Are Socialism and Communism Prohibited Under The US Constitution?

Geezertalk 2009/08/04 22:10:02
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  • Kiosk Kid 2009/08/04 22:39:55
    Kiosk Kid
    Jesus wasn’t a big fan of the roman government. He preached charity by individuals. He never supported tax and spend. Therefore he wasn’t a Marxist.

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  • George 2014/02/20 00:39:55
    Communism, Capitalism, Socialism .... not one of them is even mentioned in the US Constitution. Socialist economics is REQUIRED to have a healthy and functioning government with a Middle Class and a concept of Public Goods and Public Resources. Rugged and Unrestrained Capitalism can be just as bad and evil as Communism ever was. READ YOUR AMERICAN HISTORY BOOKS .. life was God Awful in the USA when the Robber Barons (Vanderbilt, Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc.) controlled or economy and elected officials in Washington D.C. It took the strength and courage of a (rare) good Republican politician named Theodore Roosevelt to put in some Checks and Balances against Trusts and the Robber Barons that owned them and enslaved American workers under brutal working conditions!
  • VictorLynnAvera 2012/12/05 14:55:04
    Do you believe in emergency services like police, fire, paramedics, military? Emergency services are forms of socialism.

    Do you believe in epidemic prevention infrastructures like sewers, garbage removal, water purification, etc? Public health strategies are forms of socialism.

    Do you believe in the importance of transportation infrastructure, such as properly maintained roadways, public transportation, and air traffic control? Transportation infrastructure maintenance is a form of socialism.

    Do you believe in insurance? Yes, even health insurance, and in fact all insurance, is a form of socialism. Why? Because it spreads costs evenly among everyone in an insurance category even though each individual uses uneven amounts of their health coverage.

    These are but a handful of many examples of how socialism is an unavoidable part of democracy-centered republics.

    Here's the truth about capitalism, socialism, and the U.S. Constitution: The Constitution established a country that places equal emphasis on individual freedom and the common good. It requires our government to be the steward of this vision as a servant to we the people. In our society, capitalism has been the honored financial expression of individual freedom and socialism has been the financial method through which the common good has generally been funded.
  • Isma'ila (God has heard)! 2010/04/01 20:21:18
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Socialism and communism are evil and unconstitutional!
  • Techraan 2010/03/12 17:46:51
    Ok... the question is not a good one. Socialism is an economic model. Communism is a governing model. There are many different kinds of socialist models, but certainly the ones adopted by say... the Scandanavian Alliance or several other countries in Europe would fit neatly under the US constitution. Communism in ANY of it's flavors would certainly NOT fit under the US Constitution.
  • Antidisestablishmentarianism 2009/12/03 22:12:33
    The US Constitution was adapted by the French shortly after the French Revolution. It is nearly identical to the US Constitution. You tell me...
  • Ne0 2009/11/12 04:08:36
    All 3 were socialists: Jesus, Buddha, and Gandhi
  • Isma'il... Ne0 2010/04/01 20:22:51
    Isma'ila (God has heard)!
    Wrong! Jesus is not a socialist!
  • Michael Hancock 2009/08/18 06:09:58
    Michael Hancock
    The US Constitution says nothing in regards to the economic policy of socialism. The people who says it does just associate socialism and communism with ruthless dictators rather than an economic policy. As for Jesus, there isnt enough proof that he existed let alone favors one economic policy over another.
  • Denise 2009/08/05 16:36:30
    Damn, I wish!
  • a 2009/08/05 16:28:02
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/06 18:25:28
    Please explain. Can you show me the article or amendment banning Communism or Socialism please?
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/06 20:24:13

    I believe this will help you out in your efforts to realize that we the people have our rights that the government can't take away. Oh, but that's right you want your rights taken away. Don't you?
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/06 20:27:09 (edited)
    No I don't. I'm not even a socialist.

    But I read the constitution like its written, not how i WANT it to be written,

    now please show me which article or amendment bans socialism.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/06 21:16:14
    Each Amendment goes against socialism/communism. If you can't see that for yourself I'm sorry, but I can't help you out. Study it. You have the link.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/06 21:24:30
    I'm sorry that is a cop out.

    Explain please. Do you understand what Socialism is?

