Are You Outraged that a McDonald's Manager Confronted and Punched a Customer Who Had a Service Dog?

Steverno~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/22 16:55:18
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A Cobb County warrant charges Tiffany Denise Allen with simple battery, simple assault fear and disorderly conduct.

According to the warrant, Jennifer Schwenker entered the Marietta McDonald's located at 1291 Bells Ferry Road with her children and service dog on July 12.

Allen, off-duty at the time, became irate that the dog was in the restaurant, the warrant says.

Schwenker explained to Allen the dog's purpose and told the manager the dog was legally allowed to be inside the establishment.

Allen continued to berate Schwenker, following her around the restaurant and even into a bathroom. During the incident, one of Schwenker's twins disappeared. The mother threw her cup to the ground and ran outside to look for her child, the warrant says.

Allen believed the cup was thrown at her and followed the mother into the parking lot, where she is accused of hitting her in the face.

Surveillance video shows several McDonald's employees holding Allen back, according to the warrant.

The warrant for Allen's arrest was signed July 15. She is not listed as having been in custody at the Cobb County jail.

An owner of the McDonald's, who did not want to be named, declined an interview but did say Allen no longer works at the restaurant.

Her's a local news story,with Store surveillance video included.You can judge for yourself if the cup was thrown at her!

FROM : Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
BY : Elise Hitchcock.

Read More: http://www.ajc.com/news/cobb/warrant-mcdonalds-man...

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  • Rodney 2011/07/22 17:37:19
    Yes I am outraged!
    Send the dumb broad to Europe, France in particular. ALL pets are allowed in restaurants there, not just service dogs. That should really set her off. What is wrong with people today. Dogs are far cleaner then a lot of people anymore. Need proof of that, just talk to a janitor of any department store about the conditions PEOPLE leave public bathrooms in.

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  • baboula 2011/07/23 00:07:49
    Yes I am outraged!
    she's the reason why there are signs saying the balcony is not on ground level
  • sweetchristi 2011/07/23 00:01:25
    Yes I am outraged!
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2011/07/22 23:54:37
  • rightside 2011/07/22 23:51:28
    Yes I am outraged!
    Everyone knows service dogs are allowed. Something else is going on here.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/22 23:50:37
    Yes I am outraged!
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    WTF I know the dog was there but for the woman to leave a kid and then have to hunt the kid down all over the dog being there. Anyone that sick in the head to make a woman have to leave her kid for any amount of time needs to have their ass handed to them.
  • Met mg's ha... 2011/07/23 03:38:29 (edited)
    Who said the woman was forced to leave her kid?

    The story i read said the manager told her to take the dog outside until it was explained as a service dog, then later, while the manager was somewhere else, the lady claims to have misplaced her child as an excuse for a cup used as a projectile.

    So you misplace your child for a few minutes... Do you go look for her, or throw a cup across the dining room in the general vicinity of the person you just had a verbal altercation with, then go look for her?

    The story doesn't add up, and moreover is incredibly one sided, with accusations, and assumptions substituted for conveniently left out facts.
  • mg's ha... Met 2011/07/23 03:40:42 (edited)
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    The story said the woman chasing her thought she threw the cup at the mother right before she went outside to look for her kid. Why would she need to look for her if the kid was with her? Im going on what the story said too.
  • Met mg's ha... 2011/07/23 04:42:54
    I'm going on what the story said too, and acknowledging the holes in the plot.

    It's obviously skewed against the lowly service industry employee, and towards the over entitled middle class who need vindication for being victimized due to their own actions.

    Why would someone chase a woman out into the parking lot and punch her in the face for simply looking for her child. I can however see the reasoning if a cup of tea was thrown at the lady. That would certainly be a reason for physical altercation.

    it seems far more reasonable to me that the lady thru the cup at the manager because of her contempt due to the previous verbal altercation, then used the excuse of looking for her child... I still don't see any reason why a missing child equates a flying beverage.

