Are You Surprised by Susan Rice’s Withdrawal from Secretary of State Consideration?

ABC News U.S. 2012/12/13 22:16:05
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UN Ambassador Susan Rice has withdrawn her name from consideration for Secretary of State, saying the criticism surrounding her comments on Benghazi had become an “irresponsible distraction.”

“I am fully confident that I could serve our country ably and effectively in that role,” Rice wrote in a letter to President Obama today. “However, if nominated, I am now convinced that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly – to you and to our most pressing national and international priorities.”

Rice has been criticized by Republicans for her response to questions on the Sunday talk shows shortly after the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi killed four Americans.

susan rice

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  • Mike W 2012/12/14 01:02:49
    Mike W
    Because the Obama asked her to, he knew that if he pushed it hearing would expose the trutyh of his incompetance and lies. So he had her fall on her sword after lieing to save his re election

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  • Tuna lee 2012/12/14 20:38:14
    Kenya 1990es not Lybia now.
  • lee Tuna 2012/12/14 20:53:27
    you have some fabricated "news" on that?
  • Tuna lee 2012/12/14 21:24:27
    No, it was brought up during the past couple of weeks; she was some representative to Africa under Clinton when the attacks occurred.
  • lee Tuna 2012/12/14 21:37:20
    she MUST be guilty then ;)
  • Tuna lee 2012/12/14 22:25:55
    The coach doesn't strike out at bat or drops fly balls in the field.
  • AG lee 2012/12/20 20:57:34
    The media says they are racists everyday. Its part of the "agenda".
  • lee AG 2012/12/20 21:28:10
  • AG Tuna 2012/12/20 20:56:15
    Love the picture haha
  • Dana 2012/12/14 17:31:58
    It is a sad shame. She would have made an outstanding Secretary of State. Shame on fixed news, John McCain, GOP, and tea baggers for your nasty racist ugly ways.
  • tdterry... Dana 2012/12/14 18:28:09
    shame on your stupidity>
  • Dana tdterry... 2012/12/14 19:33:14
    How is that? Do you not see the pattern? The racism in this country is out of control, and growing. There is absolutely NO reason for the garbage this woman has had to put up with from the dick heads on the right. NO reason for it. She is more than highly qualified for the position.
  • tdterry... Dana 2012/12/14 19:49:45
    She LIed .What do you not understand.She repeaded the lie after the facts came out.She then lied when she meet with the republicans.Then she lied about the meeting.If lying makes her qualified then yes she is more than qualifiled.
  • Dana tdterry... 2012/12/14 21:42:07
    She did not lie, she stated the info she was given

    What about Condoleeza Rice and her statements? What about "weapons of mass destruction" that never were, and an entire war started, cost thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars. Bush had the biggest lie going... and that was ok with you.
  • tdterry... Dana 2012/12/15 11:53:48
    three week after the attack ,when everyone in the world knew it was a lie.She still tried to tell the lie with a Straight face.
    And all I know is the dems voted for that war.And now they say the weapons are being found in Syria.And how do you know what is ok with me,Just because I don't bow to Obama doesn't mean I bowed to Bush.
  • Superman Dana 2012/12/14 21:18:34
    Condi effing Rice.

    Conservatives loved Condi. This has nil to do with racism and everything to do with Libya and the blantant behavior by this Administration and various news sources and confirmed liberals who don't care what happened, putting politics over life and death events.

    Shame on you.
  • Dana Superman 2012/12/14 21:42:39
    Shame on you, read my post above, applies to your nasty self as well.
  • Superman Dana 2012/12/14 21:49:52
    I'm hardly nasty. I'm not using race as a hammer to try and score political points or to excuse and shield someones bad performance. Thats on you. So I'll say it again, shame on you.
  • Dana Superman 2012/12/15 03:55:38
    Take a look at the number of people who have been shafted since Obama took office, railroaded by the GOP and then look at the color of their skin. Susan Rice is highly qualified for the position, and to have this nastiness against her, well.. there can be no other explanation than it being because of the color of her skin. She is more qualified AND respected than anyone else in the running.
  • tdterry... Dana 2012/12/15 11:58:56
  • Superman Dana 2012/12/15 18:08:57
    Come on, grow up. Republicans would have gone up against anyone in a Clinton or Edwards administration as well. Its about politics and policy and not race or gender. Unless you're telling me that Democrats are biased against women given the harsh treatment of Sarah Palin.

    Susan rice is not qualified given her role in the Libya situation. Senator Kerry is a much better choice. I have no qualms with his appointment as I feel he is more respectable and more qualified.

    Leaning on race is either willful ignorance or worse, an attempt to lie to try and gain political points. Either situation is a shame.
  • Dana Superman 2012/12/16 05:38:30
    When you threw Palin into the mix of your argument, all logic went out the window. That woman was not qualified to run the PTA, let alone the country. She is and was a blithering idiot... and anyone with even half a brain knows that.
  • Superman Dana 2012/12/17 05:16:34
    Oh I completely agree. That didn't stop "feminists" from telling her to "stay at home in the kitchen with the kids". And just because I didn't feel she was qualified or didn't agree with some of her views doesn't mean that others didn't. In fact, I think her and Obama were about level pegging as far as "qualifications" went that year. He had limited governance experience and he's ended up as an extremely partisan President.

