Are TED talks too hyped?

L.A. Times 2013/02/26 16:00:00
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The email that could change Meg Jay's life came in December without warning, containing little more than a link. Clicking on it opened a Web page that offered Jay the most significant invitation of her career: "We're honored to have this opportunity to invite you to give a talk at TED."

Without hesitation, she accepted. And just like that, the Virginia clinical psychologist, who specializes in "twentysomethings," or the study of people in their 20s, was swept into the slipstream of a cultural juggernaut that has expanded well beyond its original focus on technology, entertainment and design.

If her talk at the five-day TED conference goes as planned, Jay could be catapulted into an international celebrity achieved by few academics or scientists.

ted conference planned jay catapulted international celebrity achieved academics scientists

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  • Zac 2013/02/26 22:18:38
    TED is a place where you can go to be acknowledged as an intellectual. People who attend are people hoping to learn more about the world through these talks. TED does what they're supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less.

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  • authorgirl 2013/03/06 04:47:07
    I like TEd, they have some good stuff. I look for the English based stuff more than anything. It's what interests me the most.
  • hasher 2013/03/03 12:56:04
    i never even heard ofTED until i read about it on here. so how can it by hyped???
  • VICTORIA 2013/03/03 04:10:25
    Hype? WHAT hype?
  • Tom Dundee 2013/03/02 21:27:20
    Tom Dundee
    The first clue would be that is a question for a poll.
  • Mayday 2013/03/01 13:45:19 (edited)
    Science, Morality, History, Politics... Understanding
  • TheNightFly 2013/03/01 01:35:51
    Too hyped? When was the last time you saw a tv ad or billboard display, or magazine ad for TED talks? Back when I was still watching tv I vaguely remember seeing a 10 second ad maybe once in a while, mostly on the Discovery and History channels, and I never cared enough to even notice.
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/03/01 01:29:27
    Keegan The Fabulous
    The speakers at TED talks are usually people who feel passionate about something unique they experienced or want to share, so of course you'll see engineers showing off robots that move around on a single ball instead of legs or wheels, or inventors pondering the idea of inventing lamps that can also use their light to share data as if they were the internet modems you're using now to read this comment. Those ones, frankly, are only interesting nominally, and fade away as soon as you leave the website.

    But other talks lock onto your mind. You can't help but ponder the topic. You begin noticing a phenomenon described in that talk in your everyday life. One great example, in my opinion, is this talk by Jill Bolte Taylor:

  • Jere 2013/02/28 20:23:11
    What a crock of SH*t
  • gracious43 2013/02/28 13:54:24
    They are no less or more so than the $13,000 purse, that rich women buy to put their money.
  • ruthannhausman 2013/02/28 11:59:39
    While I can see what the hype is all about and can agree to a lot of it, I also see pitfalls. After all, the scenario proposed with TED talks is eerily similar to the academia which has foisted on us today's liberal media and the likes of Barack Obama. They all sat around and mused about ideological nonsense and emerged as brainwashed dreamers while the rest of the folks were out actually working and building. But now these "eggheads" have succeeded in learning all the catch phrases, all the emotional lures, all the trappings for the totally failing policies being implemented from Washington today. Methinks there will always be a possibility of such things happening if the focus of TED-type talks is not managed properly.

    I don't know, I could very well be wrong, but I've seen mass-hysteria type thinking going all the way back to the dumbasses in the '60s. Get a group of impressionable youth together and feed them energetic ideas and they'll begin to form the bases for precisely what we're stuck with today. I say caution is called for, big time.
  • authorgirl ruthann... 2013/03/06 12:19:50
    I stay away from the politics and science. I didn't want to hear the same stuff that I don't agree with. Why should I listen to it if all I'm going to do is complain on the comments.
  • ruthann... authorgirl 2013/03/09 16:53:01
    And, likewise, it saves wear and tear on the nervous system too! I know precisely how you feel.
  • mblack 2013/02/28 11:42:17
    TED Talks are awesome. It's a better venue/coverage than the news stations can provide. Where someone that has a great idea or has implemented can make a name for themselves. You really don't have to be that extraordinary, just a good idea that jells well with others is all you need, and a blog.
  • Michael McFascist 2013/02/28 08:34:18
    Michael McFascist
    One of my favorite TED talks
  • Iefan Muineachán 2013/02/28 05:55:24
    Iefan Muineachán
    Science is awesome!
  • Arianne 2013/02/28 05:26:58
    the ticket costs for one
  • Erin Arianne 2013/02/28 21:04:27
  • Cookie Monster 2013/02/28 04:08:07
    Cookie Monster
    TED talks are very inspiring and cool to watch in my opinion. You gain a lot of knowledge with these talks.
  • TheBorg 2013/02/28 01:51:02

    You can watch free on the internet so I don't know why people are complaining about cost. ~ http://www.ted.com/

    I get the complaints about speakers inserting their own views into their speeches but as you are listening you can easily parse what is their view and the science in which they formed that viewpoint.

