Are Obama voters mostly stupid, moochers, haters of America, or something else?

tncdel 2011/10/14 16:33:30
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Are Obama voters mostly stupid, moochers, haters of America, or something else?
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  • Billyk75 2011/10/21 17:57:42
    Stupid [explain why you think so].
    They are stuck on stupid.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/10/15 18:56:49
    Something else [tell us].
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Those who still stick by him are takers with entitlement mentalities, union members, businesses receiving taxpayer money, etc. The common denominator is they are out for their own gain, not what is best for the country.
  • mwg0735 2011/10/15 14:00:42
  • 00P 2011/10/15 13:13:54
    Something else [tell us].
    I think they wanted a change in the beginning and now they realize what a mistake that was and will be voting differently come next election.
    Of course there are your die hard liberals out there that are still backing him for the unions or they are just as you put it stupid! I think most people are just plain tired of both parties screwing America!
  • SteveMarine- JLA 2011/10/15 04:44:11
    All of the above [explain why].
    SteveMarine- JLA
    Enough said.
  • Welshtaff 2011/10/15 01:00:01
    All of the above [explain why].
    Yeah !
  • RobJohn 2011/10/15 00:46:52
    All of the above [explain why].
    A self-evident truth isn't it?
  • rustyshackelford 2011/10/14 22:54:54
  • mwg0735 rustysh... 2011/10/15 14:20:57
  • Jimbo 2011/10/14 21:31:29
    Something else [tell us].
    Ich bin ein Elizabeth Warren. The president better wake up to the fact OWS and his base support her views, not his compromising ones.
  • Birthpangs 2011/10/14 21:14:24
  • AL 2011/10/14 19:43:35
    Stupid [explain why you think so].
    They worship him so much now, they're blined to the fact of what a complete failure Obama is
  • Hobbitt / Oldsquid 2011/10/14 19:27:33
    All of the above [explain why].
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
  • keeper 2011/10/14 18:41:38
    All of the above [explain why].
    This was a trick question, right?
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2011/10/14 18:32:28
    Something else [tell us].
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    The song is funny as hell LMAO!!!!! They are just unguided people. They latch onto whatever is popular. They don't read. They just watch and listen to corporate controlled media. They barely even pay attention to that.
  • Waldorf 2011/10/14 18:03:36
    Something else [tell us].
    Probably many cases of those just as stubborn about voting Democrat as I am about voting Republican (or NOT Democrat). Each party has its deal breaker issues, and one has to make a choice. Once having done so they often become bigoted about the side they chose.
  • mrscas 2011/10/14 17:44:42 (edited)
    All of the above [explain why].
    They just don't seem to get it. Money doesn't grow on trees and no one wants to support deadbeats. Do these people know anything?
  • Zuggi 2011/10/14 17:44:42
    Something else [tell us].
  • Cliff 2011/10/14 17:17:00
  • FairLady 2011/10/14 17:10:42
    All of the above [explain why].
    Yeah, all of the above. They don't see what Obama does to America, or else they do see and endorse it which characterizes them "all of the above:.
  • patriot 2011/10/14 17:10:23
    All of the above [explain why].
    They are socialist/marxists which means all the above.
  • Diamond Girl 2011/10/14 17:02:01
  • Rick 2011/10/14 16:55:50
    All of the above [explain why].
    A little of each.
  • none 2011/10/14 16:47:38
  • Reichstolz 2011/10/14 16:44:59
    All of the above [explain why].
    Actually one can extrapolate that to the entire democratic party. What do they stand for? you can kill your baby but not someone who murders. You should take from those who are productive to prop up the unproductive, unless you are one of our friends then we will give you taxpayer money to create nothing. HE GIVES US MONEY SO WE LOVE HIM AND VOTE FOR HIM, sums it all up.
  • tncdel 2011/10/14 16:42:51
    Haters of America [explain].
    Although some are just stupid or want to get government "freebies," I think the greatest percentage of Obama voters actually do hate America, even though most won't admit it and some don't realize it.

    The litmus test I use to expose the haters of America is to simply ask if they support either or both of Obama's following agendas. If they say yes, then that automatically implicates them as haters of America. There's no way to clean it up.

    1.) Do you support Obama's agenda of trying to attract more job-stealing illegals here by promising them amnesty, "free" healthcare and everything else, even college at taxpayer expense?

    2.) Do you support Obama's agenda of spending money like there's no tomorrow funding Planned Parenthood and many other non-essentials?

    Anyone who says yes to either or both those two anti-American agendas couldn't possibly be anything other than a hater of America, assuming they don't suffer brain dysfunction.
  • WhereIs... tncdel 2011/10/15 18:59:09
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I agree with that.
  • lonewolf 2011/10/14 16:42:18
    Something else [tell us].
    kool-ade drinkers obama kool ade
  • Pete 2011/10/14 16:39:45
    Something else [tell us].
    Many are on Food Stamps, Welfare, Drug addicted, Criminal, Uneducated, Gangs, Terrorism, Lazy, Homeless, on Social Security or Disability and a lot of Illegal Immigrants. Did I leave something out? ...........Peace be with you
  • WhereIs... Pete 2011/10/15 19:00:07
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    Yep, union members and businesses subsidized by taxpayer money, and stupid Hollyweird types.
  • Pete WhereIs... 2011/10/15 19:16:13
    Thank for that I forgot.......Peace be with you
  • I am me 2011/10/14 16:37:58
    Something else [tell us].
    I am me
    Uneducated or educated incorrectly, misdirected, oblivious, deaf, blind, greedy, gullible, indoctrinated followers.

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