Are Republicans Responsible for our Soaring National Debt?

Buoyant Leadraft 2012/09/05 15:46:21
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I think the chart pretty
much speaks for itself. Nearly every single thing driving the current
increase in public debt — tax cuts, wars, the recession, and measures to
fight the recession — was a result of Bush-era policies that were
enthusiastically supported by nearly every single Republican currently
hanging out in Tampa. They only got religion after a Democrat won the
White House and had to clean up the mess they left behind.

Their success at convincing half the country that Barack Obama is
responsible for our soaring debt is surely one of the greatest political
propaganda victories of all time.

National Debt CLOCK

Read More: http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2012/08/repu...

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  • Mr. T 2012/09/05 15:53:47
    No Republicans are not to blame
    Mr. T
    Take a good look at where our national debt was BEFORE obama took office...any questions?

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  • Miss Fiona 2012/09/09 20:45:14
    No Republicans are not to blame
    Miss Fiona
    I chose that Republicans did not cause the massive debt we see today, because today, the Democrats have continued to worsen our initial debt to levels never seen before in U.S. history. Both stand as guilty but the Democrats have not corrected but have worsened our debt.
  • MARK Miss Fiona 2013/03/02 08:09:27
    lol really? what would you have them do? let the banks fail and totally collapse the back bone of america? or let americans starve because of no jobs!? while the repubs ran this country into ruin, they didnot feel the pinch like the average american! because there rich !!!!! doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out what needed to be done to restructure america. jesus christ ! its gonna take decades to rebound from the republicans greed and failure. just my opinion.
  • Buoyant... MARK 2013/03/02 08:16:35
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Great Reply Post Mark!
  • Miss Fiona MARK 2013/04/20 16:10:54
    Miss Fiona
    I'm an American not starving and jobless... And in the working class. What is your point?
  • Jane 2012/09/08 20:21:56
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    They do most of the big spending and wait for the dems to get in office and blame them. Just like they are doing now.
  • rand 2012/09/08 02:34:51
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    This Republican is embarrassed to admit that the current dilemma began with the Bush tax cuts combined with 2 unfunded wars, but I can honestly say I didn't vote for him. Fundamentalist Christians are dangerous: “At a 1971 dinner, Reagan told California legislator James Mills that ‘everything is in place for the battle of Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ.’ The President has permitted Jerry Falwell to attend National Security Council briefings and author and Armageddon-advocate Hal Lindsey to give a talk on nuclear war with Russia to top Pentagon strategists.” “Grace Halsell’s Prophecy and Politics: Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War,” by E. Johnson in Journal of Historical Review (Winter 1986).
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2012/09/07 23:57:19 (edited)
    No Republicans are not to blame
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    Go to: http://www.usgovernmentdebt.u...

    From the end of WW2 in 1946 until 1981 every administration managed to reduce the debt to GDP by an average of 2 1/2% every year to 31.82%.
    From 1982 until 1995 Ronald Reagans supply side economics added 34.54% to 66.36%.
    Between 1996 and 2001 the Clinton administration reduced the debt by 10.27% to 56.09%.
    Between 2002 and 2009 George W. Bush's policies, still ongoing, added 29.11% to 85.2%.
    With Bush's stimulus spilling over into the Obama administration the debt now stands at 105.32% of GDP.
    Altogether only two administrations since WW2, Reagan and Bush2, were responsible for an increase in the debt to GDP of 63.65% to 85.2%.
    How much has been added due to Obama's policies is debatable but the fact is that his decisions kept us out of another Great Depression.
    The debt to GDP now stands at 105.32% of GDP. If anyone thinks that this recession would be ended at no cost is living in fantasyland.
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/09/07 17:19:26
    No Republicans are not to blame
    Stan Kapusta
    Both sides are. You can't spend and not take taxes in to pay for something we can't afford. Tax breaks for the rich. [Stupid] Foreign Aid where the money goes for the UN and guns. [Stupider] Then let the middleclass die. {Mindboggling]
  • JonDeniro 2012/09/07 14:29:21
    No Republicans are not to blame
    Tax cuts account for exactly ZERO debt. Spending is the only way to increase debt - something both Republicans and Democrats love to do.
  • Jane JonDeniro 2012/09/08 20:31:08
    How would you propose that we pay for the wars that went unfunded during the Bush years?
  • Q 2012/09/06 19:50:13
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Where were the deficit hawk republicans back when Bush was spending like a drunken sailor with two ongoing wars, the unfunded medicare part D, the Wall St. bailouts and all the while cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans?

