Are You Disgusted With Kobe Bryant's Gun-Wielding 'Call of Duty' Ad?

News 2010/11/19 15:00:00
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Another day, another Kobe scandal.

What started out as grumbling has risen to a near roar over the past week. Some folks are not happy that a violent new ad for the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops” stars Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant.

In the clip, which co-stars talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and a number of generic working stiffs in their minimum-wage uniforms, Bryant is seen blasting away with a machine gun in a combat situation with a smile on his face as the average Joes pump their machine guns and fire rocket-propelled grenades among action movie-worthy fireballs and a pumping soundtrack provided by the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.”

On Tuesday, ESPN spoke to Oakland youth football coach/mortuary home worker Todd Walker, who has decried the culture of violence tearing up the inner city and who had harsh words for the Kobe ad.

"I couldn't believe it was him," Walker said. "What's wrong with him? … This is exactly what we're trying to fight. I'm looking at a 14-year-old boy right now who got shot in the head, and then I see Kobe get on TV looking like a damned fool, holding an assault weapon and wearing the same stuff the kids are wearing when they kill somebody. The look on his face -- all smiling and happy. This is the attitude we're trying to get away from."

Neither Bryant nor NBA commissioner David Stern have commented publicly, but the drumbeat of sports and news writers pointing out that the ad appears to downplay the seriousness of combat danger and gun violence has risen steadily. ESPN has also pointed out that the lack of a response from Stern show’s the NBA boss’ inconsistency when it comes to dealing with these kinds of issues, speculating that Stern would remain mum on one of his sport’s biggest stars unless the howl reaches critical mass.

Kobe did tell the “Extra” TV show that he does not consider himself a soldier and that the violence in the spot was “nothing like” what real soldiers face “by any stretch of the imagination.” In the meantime, the bubbling firestorm doesn’t appear to be having any impact on sales, which are expected to exceed $650 million.

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  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2010/11/19 18:00:03
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    It's a f*cking GAME!

    You cannot blame video games for violence. Violence existed long before.

    Should we blame porn for rapes? Heavy Metal for suicides? Spoons for Rosie O'Donnel's weight?

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  • Justin [DF] 2011/09/06 03:01:50
  • tdterry1999 2011/06/22 15:58:30
    H e needs the money.
  • Reshintoe 2010/11/22 15:49:39
  • Kinetic 2010/11/22 15:47:00
    The ad has nothing to do with why I am disgusted with the NBA in general.
  • JROD 2010/11/22 15:35:39
    It is a fricking game people!!! OMFG!!! The kids should know better on what is right and what is wrong. Kobe is a basketball player. If anything the kids should follow his steps and play some basketball.
  • The kid 2010/11/22 14:09:16
    The kid
    why in the hell is this even up here? I mean come on its A TV AD,, who the heck cares? Does this really say,"Are You Disgusted With Kobe Bryant's Gun-Wielding 'Call of Duty' Ad?" right there were it says are you disgusted with his Gun-wielding.. WTH does that mean.. He is holding a gun and holding it the right way, Good for him. how would anyone take offense from this TV ad for 'Call Of Duty-Black Ops'. i just dont under stand how this could be an offense or even be disgusted by it. its an add lol.
  • Chaz 2010/11/22 13:22:12
    guns don't kill people im sorry if you haven't raised your kid right its not his or my fault that they shoot someone.
  • Joanne1225 2010/11/22 12:42:43 (edited)
    Yes! Many kids look up to Kobe Bryant; I don't think he should have done the ad.

    According to the Legal Community Against Violence, "The United States experiences epidemic levels of gun violence, claiming over 30,000 lives annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For every person who dies from a gunshot wound, two others are wounded. Every year, more than 100,000 Americans are victims of gun violence. In addition to those who are killed or injured, there are countless others whose lives are forever changed by the deaths of and injuries to their loved ones."

