Appropriate for Obama to Throw $40K-a-Plate Birthday Fundraiser?

News 2011/07/15 15:00:00
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Recession? What recession? As the debt talks in Washington drag on and our country balances on the precipice of a potential financial Armageddon on August 2, there are clearly some folks who have extra cash to splash around.

According to reports, President Obama is planning to charge up to $38,500 per couple for tickets to his 50th birthday party-cum-fundraiser.

The party, slated to take place a day after the debt deadline, August 3, will unroll at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, where high rollers can expect VIP seating a star-studded concert with entertainment expected from Chi-town native Jennifer Hudson, among other unannounced acts.

The event will have several levels, including a 4 p.m. concert for which some limited $50 tickets will be sold, $1,000 tickets for premium seats with a hosted bar, $10,000 for preferred seating to the show and souvenir photos with the president and some $200 general admission tickets.

White House officials said despite the ongoing, tense budget talks, the celebration will go on, but could be canceled if a debt deal isn't reached by the deadline.

According to figures provided this week, Obama has raised a combined $86 million for his re-election campaign and for the Democratic Party over the past three months, nearly triple the amount ($35 million) that Republican candidates have collectively raised so far.

Is it a good time for this kind of lavish affair?
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  • Dixienc 2011/07/15 17:11:52
    Sure let him celebrate. Turning 50 is a big thing. He deserves a little time to get away from the stress of the job. Who cares if the rest of us, me included, work on our birthdays like I did yesterday. He's special don't ya know......

    PLEASE NOTE: The above statement was made with as much sarcasm as I could come up with in print. I in no way feel the way I stated. He's scum that feels he's above us mere peons that he is supposed to represent. I worked, as I'm sure millions of others have done, on my birthday yesterday. He needs to keep his ass on the job and stop all the fkin partying at our expense.

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  • Mathmn hijinx_10 2011/07/19 20:18:25
    Over the top to say the least. All political parties raise campaign funds. It is not a criminal offense.
  • Mathmn ashgame... 2011/07/19 20:17:36
    and I suppose the opposition party can raise $$$$ to their hearts' content?
  • ashgame... Mathmn 2011/07/21 12:32:10
    I really don't care. I don't consider myself any political party. I really don't care about politics because I'm pretty sure it's gone so wrong that it can't ever go right again.
  • American_Dream_Lost 2011/07/19 11:41:03
    This son of a bitch is going to ruin the whole damn country, if he hasn't already. GD liberal bastard needs to be shot, I guess he knows he's not going to get a second chance to continue robbing America blind/ruining its credit rating (effectively cutting the head off the infidels?). {Yeah he's sleeping with the enemy}

    So now he's gotta throw a "fund raiser", yeah raising him up some "I gotta get the hell outta this country" funds, so as escape the angry mobs with torches and pitch forks that want him gone from office, along with all his b.b. eyed cronies.

    The white house is gonna be pumping that jungle music nice and loud during that event. cronies white house gonna pumping jungle music loud event
  • chollaman America... 2011/07/19 12:12:50
    Your nuts and an idiot.
  • Mathmn America... 2011/07/19 20:21:00
    What you say is racist and obnoxious. I pray there are not too many like you out there.
  • America... Mathmn 2011/07/19 23:46:11
    Both of you can go straight to hell and take Obama with you when you leave.
  • Emile 2011/07/19 11:26:27
    Like i said, USA knows the economy is going down..what a fun way to celebrate the recession and get drunk at the same time?
  • Dar 2011/07/19 11:19:46
  • GREENMAN 2011/07/19 10:59:40
    He is the POTUS. He was elected by the people. As the POTUS he has the right to do as he pleases.The constitution or "We the People's" wishes mean nothing to him. He is a self loving, pitiful SOB. His election is proof that idiots are easy to organize. He will be elected again because of the previous sentance.
  • chollaman GREENMAN 2011/07/19 12:14:00
    Oh, and Bush wasn't?
  • caroline chollaman 2011/07/19 15:04:42
    Get off of Bush people. He is no longer the president. There's NOTHING Bush can do anymore about ANYTHING!!!! Bush could have blamed CLINTON for he mess HE left him. Clinton never answered the terrorsit attacks. Clinton never responded to the Cole Incident, nor the first Trade Center bombing. We were so weakened militarily by the time Bush got in, that 9-11 hits. But that's every presidents job--to pick up where the other one left ff... Every president has to deal with these things.... Obama said he had all the answers and yet he is in his third term and things are WORSE!

