Are you loyal to America, or did you vote for the globalist Barack Obama who wants to destroy U.S. sovereignty and dissolve its borders?

tncdel 2012/11/22 00:32:05
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Unless you are in denial, unwilling to face the hard cold truth about Barack Obama, then you are well aware that Obama is a globalist who aims to destroy U.S. sovereignty and to dissolve its borders.

Among other things, that's why Obama has been doing all he can to attract as many job-stealing illegal aliens here as possible, with work permits, amnesty, "free" healthcare and everything else, even college at taxpayer expense [the "Dream Act"].

Romney was a capitalist who believes it is in his best interest to support U.S. sovereignty.

That's why his plan for immigration reform was not to give illegals amnesty and everything else, as Obama has been trying to do. Instead, Romney's plan was to MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they would self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they got to hate it here so much.

What this topic question attempts to sort out are those who are NOT globalists from those that are. Essentially that is the difference between someone loyal to America, or a traitor to it.

So if you voted for the globalist, then you yourself support globalism that calls for ending U.S. sovereignty and dissolving it borders to form a North American Union like the globalists did the Euro Union.
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  • T J 2012/11/22 05:29:23
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    T J
    And I voted for Obama. If you actually paid attention, Obama has been deporting illegals at a faster pace than Bush was. I also can't believe you actually took Romney at his word. Here is a guy that was for amnesty before he was against it and then for it again. Talk about living in denial, you fit the bill perfectly.

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  • hiram 2012/11/27 17:12:10
  • Rick Armin 2012/11/27 05:30:15
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    Rick Armin
    That's why I didn't vote for either of the globalist puppets of international finance. The systematic and deliberate dismantling of these United States has been going on at least since WWII, but more probably before Wilson's attempt to get us into the League of Nations. It has been bi-partisan. Anyone who thinks they are loyal to America should take the time to learn how both the Republican and Democratic segments of America's ruling party have been selling us out.

    Below is a map and plan published in Philadelphia with a copyright date of 1942. It was received by the Library of Congress in February of that year. Given the complexity and the planning that must have been required, many of us believed it was actually compiled before Pearl.

    library congress february year complexity planning required believed compiled pearl

    Click once or twice to enlarge.

    If you're interested in my take on the map it's in my blog. Much of what I wrote originally accompanied 3 segments I'd scanned from a blueprint copy of an original and posted in a number of libraries and galleries of several discussion groups before the L of C had digitized its copy.

  • YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    Unfortunately Romney was globalists as well!!
  • TidBit 2012/11/25 02:37:16
    I am not a U.S. citizen [comment as you wish].
    I AM a U.s citizen and didn't get to vote because I had class that day (got to work hard, Obama voters are depending on me)! once again, another one direction choice of answers. if you don't want people's opinions to be heard, don't ask the questions.
  • User Deactivated 2012/11/23 16:44:34
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    User Deactivated
    I'm not sure Romney was any less a globalist than Obama or Bush or Clinton. They are all the ones getting the world used to the idea of a foreign force able to invade any country at will.
  • remy 2012/11/23 04:14:50
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net... seems that Mittens IS mad!! hahaha
  • santosh umap 2012/11/23 03:21:06
    I am not a U.S. citizen [comment as you wish].
    santosh umap
  • RageFury 2012/11/23 02:37:40
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    I voted for the only one on the Ballot proposing to balance the Budget. The others would send us over the cliff, as we are headed now...

    If you didn't vote the same, then you didn't vote for real change.
  • Twinky 2012/11/22 21:52:29
    I am not a U.S. citizen [comment as you wish].
    WOW loaded question

    That's pretty low
  • Rebecca Twinky 2012/11/23 18:48:42
    It's an honest protrayal of obama.
  • Twinky Rebecca 2012/11/23 21:51:13
    Are you loyal to America, or did you vote for the globalist Barack Obama who wants to destroy U.S. sovereignty and dissolve its borders?

    Whether or not I like Obama- it is a loaded question - as a matter of fact.
    You don't give anyone the option to disagree without them stating they are disloyal. It's a dirty tactic and you know it
  • Rick Armin Twinky 2012/11/27 06:11:21
    Rick Armin
    Unfortunately, that's how so many SodaHead question are. SodaHead is not really a discussion forum, it's a rant forum. Romney is just as much a globalist as Obama. Obama's admin is loaded with members of the globalist CFR and the Trilateral Commission. As the election drew near its close, there were already 7 Trilateralists in and around the Romney campaign. I don't think there has been a loyal American in the White House in a century with the possible exception of Kennedy, and that only toward the end. That sudden switch to loyalty is likely why he was murdered.
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2012/11/22 21:17:27
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
  • Todd Parsons 2012/11/22 21:08:13
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    Todd Parsons
    I voted for love of country...to bad the moochers wanted to be enslaved
  • tncdel 2012/11/22 19:11:42
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    I see those who voted for Obama are exhibiting an acute DENIAL symptoms, completely unable to face the fact that they voted for a globalist out to destroy U.S. sovereignty and to dissolve its borders.
  • tncdel tncdel 2012/11/22 20:37:17
  • I am not a U.S. citizen [comment as you wish].
    序名三 ゔぉるこゔぉ序名三
    I am a damn US citizen but I prefer stating that I am not than click on suck a shallow answer, since I am neither loyal to America nor do I support Barack Obama.
    You have heard of the Libertarian party, have you?
    Oh, one more thing: ranting with logical fallacies such as argumentum ad hominem, loaded question, & fuzzy logic [false dichotomy, aka black & white.]
    Please restate your question with logic.
    I will accept your „logic“ as valid reasoning, even though I am not convinced.
    Please remember, keep your title as short as possible.
  • tncdel 序名三 ゔぉる... 2012/11/22 20:37:27
    Although the NWO has infiltrated both major political parties, as well as even the Libertarians [using that fraud Gary Johnson], Romney supported U.S. sovereignty. A dead giveaway revealing who's who can be assessed by reviewing a candidate's stance on illegal immigration [being used by the NWO to dissolve our borders].

