Are we not sick of voting for liars?

JodiHarris 2010/11/14 13:19:39
Be careful what you promise, as we just might make you fulfill it. Are
we not sick of voting for liars? Or at the very best eloquent speakers
with unsavoury cue cards- aka- speech writers? If you promise something
to the people, make sure it’s something you can deliver, or we’ll put
you on a big square - not unlike the Colosseums of old – and throw
tomatoes at you. For starters.

Better a well thought out policy agenda then celebrity fanning,
funfair pomp. And think about it. You might just be the first head of
state to tell the truth and get something useful done!

So for example, Obama.
You could have said quite honestly, ‘look these big pharma companies
are really powerful and will have my head on a block if I give you full
health care off the cuff. And anyway, with the health issue associated
with our eating patterns, it wouldn’t be possible to pay for it right
away anyway. But I will promise you lots of information, through my very
advanced use of the internet, on how to live a better healthier life
and give you the start of a health care
system until I figure out what to do with those bastards taking your
health insurance premiums and then shuttin you down cause of a hidden
clause right when you’re dyin of cancer.’

Instead he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and bailed out the
banks. Is it any wonder he’s looking up from the gullitine now with
main street standing by ready to pull the leaver? Having said that, if
you were present in the meetings I the Fly have been to, you’d understand quite a lot.

In any case, Lying outright to your people to win an election or
political gain should Not be taken lying down, unless you’re the one
whose head is – rightly so- on the chopping block.

Read More: http://www.goodbyetv.com/?p=2639

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  • captkirk999 2010/11/14 13:36:13
    Yes I am sick of voting for liars but their is not enough strenth in third parties to win. So we are stuck with the two party illusion.

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  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2010/12/13 00:06:14
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    I don't like listening to liars, but since 99% of the people in charge of the country, I would have to try and vote for the nicest one of the lot. But after a while, they all start sounding alike. Blah, blah, blah, look at me, lies, lies, lies.
  • JodiHarris Brosia ... 2010/12/14 11:56:20
    heheheheh. Good point!
  • KMAN 2010/11/20 12:41:45
    "An optimist is a person who thinks there will be a president worth voting for in his or her own lifetime"
  • JodiHarris KMAN 2010/11/21 09:41:13
  • Norman 2010/11/19 05:22:00
    Don't follow politics all that closely! But if i had to comment on this: most times people will tell you things they want you to hear! The full story never comes out or else they would not get the support they seek.
  • JodiHarris Norman 2010/11/20 09:10:21
    True. True.
  • buttercup 2010/11/18 13:02:43
    The only president I can recall keeping a campaign promise was Bill Clinton, to bring us out of National debt, and them George Bush promising to give it all away again.
  • JodiHarris buttercup 2010/11/20 09:11:33
    hehehe:) But how quickly most people forget this!
  • buttercup JodiHarris 2010/11/20 11:35:06
    selective memories my dear. LOL
  • ChrisK1969 2010/11/16 23:07:22
  • JodiHarris ChrisK1969 2010/11/18 11:36:08
    heheheh. True!
  • SEAL76 2010/11/16 15:08:05
    It would appear that we are not. Most of the politicians that have been elected since this country was founded have told the one group of Americans one thing and another group something else. In this era of instant communication it should be more difficult to pull this kind of thing off but people hear want they want to hear.
  • JodiHarris SEAL76 2010/11/18 11:36:40
    At least with this new technology we can rant about it:)
  • EarthGirl 2010/11/15 05:59:18
    All politicans are liars.
  • JodiHarris EarthGirl 2010/11/15 11:47:24
    True. True
  • WGN 2010/11/15 00:38:26
    All politicians are liars. You can not NOT vote for one if you vote. What they promise can not always be done, but they promise it anyway.
    The new GOP ran saying that they would repeal the healthcare bill. Will never happen because they don't have the votes.
    GOP, DEMs, Independents, all liars to some extent. We try to vote for the ones that we think lie the least.
  • JodiHarris WGN 2010/11/15 11:47:59
    The better of two evils. Ok of many:)
  • WGN JodiHarris 2010/11/15 13:42:21
    Or the lesser of all evils!
  • JodiHarris WGN 2010/11/15 17:05:12
  • Captain Sticky 2010/11/14 23:51:51
    Captain Sticky
    Our great great grandchildren will be old before we have even a hint of someone honest running.
  • JodiHarris Captain... 2010/11/15 11:48:28
    At least your positive and think that somewhere down the line we will:)
  • Captain... JodiHarris 2010/11/15 12:43:11
    Captain Sticky
    Well; maybe!
  • JodiHarris Captain... 2010/11/18 11:37:07
    Gotta think positive:)
  • Captain... JodiHarris 2010/11/18 12:48:16
  • cowboy 2010/11/14 20:34:39
    Come to Ireland our Political Parties are masters at lying before they get elected and when they get into power our Leader gets paid more than your American leader our Banks Leaders are Leading us into Poverty ,and for us its going to be the Famine boats not if but when the European banks have to bail us out Liars the lot if them.
  • JodiHarris cowboy 2010/11/15 11:49:01
  • cowboy JodiHarris 2010/11/16 20:23:49
  • JodiHarris cowboy 2010/11/18 11:38:11
  • cowboy JodiHarris 2010/11/18 19:49:54
    We have the cream of europe in ireland in our country to day to bail us out and our goverement still saying we are not getting a bail out jesus im lost as an irish person at the moment,im ashamed of the people that is running our country and that is a sad thing for me to say ,our leaders have handed over our country to europe to day we no longer have a free country RIP IRELAND INC.
  • KMAN cowboy 2010/11/20 12:47:03
    “If a government can’t be trusted, democracy cannot flourish, or even exist”
  • cowboy KMAN 2010/11/20 21:41:08
  • JodiHarris cowboy 2010/11/21 09:42:45
    Well said!
  • cowboy JodiHarris 2010/11/22 19:07:02
    It's all tumbling down to day the Political rats are jumping the sinking ship ,trying to save face for the next election God help the Political animal that comes to my front door.
  • JodiHarris cowboy 2010/11/23 18:11:45
  • WshngMchn 2010/11/14 19:00:25 (edited)
  • JodiHarris WshngMchn 2010/11/15 11:50:04
    I think you've made some really good points here and I agree with you. Ron Paul you say? Will check him out in more detail
  • Naui 2010/11/14 18:50:54
  • JodiHarris Naui 2010/11/15 11:51:10
    Interesting point. Why since the Virginia House of Burgesses? Sounds interesting.
  • Naui JodiHarris 2010/11/15 19:52:04
  • JodiHarris Naui 2010/11/18 11:38:29
    Thanks for the link!

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