    I have however encountered an enraged soccer mom with an over blown sense of entitlement before, and if this is the case here, i hope the manager landed a good blow.
  • mg's ha... Met 2011/07/23 04:53:27
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    You're right that woman had no business chasing the mom anywhere. I hope she got more than fired There is not excuse for what she did.
  • Stryder 2011/07/22 23:47:15
    Yes I am outraged!
    She's an ignorant b*tch. Time to start thinning the herd.
  • Earthling 2011/07/22 22:56:52
    Yes I am outraged!
    Hopefully this D-bag ex-manager has to carry the reason for being fired and the conviction around on her resume forever. And every time she doesn't get hired, they tell her "it's because you're a fkn MORON, that's why".
  • bettyboop 2011/07/22 22:54:02
    Yes I am outraged!
    She needs to be punished for her crime. No one has the right to punch somebody in the face unless they are fighting for their life. Service dogs have special rights, apparently this ex- McDonalds employee has an anger problem and is a bully.
  • Rockies Man 2011/07/22 22:53:00
    Yes I am outraged!
    Rockies Man
    They should let the service dog take a chunk out of his leg. What a jerk!
  • LORROL 2011/07/22 22:48:47
    Yes I am outraged!
    power hungry low level management.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/22 22:42:34
    Yes I am outraged!
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    That is just wrong.
  • Theresa 2011/07/22 22:40:19
    Nothing , well almost nothing surprises me anymore..there are ignorant people everywhere..
  • KeithL 2011/07/22 22:25:15
  • Mechelle 2011/07/22 22:22:14
    Yes I am outraged!
    First of all the b@tc@ was off duty so she had no business saying anything in the first place. Second if she had been working, when she was told it was a service dog that should have been the end of the conversation. It never fails to amaze me how puffed up these "managers" get. They think they are something special. Well I got news for you...... YOUR A GLORIFIED BURGER PUSHER. Same as everyone else. Everyone working under you could do your job. Please.
  • Sister Jean 2011/07/22 22:14:33
    Yes I am outraged!
    Sister Jean
  • azukitaa 2011/07/22 22:08:49
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/07/22 22:07:46
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Not enough info.

    So a Restaurant may choose not to serve a customer but must allow the animal?
  • Stevern... Dave Sa... 2011/07/23 07:29:26
    Here's a local Atlanta New clip.
  • pinksgirlygirl 2011/07/22 22:01:02
    Yes I am outraged!
    she's like too many people today in positions that have to deal with people. get a job from home if you dont want to deal!!!!
  • Lady Willpower 2011/07/22 21:55:05
    Yes I am outraged!
    Lady Willpower
    It's outrageous and unprofessional.
  • john doe 2011/07/22 21:40:16
    john doe
    sounds like the cranky bitch was having a bad day.
  • RobHom 2011/07/22 21:38:23
    Yes I am outraged!
    Sounds to me like the woman manager has her head up her ass...and anger management problems.

    If she was "off duty" aka "off the clock"... then what happened was none of her business.
    The most that she should have done is bring the issue to the attention of the manager on duty. She over-stepped her bounds, and if the dog was certified as a "Service Dog" she was definitely in the wrong, and should have kept her pie hole shut....
  • james turner 2011/07/22 21:36:34
    Yes I am outraged!
    james turner
    Mc Donalds handled it right they gave her the boot,the family should demand a little anger management classes for her as well,she is a moron walking.
  • Ghost.Of.Me. 2011/07/22 21:25:28
    I'm not outraged but I do care, that's not a way to handle the situation. So I'm somewhere in between.
  • unclepat 2011/07/22 21:24:37
    Yes I am outraged!
    Two all beef patties
    special sauce, letters, cheese, pickles, onions.....and a PUNCH IN THE MOUTH

  • Stevern... unclepat 2011/07/22 21:25:57
  • Gloria 2011/07/22 21:24:22
    Yes I am outraged!
    I have asked about service dogs because they aren't always shepards or retreivers these days. When the client says it's a service dog then it's a service dog.
  • Doc. J 2011/07/22 21:09:29
    Yes I am outraged!
    Doc. J
    Sometimes....I wish ignorant people could be killed outright.
  • RobHom Doc. J 2011/07/22 21:41:32
    Yes, but as the T-shirt says...."Lots of people deserved to be killed, but there are laws against it!!.....

    How's it going with you!!
  • Doc. J RobHom 2011/07/22 21:44:26
    Doc. J
    Not too bad. Paid a visit to "The Eagle's Nest" in Bavaria last week.
    Very impressive.
  • RobHom Doc. J 2011/07/22 21:59:47
    Cool!! Have they ever opened up any of the "lower levels"?? Lat time I was there was in the 70's...and they were still blocked. First time I went there was in the late 50's....yes... I'm old enough to be your grandfather.... but I still think I'm 16 or so!!
  • Doc. J RobHom 2011/07/22 22:13:11
    Doc. J
    Yes, the bunkers are now open to the public.
  • RobHom Doc. J 2011/07/22 22:23:58
    Wow, cool!! When I was there last...they were still flooded with water. I think they were worried what might be found....
  • RobHom Doc. J 2011/07/22 22:28:00
    By the way.... I'm having a "Margarita" for you right now!! :->
  • Doc. J RobHom 2011/07/22 22:34:27
    Doc. J
    Sweet, I'm drinking German beer for you!
    But I'm belching for me.
  • RobHom Doc. J 2011/07/22 23:15:27
    I just hope its "boot-full" of Weizen!!

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