    Last, shame on parents who buy these kind of video games for their children and/or allow them to play them. Our youth have become desensitized to violence and statistics support that. If we want a kinder, gentler world, we have to model it. See article "Violent Video Games Increase Aggression Long After Game is Turned Off Study Finds," http://www.sciencedaily.com/r... This is just one study of MANY. They're not "just games," they damage our psyche and perception.
  • THOMKINES 2010/11/22 12:25:48
    Not sure what the big fuss is over. How many of you played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, or any other shoot 'em up type of game?
    The most violent thing I've encountered with any of these games is the language of the players. And from what I have heard personally, it is not a matter of age.
    I personally liked the young ladies in the commercial - the one in the heels and the heavy girl (Hot, Hot, Hot). Those two can back me any day!! Oh, and Kobe, too.
  • Joanne1225 THOMKINES 2010/11/22 12:52:19
    You're right - I remember playing cops and robbers, and cowboys and Indians - in a kinder, gentler world. However, the difference is that we used pretend weapons and never saw anyone actually shot and killed. These games are damaging to our children's perception of violence and they increase aggression long after the game is turned off, according to many studies. (One such study: http://www.sciencedaily.com/r...
  • The kid Joanne1225 2010/11/22 15:03:08
  • Joanne1225 Joanne1225 2010/11/23 18:54:01
    Thank God my profanity filter is active! Getting an opinion across works so much better if you can do it intelligently and without bad language. OK... look at the statistics. Don't just be reactive. Be proactive and educate yourself about the "whole enchilada," not just a piece of it. Goodness! It's more than a game... Did you read the sentence that "scientific studies have PROVEN that these games are damaging to our children's perception of VIOLENCE and they INCREASE AGGRESSION LONG AFTER THE GAME IS TURNED OFF." This is not a gut reaction to an ad for a game... this is a SCIENTIFIC STUDY; and there are more than one that point to the same result. Take some time to EDUCATE yourself on the subject instead of just mouthing off and using bad language.
  • CaseyBlackburn 2010/11/22 06:42:00
    WHAT?!?! Are you F N serious? Ive seen this commercial several times and i never thought about shooting up a buncha gangsta's...i just thought, wow was that kobe?? Bad asss!! cool game btw
  • Mike W 2010/11/22 05:49:49
    Mike W
    No its a game add, I'm more disgusted with real people joining real gangs and terrorising real americans with thuggery and drug dealing
  • ahbmasg486bd 2010/11/22 04:59:05
    For the love of...its freggin game! Why do people have to make the biggest deals out of the most stupid of things.
  • riceroni ~ POTC**FUKU2** 2010/11/22 03:05:45 (edited)
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2010/11/22 01:57:22
    The real issue here is whether or not, as a society, we choose to limit certain games to certain age groups, like we do with movies. As long as the game is being marketed legally, then agreeing to be in a commercial for the game is an "at will" decision between the game maker and the people who want to be in the ad for compensation. Bryant doesn't lose the right to contract with other parties just because he is famous.
  • ChrisK1969 2010/11/22 01:24:02
  • Superman save us 2010/11/21 23:34:21
    Superman save us

    P.S. The game was the worst in the COD series.
  • jon Superma... 2010/11/22 11:20:04
    Hey, the single player (while being miserably short) was a fantastic storyline and out did MW2 on style points (+300 for the John Wayne style shotgun slinging on the motorcycle). Sure the multiplayer sucks and the weapons and classes have been all but emasculated but it even says on the page: "Multiplayer free with every copy of Black Ops!" as in "You paid $65 for single player game so here's a gratuitous multiplayer mode that we half assed to get it out and make a bundle faster."
  • Superma... jon 2010/11/22 19:17:21
    Superman save us
    I disagree. The storyline let me down, scratch that, threw me from 3,000 feet. The graphics were too toony, all together the whole thing made me glad I didn't buy it. The multiplayer was the best part in my opinion.
  • jon Superma... 2010/11/24 17:52:15
    where did you experience this that you thought the graphics were "toony" when they weren't too much different from BF:BC2?
  • Superma... jon 2010/11/24 23:45:45
    Superman save us
    The whole game, BF is a game i dislike as while and expect more from COD.
  • jon Superma... 2010/11/24 23:53:39
    BC2 makes fun of CoD MW2 :D

