Are people easily influenced and manipulated by the media?

BlueRepublican 2012/08/12 19:05:24
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How much of a role does the media play? The 24/7 political "opinion" shows and fake propaganda regurgitated endlessly. The partisan pundits who want to create the news instead of just reporting it. The tired old media tactics of fear-mongering and fabricated "outrage" are all over the place. On a slow news day, it is pretty blatant.

But does all this garbage filter through? Does it actually mobilize voters and affect policy? Do politicians trust in the power of the media to confuse and confound the electorate through misinformation and misrepresentations?
Every interview has some "expert" to come and prove the presenter's talking point.

Politicians are now dumbing down their speeches as to inject media-friendly sound bites and generate the weekly talking points. They are turning the election into a personality contest. The only thing missing is the 'reality tv show' and the 'idol judges'

The govt and the media are betting that the American people are too lazy to research the facts? They are betting we will blindly accept whatever we are told? Are they right?
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  • P. Sturm 2012/09/16 09:44:51
    P. Sturm
    Quite a few are, I had PsyWar (w) in the Army, so my buddy and I liked to sit there and critique all the crap they tried to pull.
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/08/19 21:39:54
    Leslie Goudy
    I don't think it's as bad as it used to be. My Generation pretty much questioned everything and some of us still do. We try to keep the flame of truth and integrity aflame
  • DesertBloomDenier 2012/08/19 21:36:31
    Most sheeple are oblivious to the extent to which the Jewish world conspiracy ( or call it Israel if you like) controls the mainstream news media and Controls Washington or the power of the international Jewish banks, and the part it plays. The whole USA unfortunately is going to die of sewage asphixiation due to having it's collective head stuck up its rear end.
  • James 2012/08/19 20:51:00
  • La Bef 2012/08/17 13:49:39
    La Bef
    Oh yes.....just take a look at how many people vote democrat and you can see the manipulation.
  • Red Branch 2012/08/16 02:11:15
    Red Branch
    Just the libs.
  • Eamon Early 2012/08/15 21:23:57
    Eamon Early
    Of course sheep can be lead to slaughter. Look at the most recent declassified documents from the Senate investigation on ISRAELI MANIPULATION of main stream media!

  • Tasine 2012/08/15 13:17:45
    I hate to say it, but I believe that most Americans ARE influenced by the media, and the Progs are totally manipulated by them......because they are saying what the Progs want to be said, whether true or false. I point to Jesse Jackson's "famous" cutesy lie: "Bush lied, people died". The media loved that line, the Progs loved that line, and even some of the conservatives have bought that line - and it is a total lie.

    The way manipulation works is this: throw out a lie on TV that Progs will grab and run with, and immediately it becomes "truth" - that works on all totally ignorant people. Remember how the bombing of the Murrah Bldg was "Rush Limbaugh's fault. Fault of the militias", etc? Remember the shootings in Arizona of the congresswoman and a judge? If you listened to the news and the left, it was the fault of Sarah Palin because one of her ads had crosshairs in it!? Totally irresponsible, totally mean-spirited, totally manipulative garbage is what "news" has become.

    I, a conservative, am influenced by the media - I have come to despise their cheapness while parading as power. I have lost all respect for them and for people who use them. If I hear news or read news, my default option is to disbelieve what I read and hear. IF it turns out to be true, I feel lucky.
  • JonDeniro 2012/08/14 15:34:53
    The amazing thing is that there are apparently some folks who don't understand this basic truism.
  • Elaine Magliacane 2012/08/14 11:26:22
    Elaine Magliacane
    Brainless government school drones, raised and nurtured by the government/unions to be SLAVES
  • Cat 2012/08/14 10:53:08
    Campaign ads and media (TV, radio and internet) is where most people get their opinions formed. Unfortunately most people are lazy and just absorb soundbites full of propaganda rather than researching issues to seek the truths at their cores.
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/08/14 09:16:26 (edited)
    Gohmert Pyle
    Role? Easily influenced? Who, me?




    iwo jima

    soviet victory flag

    9 11

    nick berg



    Of course not.
  • Melkor 2012/08/14 08:35:26 (edited)
    It is in fact true that the media has a great influence on the masses. While people say they are not influenced by it, it is certain that they are. It isn't a opinion it is a fact. What influence has propaganda? What influence has advertisements on the people. The media uses this tools, the opinions, the ads to bring their ideals to the men. While I don't want to see a complot, it is certain that the media influences us all.
  • redhorse29 2012/08/14 06:15:09
    Don't fool yourself. The public is not easily manipulated. Success comes from a constant and consistent mufti-directional attack on our personal values and thoughts. The assault starts in our schools via teacher spewing liberal progressive isms; at work through forced union membership; movies/television/books through politically slanted content; etc.
  • mac9 2012/08/14 05:39:58
    Liberal media..... liberal lying media liberal lying media liberal lying media
  • pm270x 2012/08/14 04:34:51
    Director of National Intelligence warns could be a "financial Pearl Harbor we never saw coming."

