Are the new gun control laws an attempt to bring back the practice of lynching?

Tea in the Harbor 2012/03/21 03:52:16
You can't really claim self defense when you hang someone, although I'd be willing to bet a look through southern court records would find a case where it has been used effectively.

But if you shoot someone in Florida while you're chasing them and there are no witnesses it's all fine and dandy. It doesn't matter if you tell the cops he's a "fu#*ing ni$$er" while you're chasing him. It doesn't matter that even the 911 operators could clearly hear the kid pleading for mercy in the calls. They won't ask you any questions at all.

They won't even try to identify the body for several days so you can get the chance to move before the inconvenience of investigating begins.

The laws look like this is their designed use to me, and we had better be vigilant about legalizing vigilantism or we will all have hell to pay.
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  • Ryan 2012/04/19 19:07:04
    Wow there is so many completely wrong "facts" in this statement I don't know where to begin.

    Top contender for stupidest question of the year.
  • gfreeman BN-0 2012/03/21 15:29:37
    gfreeman BN-0
    I kind of wish this would have been a white kid shot dead, the SH conservatives on this site wouldn't be able to shut up about it then.

  • Ryan gfreema... 2012/04/19 19:05:10
    So the case in Arizona where a Black man shot an unarmed white attacker didn't happen?

    Police also let the shooter go in that case.
  • Tea in ... Ryan 2012/04/19 20:47:20
    Tea in the Harbor
    Did the shooter in that case defy instructions from police not to pursue?

    Was he a Neighborhood Watch member ignoring their rules about not carrying weapons while on patrol?

    Can you hear the person shot begging for mercy on 911 tapes?
  • Ryan Tea in ... 2012/04/20 02:05:16
    Zimmerman wasn't a member of Neighborhood Watch.

    Neighborhood Watch is a national organization that Zimmerman's group never joined.

    I didn't say the cases were identical.

    You just seemed to imply that Zimmerman would have instantly been arrested without fail if he had been black and shot a white person.

    I was pointing out that that isn't true.
  • gfreema... Ryan 2012/04/20 13:10:18
    gfreeman BN-0
    Maybe if you provide a link to what you are talking about we could discuss this.
  • Ryan gfreema... 2012/04/20 15:56:55
    These are the best I can do. And I realize they are pretty biased accounts.

    The story just isn't getting much media attention.




    Still it's a clear case of a Black man shooting and killing an unarmed mentally handicapped young man, and not being arrested.

    Which kind of punches holes in all the claims that Zimmerman would have been instantly arrested if he was black no matter what.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/03/21 05:18:19 (edited)
  • Atmara FAWKES'... 2012/03/21 19:09:28
    I never did like Coors
  • FAWKES'... Atmara 2012/03/21 20:37:01
    Me either.
  • alonnastorm 2012/03/21 04:44:08
  • Woody 2012/03/21 04:22:58
    A hispanic kills a black man and now it is called a "lynching". I think the people of Flordia can take care of it...
  • Tea in ... Woody 2012/03/21 04:25:54
    Tea in the Harbor
    They didn't arrest him after he shot an unarmed kid, how is that "taking care" of anything?
  • Woody Tea in ... 2012/03/21 04:38:03
    Florida ain't Wisconsin , you don't know the details, shut up cheeze head...
  • Tea in ... Woody 2012/03/21 11:32:36
    Tea in the Harbor
    Protecting murderers now? No big surprise, nor is thinking you have the right to tell other people to shut up.

    Arrogance and bigotry have always been close friends.
  • Woody Tea in ... 2012/03/21 12:53:11
    The Feds say they have a weak case, a State Grand Jury convenes on the case in April, the Rule of Law and Due process is working despite the fact you are yelling murder, murder, murder. I can tell you to shut up all I want, it is a Right, read the First Admendment...
  • Tea in ... Woody 2012/03/21 13:13:56
    Tea in the Harbor
    He shot an unarmed child. That is an indisputable fact.

    Shooting unarmed children should get people arrested, if he can prove his "reasonable fear of death or bodily harm" as required in the law he could be released or found not guilty, but that is a decision for the courts, not the cops.

    You can tell me to shut up, but you can have no reasonable expectation that I'll do it. That makes doing it a rather childish and impotent act.
  • Woody Tea in ... 2012/03/21 13:48:16
    He shot a 17 year old who he said attacked him. Do you let children wander around alone at night in an area of recent burglaries? In just 12 months he would have been able to vote and under law register for the Draft. In Florida, the Courts could make him a man at 16 "upon a petition filed by the minor's natural or legal guardian". Calling the young man a child is just semantics...
  • Tea in ... Woody 2012/03/21 13:57:45
    Tea in the Harbor
    He never said the kid attacked him, he told the 911 operator he was pursuing the kid, who he saw doing nothing other than walking down a public sidewalk.

