Are you ready to admit that the Republicans and Democrats are really after the same agenda?

MediaMike 2011/08/27 15:05:10
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While local politicians may still have lingering differences once dichotomous, both parties, which I call Repugnocrats collectively, have worked successfully (together) to destroy this once great Republic. There are no real elections (of significance), there is no positive change for America, and our once great nation now produces nothing, invades foreign countries to steal control of their natural resources, and in basically every way resembles the Communist planks entered into the Congressional record of 1963 than the America given to us in 1789.

The Repugnocrats are controlled by the banks. The banks are the ultimate evil destroying America. You want to make a significant change?

1. MINIMIZE bank deposits. (Banks make money out of thin air every time you deposit).
2. STOP VOTING FOR REPUGNOCRATS. (If they are party-line, DON'T VOTE for them).

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  • TheMadChameleon 2011/08/27 16:04:25
    These guys have GOT to go! No more Repugnocrats!
    Honestly, the whole party system is stupid and ineffective anyways.
  • Dale 2011/08/27 15:21:30
    These guys have GOT to go! No more Repugnocrats!
    I have posted in past, and probably will post in future, that if you put 12 dEMOCRATs in a croak sack, and 12 Republicans in the same sack, shook it up and poured them out, you could not pick one from the other. One side spends like there is no tomorrow, and the other spends like they want time to fly..
  • ken 2011/08/27 15:10:30
    These guys have GOT to go! No more Repugnocrats!
    Something I've been saying all along. It's just that right now, I'm pointing out how bad Obama is since he's the one in power today.

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