Are Americans Aware of the United States slowly Losing its Constitutional rights and being run by Puppets of the Global Elite..? sound like a conspiracy? Watch the full video please (become aware) and ban together to save our sovereign country.

nverumind 2012/03/31 20:43:35

Is and HAS this beautiful, "land of the free" been run to the brink of communism by Puppets (our presidents) of the Global Elite for years...? Our constitutional rights slowly changed and taken away right under our noses and with our unconcious/unknown consent ? This sound like a conspiracy? Watch the full video please (become aware) Please take the time to watch and see the chilling facts fall into place throughout our history and even today, and as Americans that still believe in our forefather's dream of an American sovereign nation of freedom , ban together to save This Land of Dreams.

Read More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sveboWeyhhw&feature...

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  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/03/31 20:49:11
    The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Sorry, the right uses fear and doom like everyone uses toilet paper--and it's worth about the same thing.
    fear monger
  • nverumind ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2012/03/31 20:54:13
    How do you know what side Im on? and have you actually looked into this option? When was the last time you read the constitution and if you have then you wouldnt be criticizing me. There have been soo many changes in the guidlines and Acts signed and put into place that Clearly undermine and make exceptions to the Rule Where our freedoms are involved. Please ... if you dont agree with me fine, dont. But Do Not Criticize me.. i thought it to be just as crazy as you are probably thinking until i started doing the research, that is quite plain if you know where to look.
  • Jo nverumind 2012/03/31 21:27:03
    you've made it clear what side you are on, and this doom-and-gloom-we're-losing-o... thing is a decidely conservative characteristic. I'm not criticizing you, just pointing out where he got his opinion.
  • nverumind Jo 2012/03/31 21:37:51
    To be perfectly honest it should not matter what side i am on at this point.. I am Republican, But the facts are in the video and lead to books and documents you can see for yourself. i thought this was another crazy attempt to get people paying attention to national issues .. But with research, i have found all those crazy "conspiracy theorists" they are going to look like the smart ones if Americans dont start paying attention.. its been going on for too long with out congress utalizing its rights ..and the people not utilizing their duties to overthrow tyrany..no matter how subtle they have kept it over the years..
  • Jo nverumind 2012/04/01 02:41:40
    the thing about it is, for every piece of research out there that supports this theory, theres another equally credible source that debunks it. America IS paying attention, but 1) they dont believe its happening, and 2) many people are very likely to avoid putting much weight on this theory until BASIC rights are actually removed, i.e., that one is suddenly not allowed to walk down the street, or watch something in particular on TV, or step onto thier front porch after dark, etc, etc....

    Life is not worth living is we have to expend so much energy, emotional and otherwise, fighting something we arent sure is real. theres enough negativity in my life to cause me stress, something like this is the last thing I'm gonna be worried about.
  • nverumind Jo 2012/04/01 03:29:51
    I agree to an extent with you and respect that, but if i may .. There are people with credible evidence and stories of being taken aside for no reason , held prisoner for weeks/months/years for no obvious reason and released still not knowing what charges they were held under ...held in horrible conditions. America was never thought to torture, because it is stated in the Constitution to protect prisoners from being neglected, mistreated or tortured. But yet there are cases where the government refuses to talk about prisoners..sometimes Citezens that were held and some (now dead) that which the government refuses to give americans due reason and evidence as to why.. and honestly think about this ..why wouldnt there be "credible" stories to "debunk" an issue or a case where the Government is doing something against the constitution and its people? Why wouldnt they "cover it up"? It wouldnt be the first and i know it wont be the last time Government has lied and bought there way out of an issue.. But i will leave it at this and respect your point of veiw..my intention is not to debate this ..but to simply "reveal"
  • Jo nverumind 2012/04/01 04:12:13
    I understand. If you're referring to the prison and/or judicial systems, I hate to say this, but things have always been corrupt there--prisoners are mistreated and neglected all the time; the authorities (the guards) tend to harbor an anger as a result of constantly having to maintain a touch demeanor, and not only that, but a prisoner that is mistreated will never be believed. government will always lie and buy their way out of an issue; it seems to be just the way this country operates. As disturbing as it is, I think theres little that can be done to change that. Thank you for expressing your opinion in a respectful manner--I appreciate that, even though you dont agree:)

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