At what age should a child move out of their parents home?

Devilish Thoughts 2009/01/10 17:33:12
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In this day and age of limited incomes and high cost of living I think it could be an advantage to having children stay at home longer than usual. No only does it give them the chance to put away some savings but for families that are struggling to make the bills the added income could be their saving grace.
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  • Lala banks 2009/10/09 20:54:56
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Lala banks
    i say between the age of 15 to 18 a child should be moved out already
  • eddy keen Lala banks 2013/09/12 19:55:30
    eddy keen
    Are you Freakin Kidding ME... First of all, where I live, 17 may be considered Adult.But, they still can't Vote.. So, 15,16 &17 is SERIOUSLY Pushing it.. I have to believe, a Comment as that, has to be Some Backwoods Thought in "Ohio".. Serious, don't Post Rediculous Crap as you did..Think about it, and if you're not from 'Lala banks' LAND..I figure 1 to 1 1/2 years of getting a Reality Check(whether from education or Hard Knocks University) it's time to let the Parents Run Naked(w/out interruption lol) and No Yougins
  • eddy keen Lala banks 2013/09/13 11:30:52
    eddy keen
    Ignorant comment....... Put Real Post Up..Not ridiculous comments like this
  • nicholas 2009/03/24 22:28:46
    None of the above
    hi i am nicholas i am 1 and my dad is stuped ass hole he hits me and bad mouths my mom so can i move out and live with my mom?
  • Devilis... nicholas 2009/03/25 13:38:17
    Devilish Thoughts
    Nicholas, if you are telling the truth, you need to tell someone what is going on with your dad. A teacher you like or a friends mom or dad so that they can help you and your parents. But be sure you are ONLY TELLING THE TRUTH.
  • bro 2009/02/08 18:28:14
    None of the above
    They should move out whenever they feel like they can support themselves financially and emotionally. Most kids are ready to move out around 18-20, which is the average, and I agree with it. Most yougn adults are ready for freedom and pulling their own weight at this age.
  • Tana 2009/01/28 23:39:59
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Im only 18 but I am so ready to get out of this hell hole. Ive been stuck in this house, ive worked two jobs done sports and high school at the same time but my parents still dont think im ready. my advice parents dont push ur kids so far that they wont talk to you...thats what my parents did and im sick of it.
  • Devilis... Tana 2009/03/25 13:35:42
    Devilish Thoughts
    The only suggestion I can make for you is to sit yourself down, write out a budget to show your parents that you can handle the financial part of being on your own and then talk to them. Remember that their concern is that you will be able to support yourself. If you want to be treated as an adult, you have to behave as one.
  • DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Tru... 2009/01/26 01:39:31
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Trust ♥
    I would let my child be with me if they needed it whatever the age.
  • Tracer Bullet 2009/01/22 18:40:26 (edited)
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Tracer Bullet
    I believe your number 1 job as a parent is to prepare your kids for life on their own. I also feel by the time they are 18, your job should be done, and they can either go off to college, or get a job pumping my gas.

    Of course everyone is different, so I should add that this is how I feel IN GENERAL.

    I forgot... I wanted to add that I moved out when I was 17, and have never moved back in. I am 48 now, so there's no way they would let me anyway. ;)
  • Georgie's Girl 2009/01/22 08:55:11
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    Georgie's Girl
    I would never throw one of my children out. Two of my three married and moved out. One is still single and living with us. She maintains our property for us. She has moved out several times, but always comes back.
  • Arel 2009/01/21 00:12:40
    They should be out on their own by 25.
    at the latest as they should be done with college and in the working world...........hopefully.
  • Arky in Y'shua 2009/01/21 00:08:31 (edited)
    None of the above
    Arky in Y'shua
    The goal of any good parent is to produce children who will contribute a legacy to society which no other might reproach.

    In that vein, no child should be allowed to remain in the parental home who is not absolutely subservient to the parents in that household. Further, no child should be allowed to remain in the parental home who has reached his relative majority and is not a productive contributor to the home.

    In my view, an unmarried son or daughter is welcome to remain, as long as they pull their weight and live by my rules. BUT, I will not allow any adult, even my own child, to mooch on my productivity; and if they are too big to turn over my knee, they will damnwell sass me from a distance!
  • Texas 2009/01/14 00:41:39
  • Nate SD 2009/01/11 18:55:59
    They should be out on their own by 21.
    Nate SD
    I left at 18, but that might have been earlier than most people can. I think a child should be ready to move out by 21. Maybe not be completely independent, but at least out.
  • curlysue -"In God We Trust" 2009/01/11 05:21:17
    curlysue -"In God We Trust"
    any where from 18-21. Should be moved out by 21.
  • Becky 2009/01/11 04:13:42
    They should be out on their own by 25.
    I'm 24 and most of my friends have moved out of their parents houses. There's only a couple who are still going to school, and still living in their parents houses (in between semesters, at least.) So, being out by 25 would be more than enough time for them to be fully prepared to strike out on their own. Anything beyond that is pushing it.

