Are you a good, bad, or ugly CHURCH MEMBER

Dennis C Latham 2010/01/03 15:51:51
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Do you just warm a bench ?
warm bench
Do you do a little to help out the church vision ?
warm bench church vision
Do you go all out to make the vision of the church a reality ?
warm bench church vision vision church reality
Do you put JESUS FIRST in EVERYTHING YOU DO - Even family, church, and country ?
bench church vision vision church reality jesus family church country
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  • libra s... Fr Kels... 2010/01/04 16:29:19
    libra sun 2
    hi...im sorry you were just turned away...i dont " force" anyone to my beliefs, im not a " believer in mans church" there are some which are ok, lukewarm, and put on a great show....i prefer to work for and with the lord from my home and outside agencies that actually give shelter, make and serve food, help the addicts...ect. The salvation army is one such group my family has supported for 3 generations....you will find what you need for inner peace and fullfilling life and it may be by me or anyone willing to just be a friend, hope to hear from you.
  • Fr Kels... libra s... 2010/01/04 19:39:08
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    Ohh I think you missunderstand me. I am a very fulfilled man, inner peace is in tact and friends that litterally are from all cultures and around the globe. Do I have my take on church? Damned straight I do. And I will gladly share my sermon with anyone. As for working for the "lord" I ask which "lord" do you work for? What is the name of the god you worship?
  • libra s... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 16:21:25
    libra sun 2
    yes i do, i answered you in complete with an edit to my previous answer...also a question about the fellow below, yes you may feel his question was belidgerent...but in a rough way, maybe it was his way of asking for help...now 99% he would probably have an ongoing negative argument with you, but Dennis? that 1% might have been your chance to witness....and this kind of bashing is why so many turn away from the elite circle of christians, who want to stay in the safe zone ....there are people on the fence who need you too. I minister to ALL people......
  • Dennis ... libra s... 2010/01/06 11:44:31
    Dennis C Latham
    his job is ""to save people from the church.""
  • libra s... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 16:48:35
    libra sun 2
    yes Dennis, i answered you in an edit from the question above.
  • Fr Kels... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 20:57:04
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    You ask these questions as if you believe that you are god or jesus. Do you in fact feel that way about yourself?
  • Dennis ... Fr Kels... 2010/01/06 11:47:49
    Dennis C Latham
    you tell me
  • Fr Kels... libra s... 2010/01/04 19:45:41 (edited)
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    Clearly you are not a "black" person for if you had been you would not have found a need to identify the skin color of the person you aided. (typical white arrogance- I am white BTW)Tell me did it make you feel superior to the "black" man to be able to spread your white bread crumbs his way?
  • Dennis ... Fr Kels... 2010/01/06 11:49:26
    Dennis C Latham
    ""you would not have found a need to identify the skin color of the person you aided.""

    I aid all colors ... any whom asks and any who are in need
  • libra s... Fr Kels... 2010/01/06 15:56:35
    libra sun 2
    pardon me? i related the story with details, and my so called $ or "white crumbs" was the last of my families food money that week...sorry you read racial overtones to my story.....but my point was, i help all in need....but the church woman was ready to steal his gas money we all gathered......
  • Dennis ... Fr Kels... 2010/01/04 11:20:43
    Dennis C Latham
    ""christian church is now a private social club- for members only....""

    that is a lie .... but there are some please who claim to be churches who act like this.
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/01/03 21:01:03
  • Dennis ... King An... 2010/01/04 11:31:31
    Dennis C Latham
    how sad and evil you are ......
  • libra s... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 16:37:55
    libra sun 2
    again Dennis....yeah, this kids photo reps are " shocking" hes 19! maybe you should try to get through to the younger generation...not just blindly judge him....thats why i worry about people who say they spread the word...its to your chosen few, Jesus would have at least offered a word of direction and prayer to this 19 yr old...
  • Dennis ... libra s... 2010/01/06 11:50:50
    Dennis C Latham
    he's only parroting - and it seems to me he knows just what he is doing ....

    people know right from wrong ... but this was a day ago
    so if you could quote me on what I said that was wrong ?

