Approximately 7 years ago, I saw a preview of "The Dark Night"

wicked soda boy 2012/07/24 05:38:14
I don't consider myself unusual in any way. I watch and enjoy many sci-fy TV shows, and I'm accustomed to violent movies, tv, etc.

I watched the preview to "Dark Knight", and I said to my friends RIGHT THEN "That is a film I will not go and see".

The previews to the film showed an obscene level of violence, and showed no sense of any reason to watch - OTHER THAN TO WATCH VIOLENT MAYHEM!

This morning, the news outlets said the new "Dark Knight" film set new records for people going to the theaters. What does that say about our society?

Next, we will hear from ABC, NBC and others about gun control! NONSENSE! If people flock to theaters to see OBSCENE LEVELS of violence, these same people cannot make a credible argument about gun control. The same "Joker" who killed 13 people and injured 59 more could have done the same damage with a bomb. He was a HD and had the capability of perhaps killing everyone in the movie theater using a chemical or bio-weapon.

Tonight, I pray for the people who died, and I pray for their families, and the girlfriend who was saved by her boyfriend smothering her, and every other person who survived, but knew a brother or sister who died!!!!!!

This was a HUGE TRAGEDY!!! Let's NOT see politicians useing this for their own benefit!!!!
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