Are you sick of people saying Benghazi is being covered-up by President Obama?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/12/30 21:26:04

Read More: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-u-good-leads-carried-b...

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  • rikonjohn 2013/01/27 09:46:35
  • BIGBlackPETER 2013/01/07 21:31:01 (edited)
  • JULIE BIGBlac... 2013/01/14 16:31:14
    Yeah why don't you speak to your party about why they voting down giving more money for security of our embassy's?
    But please by all means, keep up the conspiracy theory crap, because that's what is ridding the government of you nut jobs! More than half of voting Americans are already against you for this behavior.
  • BIGBlac... JULIE 2013/01/14 16:41:34
    Drinking from your own Solo cup full of kool Aid again, and playing the blame game just like your daddy 0blamer and telling lies.
  • JULIE BIGBlac... 2013/01/15 15:58:12
    Just like I said, continue on!
    You are your own demise
  • Shawn 2013/01/06 18:01:23
    Yes a lot of people only have negative things to say about him.
  • nothing... Shawn 2013/01/10 07:25:55
    And that's what make him even strive better.
  • BIGBlac... nothing... 2013/01/14 16:44:04
    Strive into ruining this country. lol
  • nothing... BIGBlac... 2013/05/13 05:54:03
    The only ones that ruining the country are people like you to elect Republicans to Washington to do nothing but sit on their behind running stories while they collecting a pay check!
  • BIGBlac... nothing... 2013/05/13 17:48:01 (edited)
    You people are ruining this country by electing stupid liberals, 16 trillion Dlls. deficit, 8 people dead from terrorism because Obama doesn't believe in it, millions of unemployed people, millions of people on food stamps, millions of people on welfare, college graduates can't even find a job and hundreds of lies told to the American people by the Liar in Charge.


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  • SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/05 15:46:22
    No I'm sick of not getting the real answers, without pesting for an answer that makes sense.
  • nothing... SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/10 07:26:29
    If you need a real answer, just read your Bible!
  • SIMPATTYCO nothing... 2013/01/10 16:51:26
    what does that have to do with a coverup?
  • nothing... SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/13 06:47:12
    When you read it, you will get some commonsense and the truth will set you free. There will your answer be!
  • BIGBlac... nothing... 2013/05/13 17:50:26
    Tell this to 0bama.
  • Grandpa 2013/01/05 15:39:33
    Not much coverage in the MEDIA >> Guess the killing of 4 Americans and a Ambassador is "NOT" news worthy >> No sex in it to sell thier RAG >> Or if you don't report it it will go away and they can pay kudo's to hillary again >>> How many have to die before our so called leader punishes those countries who let it Happen ????? Where are the tapes from the drones ,why was General Ham relived of command that night ?/ Was he wanting to send help ?? Who gave the stand down order ?? Panetta ,??? How many watched it in real time ?? Why was no help sent ?/ Were are the ones the 4 recused before being killed as we did "NOT" send support ,but we continue to send that country aid >. Maybe to kill some more Americans ??? OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK
  • nothing... Grandpa 2013/01/10 07:28:19
    Republicans were in Office on September 11th, 2001, were they investigated? Just answer my question!
  • Grandpa nothing... 2013/01/10 14:02:13
    Didn't need to 535 members of congress voted to resolve your problem >> who cares we can't change the past but we sure don't need a so called leader covering up the present >> There a hell of alot of difference between flying planes into the world trade center ,Then not sending HELP while the attsck was going on and tell those who died to stand down while the 4 were being killed .. But just another BUMP IN THE ROAD for your hero >. What will the next BUMP BE and will that to be covered up with an EXECUTIVE ORDER like F&F >. GET REAL
  • A Lionh... Grandpa 2013/01/20 05:16:25
  • SIMPATTYCO nothing... 2013/01/10 16:52:59
    What does THAT have to do with Bengazi?
  • A Lionh... SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/20 05:16:52
  • SIMPATTYCO nothing... 2013/01/10 16:56:06
    Democrats on this day ...Why so cryptic? FACTS BABY PLEASE GIVE US FACTS
  • A Lionh... SIMPATTYCO 2013/01/20 05:18:03
  • Mopheadmusic2000 2013/01/05 01:49:40
    No. The media will not investigate it. They won't cover it. They try to ignore the reality of it. So, if PEOPLE stop talking about it, WHO will?
  • nothing... Mophead... 2013/01/10 07:41:11
    Come on, give it up! How many people already testify on the case!
  • A Lionh... Mophead... 2013/01/20 05:18:42
  • Mophead... A Lionh... 2013/01/21 01:38:09
    Yeah FOUR people dead is no big deal. The Prez KNEW about the dangers ahead of time and his admin denied security improvements. It's one thing to be attacked, and it's another to be INFORMED and not avert it.
  • A Lionh... Mophead... 2013/01/21 03:57:25
    A Lionheart
    "The Prez KNEW about the dangers ahead of time and his admin denied security improvements."

    BS, the GOP congress voted against increasing security for embassies.
  • plmbrby49 2013/01/04 21:33:16
    Once you have been proven a liar , nothing you say is believable Mr. President
  • nothing... plmbrby49 2013/01/10 07:42:16
    What give me the feeling like you are talking from experience.
  • BIGBlac... plmbrby49 2013/01/14 16:44:46
  • RH 2013/01/03 04:06:58
    No, I'm not sick of hearing the Truth. They (our Government, including BHO) screwed up. And imo, "heads should roll". People should have to answer to why this happened.
  • nothing... RH 2013/01/10 07:43:09
    Then why not join the others there! You will get all the info you ever needed!
  • RH nothing... 2013/01/10 10:08:21
    Not sure I understand the comment. Please explain. Where is "there"?
  • A Lionh... RH 2013/01/20 05:19:51
  • RH A Lionh... 2013/01/20 05:58:33
    The difference... They were warned that they need extra help down there. Can you show me in any of the others that they were warned and didn't act?
  • A Lionh... RH 2013/01/20 06:01:18
    A Lionheart
    Can you show me they weren't? The Republican Congress voted against more funding for security for embassies. That's a fact.
  • RH A Lionh... 2013/01/20 06:11:24
  • A Lionh... RH 2013/01/21 04:01:35
    A Lionheart
    Fair enough, as long as you are holding both sides responsible. (most don't) But since you do yes, it's a f'ed up situation.
  • Shifting Piece 2013/01/03 03:29:16
    Shifting Piece
    No--the truth needs to come out.
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