Are You Worried About Our Dying Oceans?

News 2011/06/29 20:00:00
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Whether you believe in global warming, scientists say one thing is clear: our oceans are dying and the effects may rival some of the planet's biggest mass extinctions.

CNN reported that a distinguished group of marine scientists recently met at Oxford University in England to discuss the impact of human activity on the world's oceans and concluded that the combined effects of global warming, over-fishing, pollution and habitat loss have created the risk of "major extinctions."

Ocean conditions today are similar to those in previous major die-offs in the Earth's history and we're facing the loss of marine species and entire ecosystems like coral reefs within the next generation at a much faster rate than previously predicted.

Most distressing, the experts said, is that most of the five global mass extinctions in the planet's history were likely caused by the "deadly trio" of global warming, ocean acidification and lack of water oxygen or hypoxia. Those three conditions are all present today.

Are you worried about dying oceans?
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  • EmrysRoberts 2011/08/20 13:48:08
    it's the only place you can have a decent conversation now a days
  • crazy4zuko 2011/08/06 23:13:29
    What I believe we are experiencing in our "global warming" and such is a natural cycle that can't be helped. Sure wildfires are horrible and wipe out all in their path, but afterwards new life is born in the ashes. It's something we don't have control over to begin with. Besides, creatures of the abyss keep on popping up all the time, how did they manage to survive in such conditions? They adapted.
  • Spyderman739 2011/07/06 19:02:22
    If the oceans die, where would that leave us?
  • Michael 2011/07/04 15:56:58
    om/wp-content/uploads/2011/02... target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

    This Goes Out To Everyone!!!! I Beg You To Turn Your Attention To Japan Because If We Don't Thousand Of People Men Women And Children Will Die.. The Radiation Level Is Growing Higher And Higher The Media Has Lied To The People Keeping Vital Information From The Residents Of Japan The Radiation Is At Extreme Deadly Levels.

    The Radiation is 3 Decimal Points Higher Then The Japanese Government Was Telling And While They Were Telling The People That Everything Was Okay The Government Was Packing Up Leaving The Rest Of The Japanese People To Die..

    We Can't Allow This To Happen Please Spread To Every One You Know Every Net Working Sit That Your On Spread This Information Like a Virus Saying That We Must

    Evacuate The People Of Japan Please Don't Sit Back And Wait Those That Were Suppose To Help Left The Japanese People To Died!!! PLEASE HELP We Cant Stand By And Watch 1000s Died... We Can Send Every Navel Ship, Crew Ship, Fishing Boat And Plane To Get Those People Out Of Harm....
  • ♫♪MelloCellist♪♫ 2011/07/04 11:58:23
    Well, of course. Anyone who really just doesn't care needs a good talking to. :/ I think people need to think before they just disturb an entirely different ecosystem like that.
  • Badass-B 2011/07/03 20:58:15
    I'm always worried about these things, I mean the oceans flowing with pollution, The trees being chopped down, and the grass beneath our feet, Its all necessity to live. Without it there wouldn't be a human race, Therefor there would most likely be no animals either. The way we do things effects the way our life will be, If we do things bad and keep polluting and distorting the earth the WILL be an end. Maybe in the long future but that affects our children, Our families, And our younger people with many years left.
  • oldlady 2011/07/03 02:21:35
    ...and also wondering why I can't block you from my space because you put out questions and never respond to answers. Anyone can ask this type of question! Bugger off !
  • Cloaked_In_Darkness 2011/07/01 18:31:47
    I'm devoting my life to try and save it. I want to be a marine biologist and study on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. I'm going to save the world, you just wait and see
  • Nathanael 2011/07/01 16:44:42
    Sad so sad.
    Its our planer our home we should protect it not destroy it.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/07/01 15:18:58
    Just MEH....Piwan
    The diversity of life in the oceans is spectacular..it would be VERY sad to see it all go!
  • Timetraveler 2011/07/01 13:53:57
    As a diver and dive rescue specialist, I have witnessed mans involvement in the destruction of not only the salt water oceans but the fresh water ones as well. Back in the history of the wapoo indian nation, there is a shame that isn't talked about outside of tribal council. seems the government approached the nation of the wapoo and offered a land purchase of a small island on the beautiful St. Clair river. daring to believe there was honor and no malicious intent, the land purchase was made. the g overnment began the excavation of a large hole which they clay lined, and filled with toxic mercury, then capped and covered it with earth. and we, half a century later wonder why there is so much mercury in our fish. the government....the U.S
  • S. Gompers 2011/07/01 08:38:12
    S. Gompers
    But thankfully BP, our Government, and Fukishima are not. All is well.
  • Bothergirl 2011/07/01 04:12:02
    They aren't dying. They are just going through a natural cycle.
  • GreyHeart 2011/07/01 01:48:43
    the human race, and Earth in general, cannot survive the death of our oceans

