Are you confused over the details of the health care overhaul legislation commonly called “Obamacare?”

ABC News U.S. 2013/05/01 02:00:00
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A new poll finds that many Americans are confused about the health care overhaul legislation commonly called “Obamacare.” The Kaiser Family Foundation released results of a non-partisan study today finding more than 40 percent did not even know the law was in place.

“Four in ten Americans (42%) are unaware that the ACA [Affordable Care Act] is still the law of the land,” the report says, “including 12 percent who believe the law has been repealed by Congress, 7 percent who believe it has been overturned by the Supreme Court and 23 percent who say they don’t know enough to say what the status of the law is.”

The survey showed public opinion on Obamacare is at its second-lowest rating in the past two years.

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  • Irish little 2013/05/12 04:06:39
    Irish little
    How can one not be befuddled ??? How could they pass something like that ???/ His royale patooskey has yet to finish writing the rest of his pipe dream??
  • 7th PLANET "Alien Stud Muffin" 2013/05/06 17:01:50
    7th PLANET "Alien Stud Muffin"
    HELL. . . Everyone is!!!

    Obamacare sucks
  • judge 2013/05/06 16:54:01
    Obama was never elected, and therefore cannot sign any legislation.
    In Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p.442 it states, "An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."
    Since it would be an unconstitutional act for an illegal alien to be a US president, "it creates no office", and unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.
  • sglmom 2013/05/06 15:41:39
    I can not only understand it ..
    but know how it ALREADY has affected me and the COSTS/Access to care ..
    needless to say ...
    it should NEVER have passed at all .. (period!)
  • mblack 2013/05/06 11:41:37
    People without insurance better sign up this year or save some green for IRS penalties next year. This law is utter bullcrap. It should not be the law of the land.
  • Irish l... mblack 2013/05/12 04:11:39
    Irish little
    Prey tell, How is someone who can NOT afford to buy his stupid pipe dream afford to pay a hefty fine ??????????
  • mblack Irish l... 2013/05/12 21:26:03
    The goal of the bill is healthcare for everyone to have healthcare, everyone will be able to afford some form of healthcare. That's why the IRS is involved. If on paper you have the means to pay for healthcare but opt not to then you will be fined. If you fall below the income level set by the government, the government will provide you with what you need. People that cannot afford health insurance will not be fined. So there's no need to worry.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2013/05/06 06:26:09
    Common Sense Conservative
    It's a piece of sh!t. And that's putting it mildly.
  • joseph digristina 2013/05/06 05:49:15
  • Eric joseph ... 2013/05/06 15:27:27
    Sounds like classic Dunning-Kruger Effect.

    Only a fool would think they understand something this complex.
  • joseph ... Eric 2013/05/06 15:46:53
  • Eric joseph ... 2013/05/06 18:57:19
    I sorta agree. Congress did not understand the bill and they were ill informed.

    "Bit of a stir this morning, as Politico reports that Congress is considering exempting its staff from an Obamacare provision which will require all congressmen and staffers to get their health insurance through the exchanges. Apparently, it's not clear that the government is authorized to actually pay for this insurance, meaning that the folks on Capitol Hill might have to buy insurance out of their own pocket. (The ruling from the Office of Personnel Management, which governs this sort of question, is still pending.)"

  • joseph ... Eric 2013/05/06 19:01:23
  • Eric joseph ... 2013/05/06 19:09:43
    Got it. What was in the bill has nothing to do with the bill. Got it.

    Only a fool simply looks at what is in a bill and does not consider the myriad unintended consequences that may result from a bill.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2013/05/06 04:31:57
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    It will only get worse from here. Even democrats are running from 0bocare.
  • monkeyking908 2013/05/06 03:55:23
  • Common ... monkeyk... 2013/05/06 06:29:33
    Common Sense Conservative
    Hmm, how would it be EASIER to understand if the republican stopped trying to make it fail? Btw, I'm really giving you a fighting chance.
  • monkeyk... Common ... 2013/05/06 12:13:17
  • Eric monkeyk... 2013/05/06 15:45:34
    I am not aware of any Republican voting for it. The bill was changed to get enough Democrats to vote for it and those special interest giveaways added to the problems.