    What about the right to keep and bear arms has anything to do with socialism?

    What about the right to freedom of expression has anything to do with Socialism?

    What about the freedom of religion has anything to do with socialism?
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/06 21:30:23
    Of course I know what socialism is, do you?

    It does. You don't see what is going on right now do you?

    I feel sorry for you.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/06 21:34:27
    Yes, socialism is the economic policy characterized by the state ownership of most industry and market.

    Explain why this is unconstitutional, or admit you are wrong.
  • Atmara Johnthe... 2009/08/07 08:20:11
    Robin Hood communism was one for all and all for one, in tights, taking from the rich to help the poor to keep em from starving to death.
    Soviet and Chinese communism was all for the elite commies and screw the non elite commies.
    Capitalism is killing your competition so that you become a private monopoly.
    Neo-con capitalism is taxing the poor to give subsidies to the rich monopolies and make things so expensive you have to work two jobs to survive, that is if your job has not been outsourced overseas or taken by automation.
    Then it becomes eat shit and die capitalism.
  • VictorL... Atmara 2012/12/05 15:01:15
    The truth about capitalism, socialism, and the U.S. Constitution: The Constitution established a country that places equal emphasis on individual freedom and the common good. It requires our government to be the steward of this vision as a servant to we the people. In our society, capitalism has been the honored financial expression of individual freedom and socialism has been the financial method through which the common good has generally been funded.
  • Atmara VictorL... 2013/01/12 18:12:18
    Capitalism is totally screwed up. Thats why they outsource everything to commies.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/07 13:54:30
    As I said before, each amendment of the Constitution states what rights we have. Socialism is the next step towards communism. Do you know that? I'm not wrong and only a self righteous socialist/communist would want to destroy our Constitution. There's plenty of places for people like you that have socialism/communism. So why don't you move to those places and get the heck out of the U.S.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/07 14:24:54
    I don't want socialism or communism. They are bad ideas.

    I am waiting for evidence however that they are unconstitutional. For someone who claims to defend the constitution you really appear to have never read.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/07 14:38:24
    I gave you a link. It's not my fault you can't follow instructions and a simple link.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/07 14:49:31
    I did, you linked me to the US constitution.

    I want to know which article or amendment you believe bans socialism and why.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/07 21:30:42
    As I stated before each amendment makes it clear what rights we have. Socialism/communism is against each amendment that gives us our rights. For example the 2nd amendment gives us the right to bear arms. Socialism/communism would infringe our right to bear arms.

    Now that you have your schooling go read the Constitution again and read the amendments.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/07 21:35:55
    Nothing about Socialism means giving up guns.

    Do you know what Socialism is?
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/10 13:40:04
    For the last time. Yes I do. You are a Marxist and I'm tired of speaking to you and hearing your B.S. lies. Very common of a Obama supporter.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/10 14:22:56
    I didn't vote for Obama, I voted for McCain. Obama pisses me off more and more each day.

    Nor am I a socialist. The idea of the government managing my income disturbs me deeply.

    And I'm not lying.

    Answer my question. Do you know what Socialism is?

    Please, explain it to me.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/10 14:37:50


    1. Political system of communal ownership – a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles
    2. Movement based on socialism – a political movement based on principles of socialism, typically advocating an end to private property and to the exploitation of workers
    3. Stage between capitalism and communism – in Marxist theory, the stage after the proletarian revolution when a society is changing from capitalism to communism, marked by pay distributed according to work done rather than need

    You being a pushy jerk makes me think that you are indeed a socialist. Oh that's right you're a moderate, you didn't vote for Obama, but McCain.

    You have no real knowledge of this country and if you did you wouldn't be asking me stupid questions. You know what is the problem with moderates? They have a problem distingushing what is right and wrong. They're always sitting on the fence, never really sure or having the back bone to stand up for something that is right.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/10 14:48:11
    i do stand for what I believe to be right, which is not allowing the right or the left to bully me into a position based on party loyalty or peer pressure. I prefer to study each issue on my own, weighing the facts of the matter rather than who holds to what.

    Now, for the last time, I am not a marxist. I like knowing that if I study hard and work hard I will be able to make my own way of life and be paid fairly for my skills. I don't want the government setting my pay, nor do I want it dictating to own the means of production.