    If you voted for Johnson, you were duped by the NWO. See how non-partisan NumbersUSA rated Johnson almost as bad as Obama on immigration [an F]:

    P.S. There are no "gray" areas when it comes to choosing either to support U.S sovereignty or globalist one-world-government, since the latter is predicated upon eliminating the former.
  • firelooker 2012/11/22 17:36:59
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    I still don't understand how a president presiding over the worst economy in over a hundred years got reelected.
  • Embalmer firelooker 2012/11/22 17:43:13
    That's right, President Obama presided over the economic mess, he didn't cause it.

    47 percent
  • tncdel Embalmer 2012/11/22 20:40:53
    I can tell you don't accept the principle of leadership and accepting responsibility as embodied by the words of Harry Truman: "The buck stops here."

    What you're saying is that Obama wasn't a leader, just a spectator. So what do we need him for? We can watch the mess without him.
  • Embalmer tncdel 2012/11/22 23:55:03
  • tncdel firelooker 2012/11/22 20:38:31
    This should provide insights:
  • RJeffreySavlov 2012/11/22 17:33:17
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    Loyalty to our country means to me that we must protect and preserve the Constitution as it was written, protect the sovereignty of the states from a federal government which is bent on controlling 100% of our lives, protect our country from the enemy abroad which includes not providing arms to our detractors and those who wish to destroy our personal and religious freedoms and most importantly from those enemies within who through political correctness refuse to take action against those who have invaded our borders to steal our jobs, depress our wages and overtax our medical, social and educational programs without contributing to the necessary funding that keeps these systems viable without overtaxing its' citizens.
  • Computer Reaction Guy 2012/11/22 17:13:27
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    Computer Reaction Guy
    Romney, create jobs? Sarcastic Laugh GIF
  • tncdel Compute... 2012/11/22 20:43:19
    Obama created over six million jobs. Unfortunately the jobs he created foreigners got. If that's you laughing like an idiot, then I guess I wasted my time trying to point out what should have already been obvious to you.

    you fail
  • MsTLynne 2012/11/22 17:13:00
  • tncdel MsTLynne 2012/11/22 20:46:05
    You picked the wrong answer. It's patently impossible to be loyal to America when you support a globalist whose agenda is to destroy U.S. sovereignty.
  • MsTLynne tncdel 2012/11/23 19:03:11
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/11/22 16:49:42
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    Christopher Kirchen
    I wish the Republican party had had a real conservative running. The kind that makes libs pee their pants with fear, but ends up doing the best job.
  • tncdel Christo... 2012/11/22 20:47:39
    Romney was the most Conservative out of all the ones who sought the presidency except for Bachmann. All the others were frauds pretending to be Conservatives.
  • Wayne 2012/11/22 16:46:27
    YES, I'm loyal to America [comment as you wish].
    How did this corrupt POS get reelected? By lying stealing and cheating America.
  • askmike Wayne 2012/11/22 18:29:05
    Tell us another funny story.
  • tncdel askmike 2012/11/22 20:48:54
    Since you find America's woes humorous, I can only presume you are a globalist, or simply hate America.
  • askmike tncdel 2012/11/23 05:30:14
    Another knee slapping joke. You have an endless supply. You guys are a riot to read!
  • Christo... Wayne 2012/11/22 20:49:24
    Christopher Kirchen
    That, and he was still black, and would have played the race card if he had lost.
  • Compute... Christo... 2012/11/24 19:39:53
    Computer Reaction Guy
    He's half Kenyan... I doubt he would play the race card. Get a life GIF
  • Christo... Compute... 2012/11/25 02:34:17
    Christopher Kirchen
    How does his being half Kenyan PRECLUDE his playing the race card?
  • Pat 2012/11/22 16:35:28
    NO, I voted for the globalist Barack Obama [explain why].
    No meaningful "other" choice.

    I'm not that far down the progressive road to think the US should share resources with the rest of the world.

    I'm only interested in tearing down the rich in THIS country, so far.
  • firelooker Pat 2012/11/22 17:40:27
    Once you've taken all the wealth from the one perent where are you going to get money from? Those making less than 250,000? Then once you take their money who is next?
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