Are you sure Hate For Obama Is political!?!?!? NO WAY!!!!

Questionman2 2012/06/26 00:43:56

Turns out I was right again. I don't have a problem with your article, I have a problem with your ignorant denial of the right's obvious racism!

Despite an official, verified birth certificate, some (like Orly Taitz) say he was not born in Hawaii. Despite attending Christian church most of his adult life, some accuse him of being a Muslim. No credible evidence supports either of these theories. All verifiable evidence suggests President Obama is a Christian, U.S. citizen.

Muslims are not allow to eat pork and have to pray towards Mecca 5 times a day. I don't see Obama not eating pork and interrupting his administration just to pray 5 times a day.

Domestic terrorist? Obama killed the terrorist responsible for funding the 9/11 attacks. Osama Bin Laden.

Fraud? Obama is Harvard Law School graduate. You need practically a 4.0 cumulative high school gpa to get into Havard with a 32 average ACT score and have a your SAT writing, reading, and math scores in the 700-800's. To sum up you have to intelligent.

Do you think 300 million people are idiotic enough to vote for a man who hates the country he's running for President?

Hate America? He tries to help out the majority of the people in this country: the poor and middle class. With policies like healthcare and the Dream Act. He's just not a rich, racist Republican who prefers corporations and ignores the poor and middle class. And BTW: Republicans consider Corporations to have the same rights as people. That's a huge argument between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats argue that Corporations aren't equivalent to human beings.

Destroying America? At least he's removing troops from Afghanistan unlike Bush who was destroying families by giving a death sentence to thousands of young Americans by sending them to Afghanistan.

Closet Homosexual? He looks very infatuated with the First Lady Michelle Obama. Just because you support homosexuality does not necessarily mean you are homosexual. There were feminist who were men. Does that mean they were "in the closet girls?" No.

You have no proof that Obama is a Muslim/Communist/Marxist or whatever! I;m sick of these racists calling this man a fraud and for his impeachment!
Those who call Barack Obama a fraud is a racist scumbag liar!.
Anyone who calls Obama a fraud is a racist!
Those who call for Obama's impeachment ARE in fact racists!
This country has gone racist, you just don't want to admit it!

The birthers are 0-143 because all of their claims have been debunked or proven lies. If they had any legal precedents I would be right with them but since that is not the case they have to resort to making up charges and to nominating people after lawsuits to try and get a win in the courts, and that has been shot down both times Tennessee and Arizona.

It's offical. You are sick in the head. A mentally damaged racist who deserves to get shot. Evil excepted way before Barack Obama and you and your fellow black-hating ara making up bullshit excuses to why America isn't as bigoted and as racist as you?

If Obama was a dictator, Rush would have been shot, Along with Murdock and Fox news...

Stop believing idiots like Rush. He does a disservice to your intelligence.

Obama is not "dumb as a rock". The man is struggling. The man is not evil, just very confused.

More alarmist stupidity from the junkie.
Meanwhile, OxyRush had no problem with a Supreme Court-appointed imbecile lying us into war.

Anyone who says Obama is a Muslim is a moron and needs to quit listening to Glenn Beck 24/7.

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  • Bali 2012/06/26 02:13:47
    lets see, the right has rice, west and many more blacks who are intelligent enough to know obama is only pimping to his herd or ignoramouses. so your comment hold no water, sorry. maybe you are the racist.
  • Evil 1 2012/06/26 01:13:17
  • kir 2012/06/26 01:01:26
    Have you thought for a minute that perhaps issues people have with Obama are related to his crony capitalism, such as giving a nice cushy job to the CEO of GE--a company that is notorious for outsourcing jobs, and also happened to give Obama plenty of money during the campaign?

    Perhaps the issue at least some of us have with him is the fact that he's violating the constitutional freedoms of Americans, including having at least two American citizens on a secret terrorist kill list.

    Or perhaps some of us have issues with him because he is murdering people in at least five different nations with attack drones.
  • stormy rae 2012/06/26 00:59:19
    stormy rae
    for obama to claim he has faith of any religion when he clearly has no problem committing crimes against humanity is a demonstration of absolute hypocricy, obama is nothing more than a liar and a minister of the dark one satan, he represents not muslim faith, nor the christian, nor the hindu, nor the buddhist, or any other religion, except that of the evil one
  • Rusty Bubbles 2012/06/26 00:54:38 (edited)
    Rusty Bubbles
    Cut it up Spanky, it's been overdrawn & revoked

    race  card overdrawn

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