    I would be glad to correct it.
  • libra s... Dennis ... 2010/01/06 16:11:12
    libra sun 2
    what? you said the kid was evil! you are messing with a 19 yr old..how do YOU know his psyche? right from wrong? now your a psychiatrist too? among all your other claims to fame? I dont like to bash a persons spot here, its freedom of speech...but you could be doing more harm than good if this 19 yr old was trying to find someone to help...not judge.
  • Dennis ... libra s... 2010/01/06 17:20:24
    Dennis C Latham
    are we talking about the same person here ?
  • King An... libra s... 2010/01/24 23:42:23
  • Fr Kels... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 20:23:13
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    I think Dennis sees himself as god....... I didnt know that you had the right to call anyone evil. But there again clearly I do not worship your god. I prefer a god of love...
  • Dennis ... Fr Kels... 2010/01/06 11:51:44
    Dennis C Latham
    the GOD I serve is the GOD of love ...

    but when someone lies purposely ? They are out to hurt others
    that is evil.
  • libra s... Dennis ... 2010/01/06 16:22:18 (edited)
    libra sun 2
    how do you know this young man? have you had multiple run ins with him? look at his profile he has many normal friends...who like metal music( news flash! music does NOT influence kids who dont already have problems) again, its dangerous to label an impressionable kid.....
  • Dennis ... libra s... 2010/01/06 17:26:18
    Dennis C Latham
    ""have you had multiple run ins with him? ""

  • libra s... Fr Kels... 2010/01/06 16:18:13
    libra sun 2
    exactally! it is treading in dangerous water, to call a 19 yr old evil....not good Dennis.
  • Dennis ... libra s... 2010/01/06 17:27:19
    Dennis C Latham
    I will call a 5 year old child evil if they are evil ...

    and most who know men - know I am not talking about the person personally but the demons inside of them.
  • King An... Dennis ... 2010/01/24 23:40:40
  • jenlduu 2010/01/03 19:36:26 (edited)
    i'm not a Christian but I do love my church and tithe all I can and I have been serving my church in one way or the other for the past 10 years. A great question Dennis made me realize how much I do love my church and how lucky I'm.

    I'm looking forward to some more good questions and feed back from someone I feel is a true Christian. You don't have to be a Christian to actually get guidance and help and inspiriation from a real Christian.
  • Dennis ... jenlduu 2010/01/04 11:32:24
    Dennis C Latham
    Thanks FRIEND !!!!!!!
  • libra s... jenlduu 2010/01/04 16:42:09 (edited)
    libra sun 2
    thank you! there are confirmed atheists who follow a so called golden rule, and live more loving, kinder, charitable lives than some die hard christians...you cant tell a book by its cover, and Jesus \ God knows when its each mans time to come to him, he knew this about each of us before he made the world...he had a plan!
  • BADGIRL 2010/01/03 18:24:00
    i try and help all ...not just our church members
  • libra s... BADGIRL 2010/01/04 16:45:18
    libra sun 2
    good for you! thats how you bring people to Christ
  • BADGIRL libra s... 2010/01/04 23:20:40
    thank you my dear....
  • zcberry 2010/01/03 17:10:41
    I am a little bit of all, just human!!! LOL!!!!! I do love the Lord with all my heart, I have my days.
  • coup de... zcberry 2010/01/04 13:14:40
  • Dennis ... coup de... 2010/01/04 13:17:06
    Dennis C Latham
    ""an epidemic within the Black community ""

    try making that in all communities.
  • coup de... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 14:17:47
  • Dennis ... coup de... 2010/01/04 14:45:35
    Dennis C Latham
    well in order for JESUS to work properly ?

    The majority and the minority have to LOVE each other ... .as CHRIST would want us.
  • coup de... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 15:03:54
  • Dennis ... coup de... 2010/01/04 16:17:56
    Dennis C Latham
    yes .....

    and as long as one side has - and the other side wants ?
    it will never be equal and loving

    but greed and destruction.
  • coup de... Dennis ... 2010/01/04 16:27:40
  • Dennis ... coup de... 2010/01/06 12:10:30
    Dennis C Latham
    ""I don't believe the "Black Church" has confronted it's own black on black biases""

    and the majority of them haven't, don't, and don't care.

    they hid behind their church walls and their comfortable homes
    just like all other color churches.

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