    I moved out of my parents house when I was 18.
  • chele 2009/01/11 04:13:11
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Struggleing to survive builds character!

    Actually though, I do know of a couple that had two of their adult children return home. The "kids" help with the bills and it has really improved the couples financial status.
  • rainbowlove93 2009/01/11 03:23:34
    None of the above
    They should be able to move out when they can clearly take care of themselves.
    When they have a good job going, a nice place to stay, and maybe a mate.
  • BatCountry 2009/01/11 02:48:06
    They should be out on their own by 21.
    I moved out at 17, but came back. Move out, had a kid and moved back. Now im trying one more shot of leaving this place..
  • CABT 2009/01/11 01:55:04
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    If not they should pay rent.
  • Dave1068 2009/01/11 01:42:51
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    They are there for you the first 21 years of your life, you should be willing to give them the last 21 years of there life..
  • MS.SMILEY95 2009/01/11 01:37:29
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    they can leave when they are ready and when they feel like they are ready.
  • 519378 2009/01/11 00:56:05 (edited)
    None of the above
    I moved out when I was 15.
    My father said that so long as I lived under his roof that I had to live by his rules.
    Given the option, I left.
    And, I delayed starting college until a couple weeks after my 16th birthday, because I wanted to party before starting back in school.
  • A 2009/01/10 23:56:09
    None of the above
    Hm, good question. I left at 15, came back at 19 with two kids and left again (for good) at 20. My son left at 18; my daughter hung around till she was 25 (and came back for a year when she was 29). I have to say, I think 25 is too old. I felt like she was using my home for a crash pad for her and her friends (I eventually put an end to the friends thing). She definitely took advantage and I'd have made her go, but she had me on a technicality. I'd told her she could stay as long as she was in school, so she proceeded to take 8,000 dance classes. It took her 6 years to get her degree. She'll get hers though...my lovely granddaughter is almost a teen...can't wait to see her deal with that!

    Anyway, to answer the question, I think 21 is about right because that's when most kids get their bachelor's.
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2009/01/10 23:00:52
    They should be out on their own by 21.
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    21 is a good age to be out.
  • Mikki~ 2009/01/10 21:42:15
  • Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂ 2009/01/10 21:24:52 (edited)
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    I'm only here because of a major injury I can barely use either arm. - hands are set perfect for the keyboard though.
  • Dem0072 2009/01/10 20:02:14
    They should be out on their own by 21.
    21 or so. 25 if they come from a family with less money. Live with the parents to get as much of an edge on the world as possible. Established education and maturity is essential, sometimes this doesn't occur at the magic number 18. Sometimes it does, it usually doesn't though.
  • moomoof 2009/01/10 19:58:12
    None of the above
    whenever the parent allows it
  • ezek1el 2009/01/10 19:55:22
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    I was out at 15!! Was bought in the same day!
    Then i started off again when i was 17! I did kinda tech stuff for this firm! Even develop some apps for local courier service!
  • ezek1el ezek1el 2009/01/10 19:56:17
    That made up for my pocket money though! :-)
  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2009/01/10 18:45:10 (edited)
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    At the age of majority, an individual should support him or herself.

    Even so, making a child leave the house shouldn't be a financial decision. It is more important that the child goes and gets an education, becoming mature and independent, than for the parents to save money for no longer needing to support the child.
  • Irish Weatherman 2009/01/10 18:39:06
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Irish Weatherman
    As soon as they're off the tit!

    I think 18 is a good age to move out. Either join the military, or go off to school. Either way, they should get out.
  • Peter Quan 2009/01/10 18:26:22
    They should be out on their own by 18.
    Peter Quan
    As soon as my kid turns turns 18 the first thing I'll say to them when they wake up is "So are you all packed up?"
  • Woman of many faces~ijm 2009/01/10 18:03:40
    None of the above
    Woman of many faces~ijm
    as soon as they say , i hate you I'm going to move out ! hate
  • Georgie... Woman o... 2009/01/22 09:02:12
    Georgie's Girl
    So, you think they should move out at - what - age 3??? I think that was the first time I heard that! lol

    age 3 heard lol
  • bye 2009/01/10 17:53:52
  • ~Just Bite Me~ 2009/01/10 17:49:41
    They are welcome to stay as long as they like.
    ~Just Bite Me~
    I would like them out by the time they are 21. But if that doesn't happen that is fine, they can help pay some expenses, it shouldn't be a free ride. My son has turned 18 and is expressing a desire to be on his own, I think that is good! He should move out on his own while he still knows everything!

    fine pay expenses free ride son turned 18 expressing desire
  • 1014589 2009/01/10 17:39:53

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