Are there hidden signs,symbols,and messages on U.S. dollar bills.for example magnify the right (# 1) emblem on the top right corner of a one dollar bill .is that an owl peeking out from behing the shield? what's it's meaning ?

JJKING720 2007/09/16 15:17:42
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  • deby 2008/02/04 21:38:42
    probably hidden signs about the faster you spend it the better
  • <--That guy 2007/10/25 21:19:17
    they are symbolic markings of the masons
    <--That guy
    I don't know if the icons on the bill were purposefully trying to allude to the free masons, but it seems like more than just coincidence.
  • Gramma Lil 2007/09/25 15:12:11
    they are symbolic markings of the masons
    Gramma Lil
    I'm going to get a magnifying glass and look for that owl....that was something I didn't know. Great for trivia!
  • Waldy1 2007/09/17 21:04:00
    I learn something new everyday. I never heard of this so I'm not sure what to think.
  • reminder 2007/09/17 06:49:03
    I don't know what they are to actually mean. But the most surprising one I have ever seen was the $20.00 bill folded and looked like the twin towers burning and of the pentagon. That was eerie. As it was before it actually happened.
  • Derek 2007/09/17 03:45:10
  • lonewolf 2007/09/17 00:30:13
    they do have symbolic markings but it does have a meaning that's for sure people see it as a dollar bill. i could tell you what they mean and what to look for. but that would take a hole page. but the answer is yes. i had to choose the undecided because( you forgot to add do you know)
  • Smokey lonewolf 2007/09/17 21:00:20
    This GREAT capitol we CALL Washington D.C. has many sites, including George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

    Very interesting facts that Mr. Lonewolf can disclose. I'm not important enough to even explain. :))

  • JJKING720 lonewolf 2007/09/22 03:04:10
    well lonewolf ,I'll straight out ask ,"what do they mean,what are there meaning,sir?
  • whatever 2007/09/17 00:21:24
    Actually I think they are there to make it harder to copy.

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