    Which again, turns to why he's encountered so much resistance. Not his race. Thats a crutch or a distraction.

    I'd take you much more serious if you didn't rely on that crutch and if you were willing to understand the political reality that exists today. But you aren't so I take you as serious as I took Palin.

    And as a note, she wasn't the top of the ticket that year...

    Also, your record on rely on crutches and distractions is extended by trying to lean on the "Palin was unqualified" crutch. Your record isn't that good.
  • None 2012/12/14 17:31:38 (edited)
    Her withdrawal allows BO to remain all ballsy, and defensive of Rice like during his news conference...while keeping Benghazi out of the news.

    Win win for him personally ...not so much for the 4 dead Americans, and their families ...or BO's failure as Commander-in-Chief.
  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/12/14 17:29:07
    i think john kerry will get the job instead
  • mrk5panzer Timothy... 2012/12/14 18:17:28
    That betrayer, not even!
  • litecoors 2012/12/14 17:16:04
    I called it when all this Rice nonsense started. Kerrys Dems & GOP pals want him in NATO. Don't like Kerry eather, hes going to sell the USA out too.
  • Tuna litecoors 2012/12/14 17:36:35
    Why do they not think that all of our foreign friends and enemies KNOW that Kerry shot himself to get out of war?? Like Hillary, he can't gain any respect.
  • Hawkeye Tuna 2012/12/14 17:40:29
    It's not about respect.. It's about Obama geting his " revenge" on the Republicans..IF America suffers because of it,, so BE it..
  • Tuna Hawkeye 2012/12/14 17:49:32
    More Obama ego, too. He thinks now that he has that big white mansion, the big black limo, his own private jet/helicopter; he thinks he gets whatever he wants.
  • litecoors Tuna 2012/12/14 21:08:43
    No respect from us Tuna, they don't need our respect, until they need our vote & soon they will fix it so we can't vote. Can you imagine those traitors voting for themselves? O sorry they already do. LOL I didn't know Kerry shot himself. Why are they calling him a hero?
  • Tuna litecoors 2012/12/14 21:26:12
    That's what the "swift boat" captain scandal was about when he was running for POTUS; he got some small self-inflicted wound that sent him home from Viet Nam.
  • litecoors Tuna 2012/12/15 00:35:58
    Yes I heard that, but you said he shot himself, wishing it were true. I never heard he shot himself.
  • Papillon 2012/12/14 16:56:49
  • Bobbie S 2012/12/14 16:43:10
    Bobbie S
    Oops, meant to hit 'yes'. I'm shocked. I thought you could do anything and lie about anything in this administration and be rewarded for it, as long as you're on Obama's side.
  • Hawkeye Bobbie S 2012/12/14 17:38:50
    Remember.. She QUIT.. Obviously,, she was worried about even worse things then ben-Ghazi being made Public during the process..
  • Bobbie S Hawkeye 2012/12/14 19:28:12
    Bobbie S
    I personally don't think so. Whatever else she has to hide, it didn't keep her from putting her name in the hat up until now. I'm sure she thought this would all be swept under the rug by the media, as so many other things have been.

    I doubt that she would so eagerly have spread the lies (like the dutiful little puppet that she is) if she had known it would result in this. She was on the fast track up until now, and I'm sure she thought that the quickest way to the top is to do what you're told (as she obviously was).

    Too bad the buck stopped with her, as it appears it might. I hope the buck stops with who instructed her to say such ludicrous nonsense. Probably too much to ask for today, though.
  • Nat Turner 2012/12/14 16:40:25
    Nat Turner
    She seems to strong to run from anything, let alone something stupid!
  • Hawkeye 2012/12/14 16:30:50
    It is NOT typical of anyone in this administration to actually do the right thing..

    The ONLY "Irresponsible distractions" surrounding this entire issue were HER comments on all of the talk shows five days after the attack and FOUR days after any American could turn on their TV set and KNOW that she was LYING..

    The Career people at the State Department came out IMMEDIATELY and revealed that Hillary didn't get this " Video " story from THEM..

    The CIA Career people came out IMMEDIATELY and revealed that Patreaus did NOT get HIS "Video" story from THEM..

    THIS is a case where the Obama ADMINISTRATION and his POLITICAL Appointees tried,, UNDER Orders,, to distract Americans from the REAL truth behind ben-Ghazi yo win an election..

    Rice might not be the brains behind this fiasco of tragedy and incompetence but she IS as GUILTY as NIXON for HER part in it's cover-up..
  • ComeOnNow 2012/12/14 16:17:19
    Obama killed her future prospects. The sad part is that she seemed pretty bright and like a rising star until Obama picked her to sacrifice and she made the bad decision to play along.
  • Tylurr 2012/12/14 16:07:16
    With all the angry, seemingly forgetful Republicans(Nobody seems to remember Condi's little "They probably have WMDs, you never know" comment) screaming at her doorstep, I'm not shocked at ALL.

    Both of them had a giant mishap. The only difference is that the people pointing out Susan's will urinate themselves screaming until she up and leaves.

    I'm glad she's gone, given her incompetency, but this just seems...Hypocritical, doesn't it?

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