Are Liberals Crazy?

Southern Man 2012/11/24 02:44:38
Hell yes  they are
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know it’s not a nice question, but it has to be asked – are liberals
crazy? I’m not talking about college kids – they don’t know any better
yet, and having had liberal dogma shoved down their throat for 16 years,
they need a few years of reality after school to see the light. I’m
talking about older people; the ones that should know better.

exception, every liberal I’ve met over 35 years old never grew up.
Their minds are stuck at age 20. Often, they’ve had a comfy life handed
to them – maybe their daddy gave them a job, or they work for a union
or the government at a job from which they can’t get fired. They don’t
have the same pressures as someone who has to compete day in and day out
to earn a dollar. When money is given to you, or you don’t have to
work hard for it, it seems to make you not mind taking it from others –
and liberals certainly don’t mind taking other people’s money.

many liberals aren’t completely stupid. But there’s some kind of
disconnect in their brains that blocks out reality. They can be very
imaginative and creative, like a sci-fi novel, but just like those
novels, it’s not true.

War,” they scream, and “End Poverty,” as if there’s actually been a
single day, a single hour, in the long history of the human race when
there wasn’t a war being fought, or as if there was once a society that
didn’t have poor people. Liberals imagine a world without bad things as
if the evil that lurks in man is just a result of poor potty training.
Maybe they’re right that potty training is critical, it seems that
liberals have grown up to believe that someone else should wipe their
backsides. They want their play tools, but don’t want to pay for them.
They want that baby bottle NOW, dammit, without having to do anything
to get it. I just don’t think it’s to blame for evil people, and I think
liberals are crazy to pretend real evil doesn’t exist, and that
everyone is inherently competent, intelligent, and ambitious.

their idea of a tax code. They believe that people who don’t make much
money should be excused from contributing to the costs of our society
in any way, and yet, be given equal or more benefits. In their mind,
someone can consciously choose a low-income occupation, even if capable
of making more, and be excused from paying taxes and be given benefits
to compensate for their low income. They excuse those people based on
an illogical assumption that poor people have been exploited or
discriminated against; it’s as if they think that save for unfairness,
poor people would be well off. The fact is that most poor people are
poor for very good reasons – they’re either stupid or lazy, or they’ve
made terrible life choices and are paying the consequences of their
decisions. To liberals, however, there are no bad life choices – to
think so would require moral judgments of people, and liberals don’t
believe in judging people’s morals, only that of governments. Success,
they believe, is only the result of good fortune, not hard work or
superior intelligence. Just as failure does not result from stupidity
or sloth, only from oppression and discrimination.

when you ask a liberal to explain why a lazy bum should not have to pay
taxes, they have no answer. It doesn’t matter that many people won’t
even try to make money, or they consciously choose a stress-free,
non-materialistic lifestyle so that they don’t have to work hard and
their income is minimized. To a liberal, it’s simple: if a person
doesn’t make money, they shouldn’t have to pay taxes. Liberals pretend
that every person is motivated to make as much money as possible, but
that the injustice of an unfair system prevents many from doing so;
therefore, they deserve a huge tax break. No conservative would deny
anyone the right to live whatever lifestyle they want, but it shouldn’t
excuse them from paying their share of taxes. Imagine living in an
apartment with two roommates, and one decides he’s tired of working
hard. Would you and the other roomie agree to pay more to cover for his
laziness? No, the idea is crazy – just like liberals – you and your
roomie would kick his butt out without thinking twice – which is what we
need to do to liberals.

Read More: http://freedombeacon.org/2011/11/are-liberals-crazy/

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  • Lady Willpower 2012/11/24 03:02:06
    Hell yes they are
    Lady Willpower
    Yes, but you'd be crazy to if you lived your life in this position and had to smell what's up there too.

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  • LarryFine 2012/11/29 13:10:44
    Hell yes they are
    Tell a liberal to get off their ass and pay some taxes to help fund all of the goodies they feel everybody deserves and they'll just look at you with that glazed over, empty stare as if they had just taken a hit of some of that free, medical marijuana!
  • ProudProgressive 2012/11/26 18:27:57
    You'd think that in three weeks the Right Wing would at least START to get over the fact that their strategy of hate, divisiveness and economic destruction was rejected by the American people. Apparently that's not to be. So now Liberals, who are responsible for every advance this nation has made since our first American Liberal, Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Declaration of Independence, are the crazy ones. This from a party whose nominee's economic program was "let's do what failed the last time".

    Liberals are not crazy. Liberals know how to make this country succeed. Conseravtives only know how to cling to failure.
  • Magus BN-0 ProudPr... 2012/11/27 03:22:12
    Magus BN-0
    These righties are so disconnected from rational thought that they can't see how crazy they are.
  • Klippit... ProudPr... 2013/08/10 21:29:31 (edited)
    Klippity Kloo Kla
    Well said.
  • ready46xwu 2012/11/26 01:57:54
    Hell yes they are
  • texasred 2012/11/25 20:16:09
    Hell yes they are
    And that's being nice. I like psycho, demented, deranged, insane, maniacal, beserk, etc.
  • Al C. 2012/11/25 17:49:50
    Hell yes they are
    Al C.
    They'd have to be crazy to re-elect that idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • jack_kazim 2012/11/25 05:55:17
  • remy 2012/11/25 05:13:02
    Hell yes they are
    CRAZY? YES....STUPID....NO, we gave that to the teabagger rightwing nutjobs~and I must say....y'all wear the CRAZY very well!
  • The Viking 2012/11/25 00:32:02
    Hell yes they are
    The Viking
    NO but this stupid question is.....
  • Soundstorm 2012/11/24 23:46:14
    Hell yes they are
    Liberalism does stem from arrested development that's all too typical in today's pampered domesticated society. And it often leads to various forms of skewered perspectives and mental disorders in adulthood. And no, you don't need to be a licensed psychologist to sense that they don't come with a full deck most of the time.
  • Dave0626 2012/11/24 22:17:08
    Hell yes they are
    ...it's a medical condition....

