Are arranged marriages unethical?

Zero T 2010/10/31 03:33:43
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This may be less an ethical issue as it is a cultural one.
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  • sabbatha 2010/10/31 03:40:22
    Yes, arranged marriages are against human rights.
    I understand why some cultures have them,to make sure their daughters are provided for.But if I could not choose who to spend my life with,I would be very sad.
  • Yuliya 2010/10/31 03:36:32
    Yes, arranged marriages are against human rights.
    I have never seen a happy one and I have seen a few.
  • Zero T Yuliya 2010/11/01 23:27:42
    Zero T
    Many religious traditions in India still abide by the arranged marriage system. In fact, one of my best friends from India has parents who were chosen for each other. His mother told me it is difficult to begin with and that love can be developed with time. They are still married with each other, and the marriage appears to last. As a result, I am not convinced it is entirely bad. I get the impression the strong aversion to arranged marriages stems from Western-style feminist movements who want the exact same freedoms of the men, when in fact those freedoms are questionable.
  • Yuliya Zero T 2010/11/01 23:34:38
    I have spoke to a few women in this situation and most have said they would have rather picked a husband on there own. A couple of them say they do not love there husband and are not happy. I have never experienced this my self, nor would I say Im some kind of feminist ready to burn her bra, but when it comes down to it i am glad that I was able to find my own husband, and feel that everyone should have a choice to do it on there own or have one chosen for them
  • Zero T Yuliya 2010/11/01 23:51:20
    Zero T
    While I concur that choices have become rather indispensable to the concept of a content, dignified life, one should take into consideration that an obsession with "perfect" choices can lead to a very selfish, self-centered life, in which vast resources are spent to obtain social ideals that may actually distance the individual from the deeper reality of what it means to live life and that may take even more from those who have little. In other words, my take on arranged marriages is that if you made a choice you also have to accept the restriction, as opposed to wanting more and more choices. I get the impression the institution of marriages has been severely degraded by an overly frivolous attitude toward choices.
  • Yuliya Zero T 2010/11/01 23:58:58
    I don't know, I have been with my husband since I was 14. I have made my choice and I feel it was a wonderful one. I am 29 now, and we have a very strong marriage. I don't believe that the problem is with how a person choses the husband (arranged or not), its how people treat marriage in general in this country. People in general do not marry for better or worse or for a life time and thats sad.

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