    He was over 200 lbs and carrying a 9 mil, the kid was 140 and had a bag of Skittles. He said he was chasing the kid, which clearly makes him the aggressor. No court has "made him a man," he's never been in trouble and was a happy, well adjusted kid according to everyone who knew him. Calling him a child is the legally accurate term.
  • Woody Tea in ... 2012/03/21 20:02:19
    The wheels of justice are turning, due process will take its course...
  • alonnas... Woody 2012/03/21 04:42:47
    17 years old! He was a boy!
  • cddjmikey alonnas... 2012/03/21 09:38:52
    Don't know all the details of the case so I won't comment on it. As for the age thing however that is about the median age for gangbangers.
  • Tea in ... cddjmikey 2012/03/21 11:40:23
    Tea in the Harbor
    You can hear the kid begging him not to shoot on the 911 tapes, how does an unarmed kid begging for his life followed by a gunshot and his death add up to anything other than murder?

    The kid was not a gang banger, a scumbag redneck murdered him without any reason at all other than his own delusions. Contrary to what they teach at the Trailer Trash Legal Institute, murdering a child isn't something you just say "Oops" and move on from.
  • cddjmikey Tea in ... 2012/03/21 12:17:06
    Did a little checking. The shooter was a neighborhood watch guy. What he was doing with a gun would be a good question. Why did he feel he needed to shoot would be another. Until there is a full investigation I wouldn't want to speculate too much. I still haven't heard the 911 call. How close was the person that made the call that you could hear the kid ? As for the begging you mention, I would bet that anybody confronted by a gun is going to beg. I don't care if you are a bad add soldier. If it was to happen that something happened to his weapon and he knew he was about to be shot he would almost certainly break down.
  • Tea in ... cddjmikey 2012/03/21 13:35:34
    Tea in the Harbor
    I have heard the calls, the first is from the shooter himself, who was sitting in his truck and was told by the operator not to pursue the guy, who he reffered to as a "fuc#ing ni@@er." He told them he was pursuing and hung up. In at least two of the other calls, you can hear the kid begging the guy not to shoot, and then the shot.

    Between the shooter's call, where he said he was pursuing, and the shooting there was a pysical altercation between the two, which is why the neighbors started calling 911. The kid weighed 140 lbs, do you think he started a fight with a guy twice his size carrying a 9 mil?

    Guilt or innocence should be decided by the courts, but it was entirely unreasonable that an arrest was not made and an investigation wasn't begun on the spot. That's the part that reminds me of lynching, the cops failure to react to the shooting as a crime. They didn't even take his gun as evidence.
  • cddjmikey Tea in ... 2012/03/21 14:42:36
    Don't know if I would call it a lynching but there are definately enough questions unanswered that they should have started an investigation on the spot and most certainly taken his gun for testing.
  • Tea in ... cddjmikey 2012/03/21 14:50:49
    Tea in the Harbor
    The part I think is like lynching is the police reaction to the crime. It was a tacit approval of the act, which is the reason lynching people was done for so long. Killing Black people was never legal after slavery, but it was a common and acceptable practice to many because there was little chance of prosecution.

    If Florida sends that message to it's people, that they will take the word of a shooter unchallenged, we can expect every racist in the country to believe they can do the same.
  • cddjmikey Tea in ... 2012/03/23 06:09:10
    I saw a couple of news stories on it. The city didn't like the police response either. They asked for and received the resignation of the police chief. The Feds are on the case also. I heard some of the tapes, apparently a lot of people called in due to the disturbance, and it did not sound good. This may be way off but I think Mr Neighborhood Watch capt actually wanted to do it and was using the 911 call to cover his tracks. When he first called and said the boy was taking off he told them he was giving Chase and the operator told him, very clearly, to stop. Then there is the whole question of why he was armed in the first place. As I understand it this is a good neighborhood. The report said it looked like a second degree murder charge SHOULD be brought against him and the think it is a good chance for conviction. Don't forget this is the state that let the baby killer go.
  • Tea in ... cddjmikey 2012/03/23 15:38:40
    Tea in the Harbor
    I think you've got it about right from what I've seen, and I think he'll eventually be charged, but at the moment he's walking the streets still in posession of his gun over three weeks after the cops came to the scene where he admitted to the killing.

    The state's reaction, which comes only after nationwide protests, is to impanel a Grand Jury in a few weeks to look into it. That looks like an attempt to let the dust settle and the cameras go away so they can let him off.

    I believe in the right to protect ourselves, but this appears to be a tacit approval by the state of vigilantism, and a clear message that they will be given a wide berth. Had it not brought national attention, he would never have faced justice of any kind.

    That shouldn't be acceptable in America.
  • cddjmikey Tea in ... 2012/03/21 12:19:19
    God, how I hate "spell correct" !!!! That was supposed to be bad ASS soldier.
  • alonnas... cddjmikey 2012/03/21 13:35:14
    What is ur point!

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