    medical condition
  • Souther... Dave0626 2012/11/24 22:24:18
    Southern Man
    Lmao That's funny
  • Dave0626 Souther... 2012/11/24 23:34:24
    ...hehehehe :)
  • The Way It Is 2012/11/24 21:36:45
    Hell yes they are
    The Way It Is
    Why do the heathen rage? Because they don't like how they can't have everything and destroy it at the same time.

    heathen rage destroy
  • scarfy 2012/11/24 20:53:16
    Hell yes they are
    Every liberal I know is irrational, blames others and the universe for their problems, immature, unrealistic and thinks they are owed a living. They think rich people and corporations are the devil even though they employ lots of people and pay lions share of taxes. My liberal neighbor has a full time job with government but is always home. How does that work?
  • Soundstorm scarfy 2012/11/24 23:53:50
    They're insulated from life itself and have no concept of the ways and consequences of the natural world.
  • Claybern 2012/11/24 20:50:38
    Hell yes they are
    They are so far up thier rear tunnel, they may never see daylight.
  • That1Guy 2012/11/24 20:41:40
    Huh another onesided poll.

    Crazy actually means different. So everyone's crazy in one way or another.
  • Soundstorm That1Guy 2012/11/24 23:55:30
    Different from reality to be more specific in case you couldn't make the distinction.
  • That1Guy Soundstorm 2012/11/27 00:35:09
    Oh no, I could (let's not go to insults in this discussion because it's childish) I once thought it meant insane too, and nowadays it sort of does, but originally crazy meant different from the majority or in other words the minority.
  • Soundstorm That1Guy 2012/11/27 05:43:38
    I don't know where you got that 'original' definition of crazy from but crazy in the clinical sense describes someone who is out of touch with reality to the point of being indifferent or unresponsive to evidence of reality even to the point of risk to one's life. I have to question the sanity of liberals who demand the expansion of government in the face of our 16 trillion dollar national debt.
  • That1Guy Soundstorm 2012/11/27 22:33:22
    I know a few guys who study that sort of thing and they told me the original definition, etymology I think is what it's called (the study of the origins of words and language)
  • HatinOnHaters ;~} 2012/11/24 20:09:56
    Hell yes they are
    HatinOnHaters ;~}
  • E. Norma Stits 2012/11/24 20:04:20
    Hell yes they are
    E. Norma Stits
  • Soundstorm E. Norm... 2012/11/24 23:56:21
    Hello, I'm Twilight Sparkle.
  • remy E. Norm... 2012/11/25 05:19:08
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/11/25 15:26:58
    E. Norma Stits
    Free government bacon!


    free government bacon obama bacon
  • remy E. Norm... 2012/11/25 16:25:25 (edited)
    Nice boyfriend ya got there, princess! Is this you in this picture? I thought so~http://thelastofthemillenn... teabaggers are stupid
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/11/26 04:30:45
  • Soundstorm remy 2012/11/27 05:45:49
    All you have are downloaded pictures from your left wing web sites. You have no grasp of the issues the Tea Party is running on.
  • remy Soundstorm 2012/11/27 05:47:51
    What are you talking about? I wasn't even talking to you. And all YOU have is pictures and crap from YOUR conservative and teaparty websites. So what? And why were you barking?
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/11/27 06:05:38
    E. Norma Stits
    When you're being "catty" you're going to get barked at...
  • remy E. Norm... 2012/11/27 13:29:03
    This doesn't concern you~any reason you jumped in?
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/11/28 03:35:44 (edited)
    E. Norma Stits
    This is SodaHead! Jumping in is what it's here for!
    Didn't you know that...?

    Maybe you didn't know that... You're a liberal and liberals aren't very good are knowing simple things.
  • remy E. Norm... 2012/11/29 02:26:12
    I swear that bleach has soaked into that tiny little brain of yours~what is it that you want to say to me? Anything important? Or are you just here to keep this meaningless little conversation going? Whatever....I'll play as long as you want.
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/12/01 05:08:53
    E. Norma Stits
    What bleach are you talking about? You have a very incoherent why of just babbling on about random things.
  • remy E. Norm... 2012/12/01 15:42:49
    hehehe...you know what I'm talking about, but go ahead and play dumb.
  • E. Norm... remy 2012/12/07 05:09:42
    E. Norma Stits
    As a conservative there is no point in "playing dumb" because people no better!
  • Soundstorm remy 2012/11/27 06:10:04
    You post derogatory pictures of conservatives here you're talking to all of us. But it's never about the issues affecting our country since that would be too advanced for your grade level.
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