Obama declined and went to bed. Stevens was sodomized and viciously murdered as Obama slept peacefully. Yet Obama calls upon the Marines to be his personal little hand servants. And Democrats are so pathetically sad that they don't see the difference.
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 01:13:04
    Oh, were you there? Did you see what time he went to be.. As far as umbrella's go.. Guess what, many presidents have had help with the umbrella.. Give it up.. Sock.
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 01:52:52
    It is the U.S. Marine corp. that is assigned to guard the president. It is against Marine corp. protocol for a male Marine to hold an umbrella for another male. The only time a Marine in uniform is allowed to carry an umbrella is when he is escorting a lady. That is the problem with Obama using the Marines to shield him from the drizzling rain. As far as the other presidents go. Bush Sr. isn't using U.S. military to hold the umbrella in the first photo. He could not have issued the order and he could not insult his host by rejecting the courtesy. Aides or house servants are fine. Obama has a personal aide that holds the umbrella for his highness all the time. The other photos are Army in service uniform.... no problem there. However, Obama used MARINES in dress uniform to be his personal little slaves. Those uniforms are reserved for formal events. Obama broke protocol. BAM!!!
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 01:57:17
    And you have proof that Obama ordered this. You all assume so much and it always gets you into trouble. Show me where it says HE ordered this.
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 02:37:51
    "President Obama was having a joint news conference today with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan when a bit of rain started to fall on the Rose Garden. President Obama immediately ordered in Marines to hold their umbrella’s." (source: K99 News)
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 02:53:13
    “Marines are always out getting rained on. That’s sort of what we do,” said Capt. Eric Flanagan, a Marines spokesman. A request from the president to a Marine who serves at the White House, however, would be an “extenuating circumstance,” he said.
    Don't you think it could be out of courtesy for the Turkish Prime Minister? I'd say so. Don't make a big deal out of this. It's ridiculous. Only from the right!!! LOL
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 03:24:49
    DUH!!!! It is against regulations for a Marine to criticize a president. They couldn't say what they truly felt if they wanted to. Remember the case of Sgt. Gary Stein? He was given an other-then-honorable discharge because he photoshopped obama's face on a donkey's body. He was a 9-year Marine and lost all benefits. He was simply expressing his personal views and exercising his First Amendment rights. However, it was against protocol.... just like it is against protocol to turn Marines into hand servants.
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 03:27:29
    Do you understand black and white. Now this is from a Captain.
    A request from the president to a Marine who serves at the White House, however, would be an “extenuating circumstance,” he said.
    You gonna argue with a captain? pfft.
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 03:49:54
    Do YOU understand black and white? He can't say anything negative about Obummer or he will be discharged, trashed and thrown by the curb. Let's see what he says after he retires and Obama can't touch him. Have you heard of the case regarding RETIRED US Army Captain Pamela Barnett???? She spoke out loudly and clearly: Barack Obama was never vetted. She could not have done that while on active duty.
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 04:27:18
    So what is your problem.. The umbrellagate was the fact that someone was holding an umbrella for Obama. You are having s--tfits for no reason as all. Just a low game your playing over something so stupid.. Now lets move on to somethin more constructive..
    To quote a friend "the USMC is in charge of protecting the Whitehouse; not the Army, Airforce, etc., and there is a protocol officer in charge to make sure everything is done correctly. The Marine was doing his job, whether they like it or not.
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 05:03:28
    What is my problem?

    The fact that Obama went to bed while Americans pleaded for military support!!! Ambassador Stevens was sodomized and murdered and Obama did nothing to save him.

    A Navy Seal had a laser on the target that was firing and repeatedly requested back-up support. That request was denied. When he used that laser then he basically gave away his location. He knew he was giving his life to save the others. A target is not painted unless there is air support ready to launch a missile. There were U.S. Special Operations forces on the ground, at least two drones overhead and lasers being used to paint at least one target. Yet someone gave the order to not fire. Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command via Obama's order or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area. That Navy Seal died knowing that the country that he gave his life to protect had betrayed him.

    However, Obama will call on the military to do something as ridiculous as holding his umbrella for him???