  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/08/14 03:48:47
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    It's been working for them (media and poltiicans) for years now.

    Negative attacking campaign ads aren't about issues.

    I like your idea of judges -- let's admit the truth: It's not about finding a leader, it's a popularity contest.
  • lcky9 2012/08/14 03:16:05
    Most of them think those in MSM are as dumb as a box of rocks.. they can't figure how they can claim one thing one day and another the next and not feel DIRTY..
  • War Wyzard 2012/08/14 03:11:20
    War Wyzard
    Liberals are, thats for sure!
  • Cat War Wyzard 2012/08/14 10:59:43
    Have you ever noticed that the more Liberal a person is, the more intolerant he is of other opinions? How the heck is that being "liberal"?
  • War Wyzard Cat 2012/08/14 13:15:36
    War Wyzard
    I agree.
  • Ledford 2012/08/14 00:52:53
    Of course, people keep voting D and R thinking there is going to be a difference. They are so blinded by the what their crap MSM station tells them the oligarchy will continue for the foreseeable future......Yeah!
  • Russian 2012/08/14 00:14:52
  • BlueRep... Russian 2012/08/15 16:23:21
    Thanks Anonymous. Re: RT news and their agenda, there is a war quote that says, "your enemies are the first to expose your weakness"
  • 11 Phenomenon - eNews 2012/08/14 00:11:53
    11 Phenomenon - eNews
    That is how hypocrites like Obama keep getting away with it.
  • das 2012/08/14 00:07:21
  • Kristen Pratts 2012/08/13 23:02:06
    Kristen Pratts
    Hell yes! I've been with people or overheard people talking about something they've seen or read and because the news said it... It had to be true! Then gone home and researched it and it wasnt even close to the truth. It's scary!
  • lee 2012/08/13 22:36:32 (edited)
    and by political spending ... which is what the RR campaign is counting on.

    R stands for Reverse

    R stands for Republican

    RR stands for double Reverse Republicans (Romney/Ryan)

    RR also stands for Rolls-Royce which is apt considering these guys are ALSO tools of the 1%
  • Cat lee 2012/08/14 11:04:47
    R stands for rotten

    R stands for remove Obama

    R stands for Ready to go vote the liar out with my fellow Americans at my side.

    R stands for Remember --- Remember that a Democrat said this, Obama must go.
  • lee Cat 2012/08/14 16:59:43
    Remember is what women all over America will be doing in Nov...remembering how Ryan and his crone's in the House spent their entire legislative agenda this Congress trying to separate women from the progress they have made over the last 50 yrs.

    thanks for reminding me.
  • Cat lee 2012/08/14 22:50:53
    Prove that.
    Making you buy your own pills or condoms is not preventing birth control.Planned parenthood, and even some schools, give them out for free anyway.
  • lee Cat 2012/08/14 22:56:47
    you deny the single minded focus on womens reproductive rights in House since 2010?

    you have not been paying attention.
  • Cat lee 2012/08/17 06:32:37
    aah .... huh?
    Whadya say? nappinggirl
  • Cat lee 2012/08/17 06:37:58
    Seriously, I'm not denying. I haven't see the house deny reproduction RIGHTS.
    Reproduction financing cut proposals, that I have seen.
    Did I miss something about my rights? Please elucidate me.
  • lee Cat 2012/08/17 16:50:31

    the anti-abortion agedna is plain to see.
  • Cat lee 2012/08/18 18:26:08
  • lee Cat 2012/08/20 03:42:32
    its all part of the larger plan... plainly aimed at removing a womans right to choose.

    you can ignore it if you want, but a LOT of women are not going to take this lying down (so to speak)...
  • Cat lee 2012/08/20 03:46:01
    Its a cabal of what, maybe 20 or 30 nuts on Capitol Hill?
    I'll watch it but I'm not getting alarmed yet.
  • lee Cat 2012/08/20 17:58:51
    what I'm saying is don't feed the beast.

    if they are rewared for this behavior, they will only continue to do it.
  • Maddog 2012/08/13 21:25:52
    Yes, people these days have very short attention spans, and derive most of their information from 5 minute sound bites. Information overload, caused by the 24/7 loquacious flood of cable news, dulls the senses and drives people to seek quick answers to today's vexing problems. This makes them vulnerable to manipulation by the mass media. Few people, it seems, in 21st century America, have the time or inclination to delve deeply into the important issues facing this country. Most are too busy trying to survive in a stagnating economy.
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