Are the 7 Deadly Sins actually sin or just Human Nature?

Ars Almadel ~Лемегетона~ 2009/11/15 06:38:23
The Seven Deadly Sins are in fact all instinctual to human nature and not sinful at all. It states that they are all unavoidable urges of mankind, carefully selected by Christianity to ensure that all men will inevitably sin, as no one can avoid engaging in these instinctive urges. LaVey submits that this is a device to guarantee that humans within the Christian religious framework will surely sin and have no choice but to beg God for forgiveness; therefore, dependence upon the Church is assured. Instead, LaVey states that as all of these so-called sins are natural to humans, they should be embraced and even considered virtuous. This excerpt, for example:

Envy and greed are the motivating forces of ambition - and without ambition, very little of any importance would be accomplished
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  • Thomas 2011/07/20 15:45:29
    I can understand the view against calling them sins. But ive done a number of amateur social experiments and I have found these "sins" almost always negative side-effects, both on an individual scale and a collective. Pride breeds over confidence and contempt for others, Lust breeds shallow values, lack of value for the unseen, lack of value for the individual, Greed breeds materialism, shallow values, and a horrifying world, Gluttony breeds obsession, lack of self control, lack of temperence, addiction, Sloth breeds nothingness, a hollow life, and despair, Envy breeds hate, a sadist view on the suffering of others, Wrath breeds war, violence, death, vengeance.

    You can argue that they shouldn't be called "sins", but I do not see you could argue that these things are good by any means. To say envy and greed are motivating aspects is like saying that anger helps police to seek out justice, it does, I won't argue against that, but the consequences are disastrous, police brutality, vigilantism, excessive force.

    Sins are not virtuous, there is good reason why these where deemed "deadly". Advocating such things is foolish. How about everyone here be greedy, vain, lustful, gluttoneous, slothful, envious, and hateful and see where it leads you. Only to darkness it will lead you, not to hell, but to your own self-imposed damnation.
  • nightlight 2009/11/24 21:55:35
    I agree with everything that was said under this question. Anton LaVey has it right.
  • mustangluver 2009/11/20 16:33:11
    Sin was created to keep ppl in their place...underneath the church and on their knees.
    Times are changing, and things are not as they once were...