    It seems rather silly to blame Republican opposition. There is a political reality that sometimes opposing parties oppose things. That is reality. Leadership deals with reality. Canadians passed their major health care legislation unanimously, even though the government changed several months afterwards. An effective leader would have negotiated a more effective and acceptable bill. To complain about opposition to a bill that had universal opposition by the opposing party is so naïve.
  • monkeyk... Eric 2013/05/06 18:44:23
  • Common ... monkeyk... 2013/05/06 18:47:35
    Common Sense Conservative
    Republicans? Hussein Obama had trouble getting democrats to vote
  • monkeyk... Common ... 2013/05/06 21:29:15
  • Larry monkeyk... 2013/05/06 13:04:21
    You don't know anything about it and then call names like moron party, lol,lol it's just a big time TAX by 0Plunder wake up!
  • monkeyk... Larry 2013/05/06 15:26:18
  • Larry monkeyk... 2013/05/06 16:51:25
    From thhe people in Canada that I have talked to don't like it so much and they are taxed big time out of their checks, in the 90's it was 50%. Sounds to me you like anything Goverment controlled
  • monkeyk... Larry 2013/05/06 18:46:43
  • Larry monkeyk... 2013/05/06 19:00:37
    Chicago tribune Lol laugh
  • monkeyk... Larry 2013/05/06 20:57:33
  • Larry monkeyk... 2013/05/06 21:21:01
  • monkeyk... Larry 2013/05/06 21:39:29
  • Larry monkeyk... 2013/05/06 23:55:13 (edited)
    Libturds are such Pathological liars, they are like cyborgs one cohesive unit that does and says what the commander in thief says, the sheeple worship their king, like Obumblecare is a sham a lie and a major tax on the people cyborg sheep l
  • monkeyk... Larry 2013/05/07 14:47:54
  • JamesChevyII 2013/05/05 22:19:15
    I feel everyone or most are confused about it... I really don't know of anyone that has actually read it in total and fully understands it...
  • jeane 2013/05/05 22:02:19
    Yes - but then so is OWEBAMA.
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2013/05/05 20:59:35
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    Just bend over!!!!!!!!!!
  • hasher 2013/05/05 19:11:35
    not at all i know its a major disaster and will cost the taxpayers a hell of a lot of money andif you dont adhere to the plan you get fined a penalty which is actually less than the plan itself. it needs to be repealed asap!!!
  • Laissez Faire Husker 2013/05/05 18:20:33
    Laissez Faire Husker
    Buy insurance or go to prison.
  • hasher Laissez... 2013/05/05 19:12:36
    na just pay a fine. which is cheaper than the plan itself.
  • jweedin... Laissez... 2013/05/06 01:14:08
    Thats what happens when you dont have car inurance! its a conspiracy from the insurance companies to get richer!
  • Redneck 2013/05/05 14:44:45
    I don't know.
    yes and no. Some things are very clear. If you continue to participate in lifestyles and activities that are deteremental to your health after your health care providers tell you to stop (drs, nurses, therapists, NPs, PAs, etc) then you may not be elegiable for certain procedures and services. I work in home health as a physical therapist. When a person is being cared for by a home health agency after a hospital stay and said patient goes back to the hospital within thirty days due to complications or exacerbations associated with their primary diagnosis or co morbidities, then the hospital won't get paid for that admission. The hospital will likely blame the dr, who will blame the home health agency. Therefore, when I get a new patient who is diabetic, I'm going to give them a list of foods they can't eat, and ways of cooking that are forbiden as well as a home excersie program. If they don't comply with my instruction, I'm not going to take a risk of them jacking their blood glucose up and going back to the hospital, so we will have to discharge them. this will become common. There won't be death panels and such, the government will just have the health care system itself ration health care. we're already seeing it. For those of you who support Obamacare, I give you my word, you'll regret supporting it, but it will be to late.
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