Atheist Signs Throughout England: Do Atheists Not Have The Same Right To Advertise?

luv2skate89 2009/01/24 01:07:42
Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
No, although it's not illegal it's too offensive
I think atheist signs in Europe...
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To the absolute horror of Christian groups in Britain, the British Humanist Association will be placing atheist signs on 200 buses in London and 600 signs on other vehicles throughout surrounding Europe. The signs all read "There's probably no GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life". Should Atheists have the same privileges to advertise like conservative religions do?
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  • Lay May 2009/01/24 01:29:53
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Lay May
    I am Christian and I enjoy the fact that people feel they should share their beliefs with others. I mean if I'm allowwed to go to FCA on a High School campus and I'm allowwed to speak about God and ask people to go to a church service to learn about hium, why shouldn't I let atheists have this same right to preach against it?

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  • polkastria Caroline 2009/01/26 07:38:53
    I'm in Las Vegas now but they were also in Michigan a few years ago before I moved.
    My mother also said she saw them in her area of North Carolina as well. They were all over the country when we drove from Michigan to Nevada in 2006. Saw one of them just last summer here in Las Vegas so I know they are still around in some places.

    I just went to the God speaks website and they say they have been around since 1998 starting in South Florida but they expanded to 200 cities around the US.And now they have a God Speaks NASCAR to race with...

    Wonder what's next for God...?
  • Caroline polkastria 2009/01/26 15:16:03
    Thanks for replying. I grew up in a small town in NH, now I live in a small town in MA. Maybe I've just been sheltered then idk They probably put them up on big highways. But, I do believe so it wouldn't bother me, actually if Atheist had signs up too, that wouldn't bother either. If I don't like a sign I just look elsewhere. ;-)
  • Siggy 2009/01/25 03:58:43
    I think atheist signs in Europe...
    is not my concern, im here in the USA at the moment so let them do what they do
  • ♥♥**Jessica**♥♥ 2009/01/25 02:00:41
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    i think they should be allowed to do that
  • countessK 2009/01/25 01:17:26
    No, although it's not illegal it's too offensive
    I'm sure pedophiles have a legal right to advertise too. The question is whether it is advisable for Atheists, pedophiles and other socially undesirable groups to adveritise. In England there is a state backed Christian religion, so it is different than the US.
  • luv2ska... countessK 2009/01/26 19:14:02 (edited)
    An atheist with a doctorate and a catholic pedophile are in the same group? I don't quite understand what your definition of socially acceptable is...
  • The Ele... luv2ska... 2009/01/27 15:10:19
    The Electrician
    It is not a crime to be an atheist. They don't believe in religion. Whereas most pedophiles are religously inclined. Stop making your own Religous rules. Now we Know why we need Atheist.
  • luv2ska... The Ele... 2009/01/27 22:22:29
    Can you please submit that response to countess and not to me otherwise she will never see it
  • jones c... countessK 2009/01/30 05:52:07
    jones cynique
    You are equating people who don't believe in gods to pedophiles and other "social undesirables"? Did they teach you that in church?
  • culpepper countessK 2009/07/05 09:00:19
    socially undesirable? a lack of belief in someone's imaginary friend makesone socially undesiirable and akin to a pedophile!???
  • rabbut: patriot squared wit... 2009/01/25 01:12:39
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    rabbut: patriot squared with sugar on top
    What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2009/01/25 01:05:59
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Eric ~ The Logician
    although I think it's a waste, I don't see how effective it could be
  • culpepper Eric ~ ... 2009/07/05 09:01:37
    it raises consciousness- a lot of people- espceically in overly religious countries such as the USA aren't even aware there is an alternative
  • BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust" 2009/01/25 01:02:20
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    BH1701 "In Kirk We Trust"
    As do Pagans, Wiccans, bikers, tree-huggers and underwater basket weavers. I didn't realize that freedom of speech was against Christian policiy.
  • Bill Smith 2009/01/25 01:00:08
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Bill Smith
    Yes I just don't think that they should be considered a religon
  • The Ele... Bill Smith 2009/01/27 15:14:33
    The Electrician
    They are not considered a Religion.
  • TWILIGHTLOVER3 2009/01/25 00:45:56
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Everyone should have the same rights.
  • Floe 2009/01/25 00:34:23
    I think atheist signs in Europe...
    England has enough to deal with without the ATHEISTS jumping on the bus!!!!
  • The Ele... Floe 2009/01/27 15:21:16
    The Electrician
    Like the Muslim take over, they've built 1600 Mosque's and terrorism is rampant. Just as is all the countries that allowed them to take over. Norway couldn't play it's national anthem, because it interfered with their call to prayer, We need more Atheist.
  • Floe The Ele... 2009/01/27 17:25:20
    I think Atheists have a long way to go, there are some big shoes that they currently cannot fill of which the needs are endless.
    Churches run shelters, soup kitchens, give out clothing to the needy and that is only the tip. What is it that the freethinker society contributes?
    If I see an Atheist sign, what is that sign offering me? Is that sign there for the sole purpose to claim that there is no God? What does Atheism offer to society as a whole?
  • culpepper Floe 2009/07/05 09:03:45
    there re numerous non-religious charities out there- you just have to lok- we tend not to crow about it unlike the religious ones
  • culpepper The Ele... 2009/07/05 09:02:49
    so- you watch Fox /Faux news a lot then lol- you really should get real news and try to find the actual real facts about my country
  • liberty 2009/01/25 00:32:18
    I think atheist signs in Europe...
    should be allowed to be torn down and burned like ours always are..They should experience the same love of the non believers..LOL. Flipping fools...it's a ploy to get all of riled up..and guess what, it worked, but this time we will not just sit back and 'take it'..those days..gone in the wind..that righteous wind
  • Eric ~ ... liberty 2009/01/25 01:08:19
    Eric ~ The Logician
    I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, please elaborate further
  • Get cra... liberty 2009/01/26 09:44:10
    Get crazy with the cheese-whiz
    Hmm. All the atheists I know are respectful towards others religions unless they are treated wrongly. What kind of atheists do you know?
  • jones c... liberty 2009/01/30 05:53:57
    jones cynique
    Are you saying atheist signs in the US are torn down? Or are you saying that atheists are tearing down church signs? Where is that happening?
  • Sydney 2009/01/25 00:23:26
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    There's no problem with it.
  • att711x 2009/01/24 23:50:30
    I think atheist signs in Europe...
    ...are sad. I will pray for those who will die because of them.
  • Eric ~ ... att711x 2009/01/25 01:08:48
    Eric ~ The Logician
    I'm not following your logic
  • Smoky 2009/01/24 23:20:45
    No, although it's not illegal it's too offensive
    It's not nice >.> Though I know people will complain that it's not fair to Athiests. How about no signs at all?! :D