    The Old | The New
    Pride | Self Esteem
    Anger | Assertiveness
    Envy | Appreciation
    Greed | Enterprise
    Lust | Libido
    Gluttony | Appetite
    Sloth | Stress Management
  • gryphon1 2009/11/18 20:41:37
    They are both, sin and human nature.
  • Brick that were shat. 2009/11/18 17:07:36
    Brick that were shat.
    Well, in my humble opinion they are part of human nature, but the sin part is that the "Seven Deadly Sins" are socially detrimental. They can be selfish, self destructive, as well as hurt other people. To me those three things are what makes a sin sinful.
  • Broken 2009/11/18 15:49:34
    Human nature is selfish. Most sinful acts I know are ones where the sinner acts to benefit their own selfish interests at the expense of someone else. This is what I beklieve is at the heart of Christian faith. To abandon this and follow what the autor suggest will lead to terrible pain and injustice visited by the powerful on the powerless.
  • Absynthe, Lady of Snakes 2009/11/18 11:25:35
    Absynthe, Lady of Snakes
    I'd say Human Nature.
  • Artful Dodger 2009/11/18 04:40:49
    Artful Dodger
    Sin is human nature.
    Or haven't you been paying attention!
  • Ars Alm... Artful ... 2009/11/20 04:54:33
    Ars Almadel ~Лемегетона~
    Paying attention to what? Religion?
  • ~Doll Princess~ 2009/11/18 03:36:41
    ~Doll Princess~
    I think they are compulsions that are taken into extreme, and that's the sin of it. Nothing in extreme doses is good. Moderation is the key, not complete avoidance.
  • Artful ... ~Doll P... 2009/11/18 03:46:55
    Artful Dodger
    I concur
  • Jester 2009/11/18 03:11:55
    I leave questions like this to the Atheist and Christian zealots to duke it out on.
  • Ars Alm... Jester 2009/11/20 04:54:01
    Ars Almadel ~Лемегетона~
    Thanks for entering it then.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/11/18 02:04:49
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    It depends. Are you acting on thoughts? I don't think God, who supposedly gave us free will, and therefore freedom of thought, would punish us for thinking lusty, jealous, or wrathful thoughts. Now, acting on the wrath, that is another story.
  • Moderated 2009/11/17 11:31:50
    Yeah it's human nature. I think religions have always tried to force us to overcome our basal natures in order to be "civilized" in their eyes.
  • kiwi Gurl 2009/11/16 21:58:11
    kiwi Gurl
    i would say that the 7 deadly sins aren't sins just things that are frowend upone by some. you can't help but maybe commit a wrong doing everyday of your life (not speaking about the actual 7 sins) it's human nature to stuff up occassionally as they say NO ONE IS PERFECT. eventhough some think they are yet i don't know maybe nuns or monks but i think personally a life without a little wrong doing (or sinning in some peoples minds) isn't a life fullfilled if you've nevr done anything wrong how would you know that it's wrong but yeah that's my opinion.
  • Baggins ~IMBIT~ 2009/11/16 17:07:12
    Baggins ~IMBIT~
    I don't ascribe to the concept of sin. I agree, however, that the seven 'sins' are simply just human characteristics, same as the seven 'virtues'.
  • David 2009/11/16 14:11:39
    I think we are all in needs but for a season and a reason we sin some how some way and the 7 deadly sins is this you can not escape sins but you can do not very best to prevent it. So live the best as you can and do unto other as you will do unto yourself and do not tempt mother nature. Sometime she hate games
  • will 2009/11/16 14:04:12
    Both. It depends upon whether one believes in religion to believe in sins, and to be forgiven of sins. The non-believer of religion will say it is all instinct. However, when we all are born, we are not automatic religious, or Atheist, or Pagan, or whatever, so therefore we do not know of sin and it's possible consequences. Sins are not just physical actions against good morals, or ethics, such as murder, they are mind controlling, as the concept to desire to kill. Whether we believe in God, a god, or no god, we should take care of our bodies, the Seven Deadly Sins, are not man made controlling factors from any religion, but elements of the mind, heart, and soul in temptation.
  • Sweetness ~Loves her Lion~ 2009/11/16 13:42:57
    Sweetness ~Loves her Lion~
    LaVey has written many interesting things
    i've never read anything of his completely but from excepts like this...
    it is interesting
    but i agree, the church is just like a company trying to make money... and it has a very smart marketing strategy
    making people depend on it though, almost makes it comparable to a tobacco company, don't you think?
    haha, i'm just stirring people up now
    i'm gonna leave this quesiton while i'm still ahead
  • Nabael 2009/11/16 05:30:46
    Their Human nature.
    They were probably originally made to control the population under the Christian rule, and to made society seem less like "animals".
    But for instance, you are not suppose to lust after someone and yet I do it everyday, due to the fact I am male and it is built into my mindset of instincts.
  • Byzantine_Catholic 2009/11/16 05:19:10
    They are part of our deformed / fallen nature
  • wtw 2009/11/16 03:26:34
    The 7 "sin" are about relationship. Relationship is the key to an ordered life. The "7" are about caring for your fellow man and treating your fellow man and woman kind the way you want to be treated.Nothing more or less!
  • Isabel-Publius 2009/11/16 03:15:50
  • brutusin~ Proud Apetheist 2009/11/16 03:07:55
    brutusin~ Proud Apetheist
    LaVey what a fun guy. Some of his stuff is kind of nutty, but I think that the quote is an excellent example of some of his non-nutty side.
  • oh my science 2009/11/16 02:37:16
    oh my science
    im 22 and i have never sinned once :D
  • Rawr 사랑해 oh my s... 2010/04/13 18:19:30
    Rawr 사랑해
    You just sinned, you have pride that you have never sinned, and that is a sin.
    LaVey is correct again.
  • oh my s... Rawr 사랑해 2010/04/13 21:24:36
    oh my science
    i'd class that as a sin i commited aswell....if i was a christian, thankfully im not so i will keep living sin free

    your thoughts?
  • Rawr 사랑해 oh my s... 2010/04/13 21:29:41
    Rawr 사랑해
    so you've created your own sins?
  • oh my s... Rawr 사랑해 2010/04/13 21:39:00
    oh my science
    why would i create my own sins?, infact why even worry about them full stop?, im just living life by common sense morals and having fun with my family and friends at the same time
  • Rawr 사랑해 oh my s... 2010/04/13 21:42:46
    Rawr 사랑해
    If only everyone could do that.
  • shaung 2009/11/16 01:57:47
    Yes,7 deadly sin is really sin.
  • Razia 2009/11/16 01:57:05
    They're neither. Sin is a religious concept and human "nature" is inherent in humans. How one governs themselves and thoughts determines their actions. Humans can embrace lower desires such as sense gratification to apease their egos and physical cravings or lean towards their higher consciousness to minimize the tempatation of the lower.
  • bye 2009/11/16 01:46:20
  • slim8961 2009/11/16 01:29:18
    Your resources speaks for himself!
  • Astro-Boy 2009/11/16 01:15:06
    Uh huh..okay
  • ubiquitous_tergiversation 2009/11/16 01:14:49
    Nothing is a sin, it's a made up concept of course. LaVey was a con artist who plagiarized everything he wrote, btw.
  • Moe 2009/11/16 00:34:43
    All "sins" are human nature. We come by them naturally starting from birth. It is a life long struggle to overcome our nature to be selfish and hateful.
  • justss 2009/11/15 22:56:20
  • Byzanti... justss 2009/11/16 05:20:07

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