  • ViktorLovric 2010/11/21 22:16:06
    I even think its awesome!!!!!
  • cutter's falls 2010/11/21 22:04:12
  • DrkangelPrince 2010/11/21 20:25:58
    I love that commerical
  • SEAL76 2010/11/21 19:09:11
    He's just trying to make a buck using his celebrity status. I would really like to see how he'd do in Afghanistan for real. He'd get his ass killed on his first op. I love the super hero jocks and actors who play tough for living and get paid millions to do it. Every Spec Ops guy in the field should make at least a million dollars a year. I have been in combat (Vietnam) as a Navy SEAL and know many other SEALs who have been to both Iraq and Afghanistan. I can tell you for a fact that we are all in much better shape and can handle injuries, stress and whatever else the other "team" can through at us.
  • chamcha... SEAL76 2010/11/21 21:30:47
    its a commercial man!
  • Damaris 2010/11/21 17:08:20
    Its a frickin game! if you can't tell the difference between a game and real life get help.
  • Blasphameer 2010/11/21 16:13:47
    The video in the article didn't show the Kobe wielding a gun ad. So,

    A) Why did you guys throw in a video that had no relevance to the article?
    B) Why DIDN'T you guys link to the video that is apparently so "scandalous"
  • suecoop 2010/11/21 15:58:02
    Yes, but for a different reason. I just really have a hard time believing Kobe knows his way around a gun. How much hunting or soldiering has he done. That's what disgusts me!
  • ihavewe... suecoop 2010/11/21 16:28:14
    Do you have less of a difficult time believing the teen girl with glasses knows her way around a gun? How about the girl dressed like a hippie?
  • suecoop ihavewe... 2010/11/21 17:00:48
    Considering that I began shooting in the original hippie look of patched Levis, no bra, and a tie-dye t-shirt, if find it a heck of alot less difficult to see! I probably fit the stereotype of a gunner even less than most. I'm a 50-something librarian who is a Life-time Member of NRA and belong to a womens shooting sports group who hunt and shoot competively. My favorite anniversary, birthday, Valentine's or Christmas gift is a new gun, ammo, or cute gun accessory.

    I just have such a lack of respect for Kobe in general, and I have not seen him grace the pages of a hunting or gun publication or take part in hunting on a Versus or Outdoor channel show, I feel that he doesn't hunt. He sure as heck isn't a soldier.
  • Patriotic suecoop 2010/11/21 17:22:24 (edited)
    I read your stance on Kobe and your doubt of him knowing anything about hunting etc... But what about the liberal night show host Jimmy Kimmel? Why single Kobe out, and give this guy a pass? I am a registered Democrat, but am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I also happen to own my own Concealed Handgun school and gun range in Texas. I see this as nothing more than an endorsement for a game by celebrities. If we are going to pass judgement, we should be a little more even-handed here.

    jimmy kimmelschool gun range texas endorsement game celebrities pass judgement even-handed
  • suecoop Patriotic 2010/11/21 23:51:18
    Not DFW Gunrange or Elm Fork here in Dallas??? I may be shooting at your range.
  • Patriotic suecoop 2010/11/23 03:35:12
    No, but those ranges are really good and offer a lot of useful services. My range is Best Defense CHL School, also in Dallas.
  • suecoop Patriotic 2010/11/23 17:39:44
    I'll have to check out your range. Hope you get some shooting in over the holidays!
  • Patriotic suecoop 2010/11/23 22:51:32
    Thank you for the inquiry. I just emailed you my info, so feel free to ask any questions you might have. I also wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Kinetic Patriotic 2010/11/22 15:53:38
    "I am a registered Democrat, but am a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment."

    That claim sounds like an oxymoron or contradiction.

    "I also happen to own my own Concealed Handgun school and gun range in Texas."

    Democrats in the Republic of Texas are probably more likely to support freedom like gun rights more than Democrats in other states, seemingly.

    "If we are going to pass judgement, we should be a little more even-handed here. "

    Good point. Democrats like Bryant or Democrats like Kimmel appear like Republicans when they carry guns and both look like they enjoy it as well!
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