At one time it was legal in the U.S. to kill any man, woman or child...as long as they were slaves. But our nation became more advanced as a society, so that slavery was banned. Is ending abortion the last civil rights frontier in America?

tncdel 2012/06/21 02:04:52
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  • Sew 2012/06/22 12:41:41
    NO [tell us why not].
    Hardly. There are alot of civil rights issue s, your ignoring a very big one going on right now. Homosexual civil rights. There will be no end to civil issues because someone will always try to disenfranchise another person for some reason.
  • nverumind 2012/06/21 16:18:52
    YES [comment as you wish].
    Abortion is Legal Murder, an attack on Life and Right to Life!
    It is creating an epidemic of irresponsibility, selfish, unacountable People!
    Less than 1% of abortions conducted are done for Medical Emergancy, or rape!
  • Dan 2012/06/21 02:57:59
    YES [comment as you wish].
    Two things a society needs to survive are morality and personal responsability. Legalizing abortion does not promote morality or personal responsability in any way. I find it ironic how some women can say it's solely their right to decide to have an abortion or not while claiming it's someone else's responsability to pay for their bith control or their child.
  • tncdel 2012/06/21 02:09:39
    YES [comment as you wish].
    The most basic right anyone has under the Constitution is "The Right to Life." And the only way anyone's life can be taken constitutionally is to commit a crime that is a capital offense.

    An innocent baby's only "crime" is to have had the misfortune to have a POS for a mother and / or father that wants to shirk their parental responsibilities.

    More often than not for not much more reason than because the woman didn't want her social life cramped by having to hire a babysitter, or the man didn't want to pay child support.

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