    They can't seem to comprehend that unlike his predecessor this president had to spend like he did to in order prevent our economy from spiraling down the toilet towards a full blown depression.
  • Jane Q 2012/09/08 20:31:52
  • Q Jane 2012/09/08 23:33:32
  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2012/09/06 19:46:21
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    Are they totally responsible, no. They had plenty of help also.
    But to continue to beat the drum about Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility is completely laughable.
  • none 2012/09/06 17:47:00
  • Jane none 2012/09/08 20:33:20
    Did you read what Q had to say?
  • none Jane 2012/09/08 23:12:05
  • Jane none 2012/09/09 14:28:10
    seriously? How about his cartoon?
  • none Jane 2012/09/09 16:15:44
  • ehrhornp 2012/09/06 16:08:53
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Reagan and GW Bush are the two worst cases of phony conservatism. For a party that prides itself on fiscal responsibility, strange that one has to go all the way back to Eisenhower to find a republican president who submitted a balanced budget. Sad. They should not be allowed to call themselves fiscally conservative as they are the opposite.
  • Jane ehrhornp 2012/09/08 20:33:51
  • Risk 2012/09/06 15:58:03
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    We all have to remember that Democrats are NEVER to blame for anything that goes wrong, it's all part of their built in natural defense. ALWAYS blame someone else, never act like that old fool Harry Truman and make stupid comments, like " The Buck Stops Here " ! Follow the Liberal leader and present POTUS and blame Bush, blame the Republican party, anything but yourself.

    Liberal blame game
  • Buoyant... Risk 2012/09/08 23:25:38
    Buoyant Leadraft
  • Risk Buoyant... 2012/09/09 14:16:56
    ... but of course it is, God knows your Messiah has never made a mistake in the past 4 years.
  • Buoyant... Risk 2012/09/09 18:54:55
    Buoyant Leadraft
    The only mistake he made was trying to work with Republicans. The sour grapes party!
    The party that hopes the economy fails so they can be swept in again to do it all over.

  • Risk Buoyant... 2012/09/10 12:30:46
    ... but of course, your Messiah wants everything his way or nothing ! This way he can blame congress by not compromising !

    I agree .. NO THANKS !
  • Lulu's Mom 2012/09/06 14:55:02
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Lulu's Mom
    And that is why I would not vote another rep in.
  • charles nelson 2012/09/06 12:36:50
    No Republicans are not to blame
    charles nelson
    But they can take a big portion of it.
  • Idiot repubs 2012/09/06 11:31:05
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Idiot repubs
    Bush, Reagan and Bush, all you need to know.

    republican debt
  • Buoyant... Idiot r... 2012/09/09 18:56:08
    Buoyant Leadraft
    Shocking! I'm sure re-pugs will have another excuse for that as well!
  • David (oYo) 2012/09/06 10:55:43
  • EdVenture 2012/09/06 06:30:32
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Thanks for the informative post, explains the facts, something you don't get from the GOP candidates.
  • 3003573 2012/09/06 05:15:17 (edited)
  • Dweezle 3003573 2012/09/06 06:27:39
    I think Bill Clinton stated why he left a surplus & republicans leave deficits is Arithmetic.
  • 3003573 Dweezle 2012/09/06 20:00:27
  • EdVenture 3003573 2012/09/06 06:33:27
    Great response thanks for the data.
  • 3003573 EdVenture 2012/09/09 00:11:47
  • Buoyant... 3003573 2012/09/08 23:27:35
    Buoyant Leadraft
    You did a better job then this post! Thanks!
  • RobinPeta 2012/09/06 04:51:22
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    Trillions in tax cuts for the rich which were never paid for and trillions of dollars for unnecessary wars, republicans are to be blames. Obama is responsible for less than 0.8 trillions of the 14 trillion dollar debt.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/09/06 04:09:04
    Yes Republicans are to blame
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    P.S. So are Democrats.

    If it's inside the Beltway and works in a white building, it's probably responsible.

    Keep the barf bags handy, kids, 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy flight.

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