As a woman and as a "Clinton," can Hillary get the respect of the world?

Politics 2008/03/24 21:25:55
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Hillary Clinton is certainly a formidable woman, with quite a history. She stayed with Bill through his "cigar" infidelities with an intern, so perhaps this also lays a "stain" on her. What do you think?
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  • junebug 2008/03/26 06:41:30
    I believe Clinton would do more good for this country and be able to accomplish more than any of her opponents. She should be admired for sticking with Bill and she must have loved him very much to do so.

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  • wedw3 Joke is... 2008/03/27 20:55:32
    La de da. Every Senator or ex-first lady of both parties have done the same. Hillary didn't do anything different that anyother person of her standing. I wonder how many tax dollars that could have gone towards her National Health Care were spent.
  • Joke is... wedw3 2008/03/27 21:30:59
  • JRenee~... wedw3 2008/03/28 13:04:35
    You're saying Obama is known and respected around the world? Hell, most Americans didn't even know who he was until after he announced he was running for president.
  • IH - Li... wedw3 2008/03/28 23:16:11
    IH - Lion of Light
    Oh contrare! Her circumstance is quite different. She spent obscene amounts of taxpayers money, took entire entourages all in preparation for her run for presidency.
  • free mi... Kim 2008/03/27 06:59:36
    free minded voter
    funny a woman in Afghanistan did lead a strong political party. Yes there were some who were afraid of her winning and putting their party out . They were so afraid she was assassinated. My point muslim men can and do respect women. Last I checked Afghanistan was in the middle east.
  • mr.jazz Kim 2008/03/27 15:28:51
    I beg the differ I'm not favorite of Candalisa Rice, but she seem to get there respect, so it's not an imposibility, the Clinton's aren't like the Bushes, they know deplomacy.
  • David 2008/03/27 05:06:49
    She is very inteligent. There are women, in the world, that are presidents, or were presidents or chiefs of the governments. The only oposition in our coutry, against Hillary, is the uneducated people, and some high position women in the media, Jealous women but we see that, in fact, they are iliterats.
  • mr.jazz David 2008/03/27 15:35:32
    you got it right David, we haven't been able to give credit for women to be intelligent, even when the won the right to vote in the 1920's the good ole boy's still can't stand smart bright women, they still say she should be bare footed and pregnat and keep the house clean, while other counrties have had women leaders for centuries. good observation!!!
  • dorrie 2008/03/27 04:49:42
  • jsd 2008/03/27 04:29:25
    As a liar, and as a criminal she would be tolerated like other dictators and puppets of the world. Simply being a woman is not an important credential.
  • mr.jazz jsd 2008/03/27 15:37:32
    where did you come from, wasn't your mother a woman, or did you drop out of a test tube
  • jsd mr.jazz 2008/09/26 15:16:51
    Yep, Mom was a woman alright. Smart, attractive, intuitive, compassionate, caring, honest............ Nothing like Hillary Clinton.
  • abbie 2008/03/27 04:14:18
    I'm sure she could run the country, but I think that the middle east would probably hate us even more if she become president since they don't respect women that much. plus she's just annoying.
  • Matts 2008/03/27 04:10:58
  • reddynamo Matts 2008/03/27 05:42:23
    You bet!!
  • Boilermc Matts 2008/03/27 11:40:24
    Yes, she does!! Especially after statements like these - http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLIT...
  • JRenee~... Boilermc 2008/03/27 15:39:38
    Looks like someone needs to do some research on DNC rules. Primary elections are whole different birds than general elections. What Senator Clinton says about pledged delegates is true, which is why voters are asked to vote for delegates when they cast their votes in the primary.

    It would not be against party rules for every delegate from every state to arrive at the convention and cast their votes for Mike Gravel, thereby giving him the nomination despite popular vote counts.

    These rules were in place long before these candidates entered this years' race.
  • Bill 2008/03/27 04:07:24
    She represents the worst flaws in the worst type of women. She is like an old stubborn grandmother who thinks tha she has to behave childishly to be accepted. Sadly, in just a few moths, the wrikles around her mouth are becoming very obvious. To think that President Clinton dared even claim that the Clinton Family never gives up. Of course, don't we realize that? Remember that he even lied under oath to get his way during his Lewinsky episode. .
  • Joke is... Bill 2008/03/27 06:17:10
  • Anouser Joke is... 2008/03/27 09:34:55
    So in other words, you support unfaithful relationships and dishonesty from our elected leaders.
  • Boilermc Anouser 2008/03/27 11:41:34
    Nope DD has just drank too much of the Clinton Kool-Aid.
  • mr.jazz Boilermc 2008/03/27 15:41:18
    maybe you need a drink of it, it might clear your head
  • mr.jazz Anouser 2008/03/27 15:40:11
    hey they have been sticking in somewhere since the beginning of time, how did you get here, from air, name me one who hasn't or thought of doing it, even you
  • Anouser mr.jazz 2008/03/27 16:32:47
    You lost me. What are you talking about?
  • Joke is... Anouser 2008/03/27 21:32:28
  • Anouser Joke is... 2008/03/27 21:35:16
    Well, if someone is unfaithful to their spouse who takes their hand in marriage, then how can you trust that they won't stab you in the back as a stranger despite he or she is a fellow American?