    the issue deserves our attention
  • RS 2011/06/30 23:48:29
    I have too many things in life to worry about to worry about the ocean. I was just there on vacation last week and I checked on it and it is fine.
  • Dwight 2011/06/30 23:00:04
    The thing that scares me most is that the people who worry the most only know how to shut things down. But never try to find a solution that helps us be industrious And safe at the same time.
  • mewycg 2011/06/30 22:54:33
  • Crazy Bill 2011/06/30 21:47:19
  • Vezman 2011/06/30 21:45:57
    I think people are numb to the problems of the ocean and don't realize the ramifications. Sadly.
  • Spider20 2011/06/30 20:44:40
    We need to take care of the planet.....after all, if it goes, so do we....
  • aneed2know Spider20 2011/07/01 04:36:45
    so true, but i guess conservatives and tea-baggers have another planet they are going to go too when this one is used up.
  • Spider20 aneed2know 2011/07/01 05:37:35
    They may have a rude awakening ahead....
  • aneed2know Spider20 2011/07/01 06:17:42
    yeah they will, i dont understand what these people could be thinking when comes to the health of this planet, time and time again studies have shown that will any enviroment is out of balance it direclty effects us. These studdies can be found on sites liek these:



    i just would like to know where these tea-baggers and conservatives will get their air once they pollute it, or where will they get their clean drinking water once its been spoiled. I wonder if they will like the taste of

  • ☮♥☺McCartneyStarr★★★ 2011/06/30 20:36:37
    hell yeah if someone doesn't do something about it... yeah peace
  • PinkFlowerCake. 2011/06/30 20:35:18
    YES! Absoultely! ): You can't stress enough about it!
  • JayAppleBee 2011/06/30 20:22:05
    I'm really worried about it. So MUCH of the earth as we know it has direct ties to its oceans. When ocean organisms begin dying off, species of animals that depend on ocean dwellers for food die off, certain animals that depend on the species that eat ocean dwellers as food die off and so on and so forth. It's the same with humans... there are a LOT of cultures out there that are largely dependent on commercial fishing for their cuisines. I feel that when the oceans start "dying," we begin to "die" as well...
  • Blip 2011/06/30 20:19:01
    More than 50% of coral reefs have died since the middle of the 20th century.

    The acidity of the world's oceans have increased by measurable amounts within the past 2 decades.

    The dead spot in the Caribbean grows larger every year.

    The apex predators that gauge the health of ecosystems are declining.

    What more evidence do you need?
  • Yes
    Poor fishies ;'(
  • Doc. J 2011/06/30 19:58:32
    Doc. J
  • ImSoMad 2011/06/30 19:58:20
    From over fishing to dumping trash and waste in the water, then you add all these oil refineries having mass oil spills and leaks into out oceans. Of course this was bound to happen! What did we expect? We could trash and pollute Gods planet and have no consequences to deal with?
  • Aes Sedai 2011/06/30 19:55:43
    Aes Sedai
    It's a shame that so many can vote no.
  • Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU 2011/06/30 19:50:22
    Mikitty☆彡(SHARP) BN-0-WAWU
    Poor fishies.
  • ETpro 2011/06/30 19:43:03
    Our dying oceans, our deteriorating environment, global climate extremes causing floods in one place and droughts in another. The recent ethnic violence in Kyrgyzstan was triggered by the worst drought in history there, which reduced their hydroelectric power generation, followed by their worst winter in history leading to massive layoffs and unemployment due to rolling blackouts crippling manufacturing.
  • kelsie 2011/06/30 19:39:54 (edited)
    I am sooooooo worried I don't even like thinking about because it makes me cry......its sooooo sad
  • Hotcho 2011/06/30 19:39:49
    No, But I'm worried about the turtles dying on the Tarmac at JFK Airport
  • lrb 2011/06/30 19:39:05
    I used to be worried long ago. But then I came to realize how much environmentalists lie and exaggerate about the problem that I come to worry less and less each and every report I see. I may begin to worry when I start seeing reports that the problem is solved and we have nothing to worry about coming from the environmentalists.
  • Isisdron 2011/06/30 19:36:50
    i worry about everything these days...which is why I dont plan on making it past 50. That seems quite long enough to stress on everything from A to Z.
  • yorgor 2011/06/30 19:33:42
  • Rico (oYo) 2011/06/30 19:33:16
    Rico (oYo)

    But sadly it begins in our local waterways. All our rivers, and lakes and tributaries are so ofter overlooked by people who wish to help the oceans.

    I can speak from first hand accounts of one of the most unique and amazing waterways in the world, The Chesepeake Bay, that so many chemicals getting poured into it can effect an entire REGION'S ecosystem. Something as seemingly insignificant asthe marsh grass count can lead to a mass dying of local flora and fauna. Yet, it seems that unless some rich person can't get his crab cakes or if there's a cute baby seal as a mascot noone seems to care.

    rich person crab cakes cute baby seal mascot care chesepeake bay pollution

    And for the fact that the E.P.A. is one of the most corrupt Federal organizations out there it's no surprise that it continues at alarming rates.
  • ShinyUmbreon01 2011/06/30 19:31:00
    I'm worried about the entire planet. :(
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