Are the people in the US morons???

Many people from other countries think the average people in the US are stupid, self centered, morons.

Some of our recent adventures are not doing anything to refute this idea and seem to only enhance their perception.

What do you think? Are we spending too much time trying to stop same sex marriage while our economic future is heading for collapse quicker than the World Trade buildings. Are we electing people to run our government who should be in jail or under constant medication.

If we are as reckless as thought, would not we just self destruct?

Is this really God's plan or is God just messing with us.
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  • Nina ~COB~Yes We Did 2008/10/12 22:10:00
    Nina ~COB~Yes We Did
    Yes. Electing George Bush twice is proof positive.

    Your Boston is beautiful. I have one, too.
  • Army of 1 Nina ~C... 2008/10/14 04:24:22
    Army of 1
    She is my girl. What does your Boston look like?
  • Nina ~C... Army of 1 2008/10/14 13:49:06
    Nina ~COB~Yes We Did

    This is the real Nina. She is a joy.
  • chuck 2008/09/22 14:44:02
    I have seen americans common sence degrade threw the years I am 68 years old the first thing I renember about school was a store in class we all learned to make changes .I remember english teachers standing over us helping anyone with a problem .I was apipefitter and taught appr. for years and have seen the problem with math and english I when back to college to become a financial planner and they were very well taught.
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2008/09/22 10:14:30
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Just the one's voting for barky (obama) voting barky obama
  • pcmoore28 2008/09/22 04:35:16
    Unfortunately, many believe in cheap words instead of deeds. If someone has good oratory skills, they are deemed to be good enough to be President. We are suffering the consequences of our laziness and unwillingness to demand accountability of those that we elect to serve us.
  • dico 2008/09/22 04:33:40
    They were lured to sleep by the media.. And the sad but true story is many get their politics via MTV and John Stewart.. so that wold make them morons.

    .but Europe is no better.. they are on the verge of Muslim takeover...

    At least we are waking up...Europeans are trying, but socialism dug deep into their governments.. It will take years to remove to cancer
  • Amber V. (Bunny's *Kitten*) 2008/09/22 04:27:09
    Amber V. (Bunny's *Kitten*)
    I personally believe most Us citizens are morons

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