    illegal offensive people complain fair athiests signs illegal offensive people complain fair athiests signs
  • shitbird 2009/01/24 23:16:52
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Peolple can promote their God however they want or their nonexistent god however they want. Gee, lets get angry over who we do or don't answer to when we die. Its not like you can tell the other person I told you so once your dead. I will again offer everyone a chance to follow me to the Temple of the Talking Fish where their salvation awaits.
  • will 2009/01/24 22:20:02 (edited)
    No, although it's not illegal it's too offensive
    atheist is the devil at work! trying to make you dout and shake your faith.
  • MUGEN :... will 2009/01/24 23:36:02
    MUGEN :: 無限
    have you seen the devil?

    It is just as offensive are religious ads.
  • will MUGEN :... 2009/01/25 02:28:50
    no, but i see his works every day! just watch tv ect. matter of fact just read a few post
  • Eric ~ ... will 2009/01/25 01:10:50
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Oh no! the devil consumed me as an 8 year old!
  • will Eric ~ ... 2009/01/25 02:29:19
    sorry for you
  • Followt... will 2009/01/25 15:44:06
    "We are all born atheists" ~Anonymous. I'm not saying there is or isn't a God. But statements calling other people the devil are pretty harsh... Not to mention, how is faith in nothing that different from faith in something? I mean, I could understand if atheists were running around killing everyone and going crazy because they didn't feel they had to answer to a God... but they aren't, for the most part, they are just people trying to do good things and live day to day just like everyone else.
  • GANGA~Patriotic Revolution ... 2009/01/24 21:50:37
    I think atheist signs in Europe...
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
    why do they feel the need to waste the time and money?
  • Zully Zombie 2009/01/24 21:21:21
    Yes, if they can afford to advertise let them
    Zully Zombie
    HAHAHA this is the most funniest shit that I have seen all day and I love the people that are posting these signs up because I'm an Atheist.I choose to be one.So yea and FUCK ANYONE THAT HATE OPEN MINDED PEOPLE!!!!

    atheist Pictures, Images and Photos
  • will Zully Z... 2009/01/24 22:31:12 (edited)
    that would not be open minded really its closed minded. look at it like this if I'm wrong about this and god is not real what have i lost? not a thang in this world i would be dead and if your wrong you burn in hell for ever ! rewards for so called open minded people

    define the word atheist/means thay have proven there is no god

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