    It has been my experience that those who don't like TED, in general, are not very intellectual people and do not understand science in the least.
  • Jay Theyme TheBorg 2013/02/28 22:27:09
    Jay Theyme
    "It has been my experience that those who don't like TED, in general, are not very intellectual people and do not understand science in the least."

    Is that one of the main reasons you feel you should like and support TED and identify yourself as being part of TED?

    Also, could you clarify your comments about 'not very intellectual and do not understand science in the least'?
    Most TED presentations are not about science.
    Many intellectuals (seen getting standing ovations at TED) are not scientists nor do they necessarily 'understand science in the least'.
    For example there are human rights activists, social workers, artists.
  • TheBorg Jay Theyme 2013/03/01 04:27:47
    Definition of CLOSED-MINDED ~
    : obstinately resistant to argument or to unfamiliar or unwelcome ideas

    Since TED is about "Ideas worth spreading" people who are adverse to TED by definition are "closed-minded," and you cannot understand science if you are closed-minded.

    Closed-minded = you don't understand science.

    And second, I didn't call them scientists but they are experts in their field, and I wrote"...you can easily parse what is their view and the science.." which you can so I don't see what you point is since I didn't call them scientists, I stated the obvious that while listening to TED you can easily tell the difference between science and opinion (at least I can), that those who don't like TED are closed-minded, which they are by definition and those that are closed-minded don't understand science, which they don't.
    ted difference science opinion ted closed-minded definition closed-minded understand science
  • TheBorg TheBorg 2013/03/03 05:58:22
    One of my favorite TED talks...
  • Bibliophilic 2013/02/28 00:51:57 (edited)
    6-7 to listen to 5 days of inspirational people talking. I can read a book for less than 10 dollars.

    NOPE, how is this conference so relevant if only a minuscule percentage of the population can afford to go?

    I'm also not an auditory learner--I'd rather read the transcripts. I often read transcripts for interesting speeches and shows and only watch a few brief clips.
  • Erin Bibliop... 2013/02/28 21:02:51
    watch them on you tube or netflix for free.
  • Erin Bibliop... 2013/02/28 21:05:05
  • Sharon Harmon 2013/02/27 22:45:48
    Sharon Harmon
    Just too expensive for struggling students to attend. These events are to inspire people. How can I get inspired at $55/ticket? And that's at a TEDx event in Charlotte, NC!
  • Erin Sharon ... 2013/02/28 21:03:56
    watch them on you tube or netflex for free.

  • Erin 2013/02/27 22:41:05
    I love the TED talks. They cater to the intellectual within us.
  • GoingForTheJugular 2013/02/27 19:16:50
    Most have nothing of relevance.
  • Sodahead Founders are Fascists 2013/02/27 18:46:48
    Sodahead Founders are Fascists
    It's better to talk about something that is real, than waste your time with church sermons.
  • Wm Kabrich 2013/02/27 18:07:21
    Wm Kabrich
    More feel good pat on the backs. If you are good you don't need it. If you aren't then no pats on you back will make you any better.
  • realist 2013/02/27 16:44:32
    Ted is awesome!
  • ♥Nicole A♥ 2013/02/27 16:23:53
    ♥Nicole A♥
    I haven't been to one
  • s2k 2013/02/27 15:48:30
    The movie about the vulgar stuffed bear? What United Airlines has nicknamed itself? What? I'm confused. Too many uses of the word
  • TheBorg s2k 2013/02/28 01:40:10
  • s2k TheBorg 2013/02/28 01:47:15
  • TheBorg s2k 2013/02/28 01:52:55
    de nada
  • JP 2013/02/27 15:45:29
    Not so in retrospect.
  • ladyvoldemort 2013/02/27 15:42:06
    I want to go to one before I die.
  • SW 2013/02/27 15:12:49
    Honey Boo Boo is too hyped

    Ted... not so much.

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