Are you A Republican or a Democrat and why?

Kibbles 2012/02/19 23:50:42
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There are many opinions on this site, I wish to see which holds more sway.
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  • Alex 2012/02/20 06:57:23
    I am appalled by some of the legislation being sponsored by the Democrats, I am vehemently against "progressivism", and I support limited government. Republicans haven't always done the best things and haven't always been in the best of light, but as a whole I have a much more favorable view of them than the Democrats.
  • abubincrazy 2012/02/20 01:03:33
    I am an Independent because they both rip off the American People.
    I vote Republican more often because the Dems are socialists foisting anti-American policies on an unwilling citizenry.
    I would like to have a viable alternative to these 2 groups.
  • Bringbackmanufacturing 2012/02/20 00:23:49
    I'm a Dennis Kucinich/Bernie Sanders kind of Democrat.
  • David H... Bringba... 2012/02/20 00:38:20
    David Hussey
    The best that party has to offer, but I wish this poll had offered an "none of the above" option, for it is the belief that it must be either or among the populace which allows a never ending progression of the 'lesser of evils', a dynamic that has subverted democracy and is marching the republic toward its demise.

    Sorry for jumping onto your comment to have my say, but I was not going to vote for something that doesn't reflect my opinion
  • Bringba... David H... 2012/02/20 01:04:56
    You are absolutely correct. Yes, there are plenty of sketchy representatives (if you can call them representatives) on both sides. Nothing will ever change until we get the money out of politics. The question that always goes through my mind is do I sit back and do nothing or do I get involved at the local level in my community to try to make a difference.
  • David H... Bringba... 2012/02/20 01:16:05
    David Hussey
    Getting involved at the lower levels I think is the only real practical way to effect positive change. You know, if the people of Vermont can elect somebody outside of the establishment party system, and be pretty well represented by him (my opinion) then there is no reason why the same cannot happen for the rest of Congress. It is certainly a daunting task to try to overcome the inertia and the partisan thinking of the constituents you share representatives with, but its better than sitting back doing nothing I believe
  • Kibbles David H... 2012/02/20 12:51:48
    I apologize for not involving none of the above choice, in hindsight it would have been an excellent Idea one I will follow from now on.
  • David H... Kibbles 2012/02/20 15:28:27
    David Hussey
    I think it is always a good idea to provide an catch all option on the polls Erick, it is easy to overlook peoples possible answers
  • Doreen 2012/02/20 00:03:09
    I am actually not any party. I would be ashamed to claim any of the parties because they are all horrible.
  • Kibbles Doreen 2012/02/20 00:09:48
    I see, well I also see I need to upgrade the choices.
  • Lydecho Rain (Лидия) 2012/02/19 23:59:21
    Lydecho Rain (Лидия)
    Because of the views I have on different topics. There's no other legit reason to be one thing or another.
  • Doug King 2012/02/19 23:58:55
    Doug King
    Because I believe I know better what to do with the money I earn.

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