Are extreme sports getting too extreme?

L.A. Times 2013/01/30 00:00:00
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Winter X Games competitor Caleb Moore died Thursday morning in a Colorado hospital a week after his snowmobile crashed during an event. He was 25 years old. Moore crashed last Thursday while attempting a backflip on a 70-foot ramp during a freestyle event.

During his landing, the skis on his 450-pound snowmobile hit the snow, sending Moore flying over the handlebars. Moore landed face first onto the ground; then his snowmobile rolled over him.

Moore walked off the course and went to a hospital to be treated for a concussion, but his condition quickly worsened. He developed bleeding around his heart and his family said that he had a complication involving his brain. Moore was flown to a hospital in Grand Junction for surgery.

Moore, of Krum, Texas, was the first fatality in the 17-year history of the Winter X Games, but his death raises some serious questions about the safety of the Games, which challenge athletes to push themselves to extremes.

caleb moore

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  • Jimm 2013/02/01 19:01:06
    I agree with others here....they are called EXTREME sports for a very good reason: the participants know full well that they are risking life and limb by doing them....period. I hate it that Caleb Moore or anyone else gets killed or injured, but that is the nature of the sport. Football players get traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, but the game plays on. Race drivers get killed and maimed, but the flag still drops. Even pro wrestlers get crippled from time to time, but the rest of them still climb into the ring night after night to face the abuse on their bodies.

    You cannot over-regulate a sport...especially an extreme one!! There will be...and should always be a serious risk involved, or else it's not extreme!!

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  • SnoweyTiger 2013/02/26 17:03:23
    In the pursuit of ever higher media ratings we are getting just plain stupid in what we want to call "sport". Time to settle down and have competitions that are not geared to selling more sports drinks.
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2013/02/26 00:38:08
  • Austin 2013/02/23 05:12:00
  • Sterling 2013/02/13 17:55:31 (edited)
    How can you get too extreme? They're taking it to the limit. Let's not forget that this was the first time someone has died in these competitions, which is insane. Hell I knew a kid who died playing little league baseball, now THAT is sad. People know what they're doing is dangerous, they're going to do it regardless, and trying to stop them would be extremely hypocritical.

