Arizona GOP Candidate Outed by Ex He Threatened to Deport

bricklyn 2012/02/20 19:53:38

Pinal County Sherriff Paul Babeu, GOP candidate for Arizona’s 4th congressional district and co-chairman of Romney’s Arizona campaign, is well-known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. Apparently, as he stated in a press conference yesterday,
he’s also gay. The admission comes on the heels of a scandal that’s
forced him to resign from the Romney campaign (although he still plans
to run for the House seat).

Reports first surfaced Friday that an ex-boyfriend, a Mexican immigrant known only as “Jose,” had been threatened with deportation
and intimidated into silence about his several-year relationship with
the Sherriff. The two met on a gay dating site in 2006, and were
apparently close – Jose even went so far as to help Babeu set up a
campaign website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

They broke up after Jose discovered Babeu cheating, and Jose claims
that, in addition to asking for the passwords to the campaign site and
social media accounts, Babeu’s lawyer also wanted Jose to sign a
document keeping him from speaking about their relationship. At this
point, their stories diverge: Jose claims that Babeu threatened to have
him deported if he didn’t sign the non-disclosure agreement. Finally,
after months of harassment, Jose reached out to the Phoenix New Times, a
local paper, because he was “tired of living in fear.”

Jose turned over copies of emails, text messages and photos of
himself and Babeu to the paper to verify his story. He says that since
the breakup, he’s had to move twice, is trying to change jobs and has
spent his entire savings on legal defenses against Babeu’s lawyer. Jose
claims to be in the country legally, and not on an expired Visa as
Babeu’s attorney alleges.

Babeu is taking a strange approach to defending himself – he denies
the charges of threatening Jose, of course, but in speaking to the
press, he’s basically told them that his personal life is none of their
business. He’s actually defending his homosexuality, going so far as to
reluctantly affirm that he supports gay marriage, and the ability for
gays to openly serve in the military. It would be a refreshing change of
pace for a Republican candidate, if he weren’t suddenly embracing these
new positions publically out of desperation.

He apparently doesn’t see any problem with a high-profile law
enforcement officer trolling gay hookup sites and sending naked photos
to anonymous men online, either – although it’s worth noting that the
Pinal County Board of Supervisors chairman, Pete Rois, disagrees, and
has called for Babeu’s immediate resignation.

For now, the Sherriff has made clear he plans to stick it out,
despite the controversy. He refuses to step down from his position and
he has made clear that he doesn’t think these revelations will impact
his ability to run for Congress on the Republican ticket. That one’s up
to the voters of Arizona to decide, and I think Paul Babeu may be just a
little overly optimistic on that score

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  • Elephant Lord 2012/02/20 22:30:31
    Elephant Lord
    Huh, blackmail. That's gonna leave a good impression on potential voters.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/02/20 22:07:34
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Sounds like yet another 15 min of fame, there is no proof anyone tried to deport him at all - Babeu is gay, so what??
  • bricklyn Jackie ... 2012/02/24 01:46:58
    It is the blackmail that is the issue here. That is illegal.
  • Jackie ... bricklyn 2012/02/24 01:54:24
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    No evidence of it any where - just this guy saying it - nothing filed, nothing in any record anywhere, no calls at ICE, nada, nothing, - just a guy looking for fame, no more and no less
  • bricklyn Jackie ... 2012/02/24 02:25:24
    The lawyer who wrote up the agreement should be evidence enough.
  • Jackie ... bricklyn 2012/02/24 02:26:49
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    He says it never happened - oh well
  • bricklyn 2012/02/20 19:54:45
    Apparently politicians will stoop to blackmail to further their political gain.

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