    I do not support either socialism or communism. But i am not going to pretend it is unconstitutional because i dislike it. When i debate against socialism I debate it on its merits and disadvantages, rather than a false sense of patriotic duty and a myth about its unconstitutionality.

    Regarding Guns, I support the second amendment, but it has jack to do with socialism. The second amendment defends us against tyranny. Not all socialistic states are tyrannical, look at Great Britain, look at France. Socialism can be put into place without violence.

    Now that you have properly defined socialism, please state which amendment/article of the constitution bans it. If you believe there are several, than please explain.
  • a Johnthe... 2009/08/10 18:46:18 (edited)
    There's nothing to explain. Socialism is a false concept of government which puts the government in control to limit our freedoms. It isn't a false notion. I don't understand where you are getting these ideas.

    If the government is trying to limit our freedoms, then is the Constitution a threat?

    Think or look around you man. Don't you see what's going on? If not then you need to read the Constitution over and over again.
  • Johnthe... a 2009/08/10 20:24:38
    If it is as obvious as you say it is, show the "blind man" the way to see. Show me, explain give me facts. Otherwise you are just vaguely gesticulating with nothing real or concrete to add.

    Please, show me which articles or amendments ban the state ownership of industry or the redistribution of wealth.

    The 1st and 2nd Amendments have nothing to do with economic policy, stop bringing them up because they are irrelevant. It is possible to have a socialistic state, and all the rights of the constitution.
  • Don Pierce Johnthe... 2010/03/28 10:58:42
    Don Pierce
    The U.S. Constitution, was created to protect the individual and his rights from domestic and aboard
    threats. It is totally against the spirt behind
    the Constitution to think it would allow any
    kind of system that would endanger individual
    rights. Do you think socialism is an oppressive
    economic system? If yes, you would see how the
    US Constitution does not allow for a Socialist
    system. Remember Marx was born after the
    US Constitution was already written so it is not
    specifically by name. But common sense screams out loud no to socialism or communism or system that takes property from an individual without due process.
  • Johnthe... Don Pierce 2010/03/28 18:39:15
    Communism is oppressive. Socialism is NOT communism. Unfortunately many on the right are not aware of the difference between socialism and communism.
  • a Johnthe... 2010/03/29 13:48:09
    Socialism in practice is Communism.
  • annie w... a 2014/11/28 09:40:01
    annie wiederanders
    Uhhhh....what? How?
  • Eve Johnthe... 2011/01/17 16:52:33
    John, many of them don't know the real meaning, or the history or context, of ANY -isms, lol. Too many of them simply parrot-talk what they mean according to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity definitions. And the brains of those three barely add up to one cognizant brain with all synapses firing.
  • a Don Pierce 2010/03/29 13:47:44
  • Eve Don Pierce 2011/01/17 16:46:47
    Takes away property without due process? Ever heard of eminent domain? Going back just to the advent of the railroad system, the creation of highway systems, property was 'taken' left and right. Even today, the government can take your home to make way for a roadway, expanding lanes on an existing one. And the government doesn't even have to offer true fair market value. My own grandfather lost part of his farmland to eminent domain, and he most assuredly did not get fair market value. (And while I am sure there are Obamaphobiacs who would love to pin that on Obama too, their frequent giant leaps into imagination land can't make this one work to their favor.)
  • Eve Johnthe... 2011/01/17 16:34:25
    John, commendable attempts trying to get a to see, but why waste your time? He (assuming a is a he) has argued himself into a corner he cannot escape from because he begins with a false premise in the first place, so his entire argument falls apart. All he can do is keep bleating that socialism is wrong because he cannot argue it is unconstitutional. One *could* argue that he is an example of the 'tyranny of man,' by insisting he is right and you are wrong, as is anyone who doesn't believe socialism is inherently 'bad.' As for communism and those who would argue it is doomed to failure, though I don't support communism, those people apparently are willfully blocking out the FACT that China seems to be thriving under communism, and that the capitalist United States is in DEBT to communist China. A certain tragic irony there, don't you think? One could argue the excesses of poorly regulated, out-of-control capitalism is responsible for our current economic woes, and it took a communist nation to keep us from going right over the cliff when we were clinging by our fingernails to the precipice. That one has to sting.

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