Are you a Part-Time Employee? If so, how will Obama's Health Care Plan affect you

Dragonez 2008/10/20 19:10:43
Yes I am a part-time employee and I think...
No, I work full-time and I think...
I work full-time AND part-time and I think...
I don't care.
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If so, how will Obama's Health Care plan affect you?

Will your employer HAVE to give you health care coverage or be penalized? Will your employer keep you if so?
Do you think the employers will drop all the part-time employees and just keep full-time? If they have to provide coverage for 1 person full-time vs 2-3 people part-time, which do you think they will choose?

If you have a full-time job AND a part-time job are both employers going to have to provide health care coverage (with you paying the premiums for both)?

Think about it. Ask Obama to clarify. (but run away fast if he tells the truth--remember Joe the plumber)
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  • Dragonez old mccain 2008/10/20 21:57:31 (edited)
    suzi, being retired maybe makes you out of touch.

    Jobs are out there. A lot taken by illegal aliens. But they are there. Might be minimum wage, but if I want to feed my family I would take it!
  • old mccain Dragonez 2008/10/20 22:22:11
    old mccain
    I am far from "out of touch". Yep, agree that the illegals have to go away. I have a real problem with that, and also out sourcing, and giving huge tax breaks for corporations (not small business) and also profit dollars made to US companies, not paying taxes if they have overseas profits, etc. Yes, we have had to subsidise (sp) our income with one of us having to do part time work due to the rising cost of property taxes (state) and overall rise in inflation, but we will survive, if not, see ya' all in the food line.

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