    That's like hiring a convicted bank thief to manage a donation's money.
  • Joke is... Anouser 2008/03/27 21:38:08
  • Anouser Joke is... 2008/03/27 21:41:37
    Right...*rolls eyes into air*

    Obama attends a pro black church and it's wrong. Clintons cheat in their relations and it's alright. I smell contradictions here. They're running for office and are supposed to represent our nation and people. If they can't control their marriage and lust, then how can they properly handle an entire planet?
  • Joke is... Anouser 2008/03/27 21:43:38
  • Anouser Joke is... 2008/03/27 21:47:09
    Ah...I see.

    So now you're just taking up for the Clintons because you support them while ignoring their "secret" issues. For someone to act like they weren't aware of their husband's cheating, even when they did is primitive and deceptive towards the American people.

    Bush? Who said anything about him? We're talking about the Clintons and your support of their deceptive relationships behind each other's backs.
  • Joke is... Anouser 2008/03/27 21:50:22
  • Anouser Joke is... 2008/03/28 13:31:29
    I don't see myself cheating and being embarrassed like the Clintons because I have more respect for others. You know you're the pot calling the kettle black, if you post that since I'm not God, that I can't judge others...isn't that what you're doing towards Obama and Bush?

    I can prejudge anyone I desire and if anyone has a problem with that, then tough tits. I like for my political leaders to be totally honest, not a backstabber towards one another and others.
  • Joke is... Anouser 2008/03/29 01:45:13
  • Donna 2008/03/27 04:01:56
    She lies like her husband and I am just sick of the lies! She is a cry baby. She is manipulative and if she is so sleepy it makes her lie then why would I want her answering a call at 3am. No telling what she might say. No country will respect her as a woman so she must be planning on sending Bill. That's okay. Time for a real Change. She would leave the sermon Wright was preaching but not Bill, Not Bill, NOT BILL what does that say? hum.
  • free mi... Donna 2008/03/27 07:09:56 (edited)
    free minded voter
    Admit it Obama stayed due to political gain. In Chicago it is the largest and most powerful Church. Its membership reads like a who's who of Chicago AA community. Politicians and celebrities like Oprah. O you did not know that it was this connection that had her break her policy of not backing a candidate. I guess you would have no problems of having someone like Rev. Wright as a representative of our country. Keep in mind we are not the only ones who have seen this. Do you think other countries will easily dismiss this?
  • mr.jazz free mi... 2008/03/27 15:51:19 (edited)
    good question just why did she Ophrah leave the church, because her predomanitly white female audiance would take offence to the radicalness of her being a part of that belief, she headed for the hill mighty fast she knew where her bread was buttered, smart move, dosen't say much for Obama who's running for president.
  • free mi... mr.jazz 2008/03/28 05:52:17
    free minded voter
    It is not just the speech that is inflammatory it is a pattern in Rev. Wrights messages. It is his written words and what he allows to be printed in the churches bulletin too. Funny in Obama's great speech this was missed, I wounder what else will pop up? To date he has published in the bulletin ANTI-WHITE, JEWISH, AND ITALIAN TOO. These statements have been going on for over 1 year wake up its not just 1 speech. It goes not only to Obama's judgement but what he really believes. Would you want a follower of Heagie (I know it is spelt wrong) and anti Catholic minister as president? How about someone who chooses to attend a anti black church or they claim I just attended a few KKK meetings? Is that OK with you? Does that show good sound judgement? Would you hire that person to represent you around the world? Keep in mind they will have to deal with Italy, Israel, and other cultures too. This would really hep us restore confidence in the "new" American approach to the world.
  • Joke is... free mi... 2008/03/27 21:46:07
  • mr.jazz Donna 2008/03/27 15:44:47
    you haven't told a lie, or mis spoke, there a biblical quote he who is without sin cast the first stone, can you fit that mold, no i don't think so,
  • Joke is... mr.jazz 2008/03/27 21:48:02

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