    What really concerns me is that people like you don't see a problem with that.
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 05:31:29
    http://www.snopes.com/politic... https://placester.com/wp-cont...
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 05:42:24
    Snopes???? HAR HAR HAR HA HA HA. That site is full of bull only idiots and liberals use it. http://tvnewslies.org/tvnl/in...
  • LindaM tina.er... 2013/05/21 05:59:55
    Take it or leave it.. There are many other sites that say the same thing. Google it if you're not too lazy.. sock puppet animated
  • tina.er... LindaM 2013/05/21 06:24:07
    Too lazy? Wow, do you ever quit?? Yes I have researched the topic thoroughly and listened to testimony of the people who were there. Again, you are not providing any facts or anything of substance..... just drama.... and a picture of a hand puppet.
  • nothing... LindaM 2013/05/27 07:16:15
  • nothing... LindaM 2013/05/27 07:15:33
    They are what they speak!
  • LindaM nothing... 2013/05/27 07:46:40
    are they ever. endless attacks and looking rediculous.
  • nothing... LindaM 2013/06/03 05:52:16
    Yep, that's who they are(:
  • nothing... LindaM 2013/05/27 07:14:45
    You can say that again!
  • nothing... tina.er... 2013/05/27 07:13:49
    So what!!
  • nothing... tina.er... 2013/05/27 07:12:24
    Give me a break, what is wrong with a male holding an umbrella for another! You all spur on things that are not constructive, yet think others are fool when in fact foolishness is looking right at you!
  • nothing... LindaM 2013/05/27 07:09:11
    I agree with you, Linda!
  • LindaM nothing... 2013/05/27 07:47:48
    Thanks... :)
  • nothing... tina.er... 2013/05/27 07:08:23
  • LIBERALSEAT**** 2013/05/20 21:30:06
  • nothing... LIBERAL... 2013/05/27 07:17:11
    The only disgrace to the country is you who have no respect for your President!
  • LIBERAL... nothing... 2013/05/30 01:05:07
  • Crystal For Truth 2013/05/20 21:00:04
    Crystal For Truth
    Ok so what? Can we talk about the scandals now? Or do you liberals want to keep deflecting?
  • nothing... Crystal... 2013/05/27 07:19:18
    Oh, the scandals, I don't think you want to bring that up because Republicans feet are buried too deep in the dirt surrounding those scandals.
  • LindaM nothing... 2013/05/27 07:50:54
    You got it, nothing. Those so called scandals are fading.. People are getting disinterested/bored.. Doesn't make the right look too good, just arrogant, desperate and pathetic.
  • Neo Goh-Vash 2013/05/20 10:14:41
    Neo Goh-Vash
    For a "Grand Ol' Party that supposedly believes in the Constitution to the T, no matter if it is wrong or not, these socio-compulsive idiopaths can really flap their gums!

    The problem is: to do this should be considered a highlight of a person's military career! To be en-trusted to protect one of the most vulnerable people, True Leadership shows weakness and ability to request assistance in times of crisis, whether Natural or Artifical!

    I wonder what the Illusory Superior would cynically flatulate if Obama would have worn an Umbrela Hat that was made by him in order to prevent a possible crisis of the supposed manipulation of power!!!

    They would assume he has gone crazy with Ideas and should be im-peached on the Grounds of "Intelligent Psychosis"!!!

    :The problem with vanity and Dunning-Kruger Effect enriched Idiological-Idiopaths is that: deep down, there is something Neuro- Physiologically wrong!!! It forces them to run their gums without thinking about what they are actually saying! They say things to protect their Massive Inferiority Complex, which in most cases is actually NURTURE GONE TO THE EXTREME...:
  • Moonage 2013/05/20 01:03:15
    White House staffer Dan Pfeiffer insists the Republicans should apologize for the lies Susan Rice gave the world that were given to her by Hillary Clinton. That is real. Your Umbrellagate is a parody. I know that doesn't matter when one claims to be a progressive.
  • Moonage Moonage 2013/05/21 13:41:25
    Now the Director of the FBI is saying it was OK to target a Fox news reporter because he showered a potential informant with flattery.

    I kid you not.

    Because of said flattery, it was OK to get copies of ALL their emails and phone records.

    That's not parody, that's real.
  • PurpleShirt 2013/05/20 00:39:53
    That's backwards. The man should have held his own d**n umbrella. Weak mind, limp wrist here, or what?

    Equally as preposterous was making that Marine hold it over him like a servant. OBAMA IS THE SERVANT.
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