    Although I don't understand the allure of doing tricks on snowmobiles. I'll agree that's a bit crazy for my taste. They need to do some serious modifications to make snowmobiles lighter and safer, but it's still their choice.
  • Sophie 2013/02/13 08:07:55
    Yes,they can be pretty extreme. Sometimes I think the outrageousness of the sport can diminish the sport.
  • Atomic_Rooster 2013/02/13 05:44:39
    I think the chance to be in the spot light has clouded their thinking and they go further than they would otherwise go.
  • bt sedlock 2013/02/12 19:19:00
    bt sedlock
    I think if sportsman doing backflip on on his is too extreme. But if he wants to take that dangerous risk, he has that right.
  • Oceanside 2013/02/11 23:03:16
    It's what keeps North America fearless
  • codie.paul 2013/02/09 19:29:12 (edited)
    Well i dont follow them, but based on this id have to say yes. The guy was a year older then me. Stuff like that shouldnt happen. But then again attempting such an act probably isnt a good idea. Its kind of like parasledding, i think its called. I mean it looks cool, but could be dangerous. So that is one idea made into reality that probably shouldnt have be. Darwin awards? Haha ok. I dont know what to say to that. And of course risk is part of the sport that is why stuff like this shouldnt happen. People should be more careful about their decision making. And obviously extreme sports should not be more extreme. Seriously. And anyone who votes no to this, either doesnt know sports, or doesnt know common sense and logic. Enough said.
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/02/12 19:22:25
    bt sedlock
    That's right, enough said.
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/02/12 19:22:45
    bt sedlock
    People are stupid.
  • codie.paul bt sedlock 2013/04/19 19:30:29
    Most are
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/04/23 04:18:45
    bt sedlock
    Many winter olypics are very extreme and dangerous, even fatal.
  • codie.paul bt sedlock 2013/04/26 19:30:22
    Many winter Olympic and other seasonal Olympics are as well. I dont know what olypics are. Haha.
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/05/06 04:58:10
    bt sedlock
    Sorry I meant to say "olympics." Ski jumping is especially dangerous. Snow boarding is not considered a winter olympic sport, right?
  • codie.paul bt sedlock 2013/05/09 19:08:43 (edited)
    Haha ok. Yes and snow boarding is a winter olympic sport. Perhaps you should watch them. Ever heard of Shaun White? I dont even watch them and i know who he is. But i used to watch a little.
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/05/17 20:17:12
    bt sedlock
    You told me about Shaun White. I'll have to watch a video clip on You Tube when I get the chance.
  • codie.paul bt sedlock 2013/06/10 19:26:07 (edited)
    You're welcome. Still can not believe you havent heard of him or anyone who lives in reality. Haha. Hes very famous and popular. And like i said i dont even watch them anymore and i know who he is. And you dont have to watch them. You can just watch the Stride commercials. Some are good btw.
  • bt sedlock codie.paul 2013/06/26 05:52:43
    bt sedlock
    I'll watch tomorrow.
  • codie.paul bt sedlock 2013/07/02 19:47:49
    Ok. Enjoy. And again you're welcome.
  • joe mauro 2013/02/07 18:08:31
    joe mauro
    the american culture gets more blood thirsty every day,you can admit that, or choose to be in denial but its a fact.Every sporting event like this gets as it can.
  • joe mauro joe mauro 2013/02/07 18:09:26
    joe mauro
    trys to get away with as much violence as possible.
  • Quazimoto 2013/02/05 21:26:28
    For the American public in general, these sports will not get extreme enough. Even when the media airs real people dying on television. I can only see things getting too extreme when these rating hungry animals air children dying on live television.
  • bt sedlock Quazimoto 2013/02/12 19:28:25
    bt sedlock
    There's a new reality show about funerals, to see which dead man or woman can have the best funeral and look the best when they die. It's gonna air on some cable channel I don't know.
  • Hakking 2013/02/05 16:36:38
  • Thomas 2013/02/04 21:38:32
    meant to click yes y would u risk ur body to something so stupid
  • Hakking Thomas 2013/02/05 16:37:15
  • Sharpshot64 2013/02/04 17:31:12
    He was doing a backflip with a snowmobile off a 70 foot ramp for money. People are always going to put themselves in harms way to do stupid stuff like this and fatalities will happen.
  • Boss 2013/02/03 18:06:37
    not yet...we have yet to reach the Roman times...we,re getting there!!!
  • Mitri 2013/02/03 15:01:25
    No, it's called extreme sports for a reason.
    We very well know what we get ourselves into!
  • Terence Pang 2013/02/03 10:20:27
    Terence Pang
    No. They live for the thrill. No one is pushing them to do more dangerous tricks. They know full well the risks they're taking.
  • El Prez 2013/02/03 09:56:33
    El Prez
    They are EXTREME, get it, extremely difficult, extremely challenging and extremely dangerous. People get into them knowing they are dangerous and sometimes because they are dangerous. They can not be made "safe" because then they wouldn't be EXTREME> It is impossible for me to believe that just the name and the practice of them is not enough for people to understand what and why they exist. Don't like them, don't watch them. i can not stand to watch moto-cross because of the probability of the flying bodies. Their choice, my choice. the question is not related "do you want to do extreme sports". Those that do them desewrve the opportunity do them.
  • Thomas G Towns 2013/02/03 08:22:08
  • Rj Thibodeaux 2013/02/03 03:25:55
    Rj Thibodeaux
    If people are willing to risk life and limb for the money then it's on them!
  • Steve Boston 2013/02/03 02:31:18
    Steve Boston
    ESPN could care less how they make a buck. You can bet none of the participants were coerced to sign up for the events. That was a terribly sad incident that happened.
  • nicesteve 2013/02/03 02:20:44
    Especially, if too many fatalities start taking place.
  • SUPREME COSMIC POWER, (SCOPO) 2013/02/03 01:08:31
    And dangerous too!
  • Julien Peter Benney 2013/02/02 23:53:27
    Julien Peter Benney
    Extreme sports are a reflection of the extreme defeminisation of culture in the Enriched World, where softness and gentleness are regarded as the foremost sins and the cultural ideal is to be “different”.

    Too often in practice, being different means being extremely macho, even for women (“machisma”) and trying to outrun everybody physically rather than in terms of skill. These trends, people forget, are extremely deep-rooted in how even “mainstream” soprts have evolved.

    The growth of limited-overs and 20/20 cricket has led - both directly and indirectly - to making what was an almost pastoral game into one that can be very dangerous as teams on covered pitches have had to search for speed and bounce in bowling and aggression in hitting.

    Then there is the growth of two indigenous North American sports - gridiron and ice hockey - which in their violence really rival “extreme” sports and which have caused many severe injuries via their violent collisions or, with ice hockey, skate blades slitting throats.

    I am sure many other examples can be found, but in the Enriched World “extreme sports” are really part of the cultural mainstream and have been ever since the 1970s.
  • brandi lynn 2013/02/02 21:27:40
    brandi lynn
    I like tring the extreme
  • mind-pilot 2013/02/02 16:32:09
    They were called "dare devils" in my day. And we're getting a little too touchy-feely about the "extreme sportsman" nowadays. People come to see them succeed and many, come to see them flop. It's too bad about this young man. But, in his sport, this is what he's extreme about and it's what he's defying: death.
    Carry on Evil Kneival.....now do it the span of the Grand Canyon......People come to see both.

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