    It's Obama's darn fault. he spends 4 times as much as Bush did! Obama has a spending problem. These radicals in Washington think you can spend your way to prosperity. YOU CANNOT!
  • chollaman caroline 2011/07/26 14:50:34
  • Florenc... GREENMAN 2011/07/19 12:33:12
    Florence Doucet
    Well he was elected by the electoral college, the U.S. doesnt have a popular vote for president.
  • Stroker... Florenc... 2011/07/19 14:42:40
    Stroker McGurk
    Obama was elected by a WIDE majority if you remember. Bush was elected with Gore having 625,000 more popular votes than Bush. Get your right wing facts correct, or finish 3rd grade.
  • Florenc... Stroker... 2011/07/19 17:29:51
    Florence Doucet
    I guess Im not surprised by the fact that you dont even know how your own political system works. Popular vote means elected directly by the people, the U.S. uses an electoral college to elect the president. So by all means try to get your facts straight and maybe if a teacher takes pity on you then you will one day graduate the third grade.
  • Tom 2011/07/19 10:53:59
    Of course not, but since when does he really care about "the little people"? He and Mickey love to flaunt their power in the face of the people, they take their entourage around the world without blinking an eye.
  • mothergoose706 2011/07/19 09:28:08
    This just goes to show you that he is counting on the debt ceiling to be raised......Again....And possible Again...Thats all Washington knows how to do well ......Spend...Spend....Spend....
  • jim 2011/07/19 07:31:12
    It's politics American style. Hate the game, not the player.
  • hijinx_10 jim 2011/07/19 15:27:01
    The player is a pos.
  • clarewblue 2011/07/19 07:17:21
    he should get the taxes stright and come to chicago to celelbarate
  • AKgrandma 2011/07/19 05:36:03
    Face it. When was the last time you had a birthday party. Did you charge your friends to attend? Truthfully, doesn't this just about make you sick to your stomach. Here we are struggling with rising food and fuel costs and hoping we don't lose our homes, and this commie just flaunts his rich friends and lifestyle in our faces.
  • rocky ortiz 2011/07/19 05:10:57
    rocky ortiz
    goes to show you how out of touch he is . while we the people cut back on our budget they are living large. [ dont see them cutting back. while we the people continue to struggle, what about cutting forien aid enough live up to his hype a truly free American
  • KateLenn 2011/07/19 05:01:35
    It's a reason to have a fundraiser...

    It's more than I make in a year. Years ago I made twice that,
    So big thanks to fossel fuels and stupid wars that eat away at my little check now. Maybe I should run for an office, they don't really work, but still get paid???
  • truthis... KateLenn 2011/07/19 10:59:41
    Obama is a lavish living pimp, who seduced the ignorant with vain fluffy language. His numerous parties reveal he doesn't care about the average citizens.
  • getu 2011/07/19 04:49:14
    I would change my vote to "Yes" if the funds raised were going to be used to pack the Chicago gang up and move them out of Washington, DC!!
  • ScottyG... getu 2011/07/19 15:30:32
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    I'm from Chicago and I look at all the IL politicians who are in prison or in trouble. Obamhole is another worthless douche who will end up in prison.

    He's not smart enough to NOT get caught. Believe me he has already done illegal things. It's just a matter of time until he gets caught and charged with his crimes against America.
  • getu ScottyG... 2011/07/20 22:01:18
    Well, Obama didn't deliver hope, though he certainly brought change!

    You, on the other hand, do give me hope!
  • beachcomberT 2011/07/19 04:30:07
    Sets a bad tone when the nation is still suffering high unemployment and foreclosures and our government finances are out of control. What's wrong with the traditional $1,000 a plate dinners? Isn't that pricey enough? Can't Obama's campaign staff sense this will be a PR disaster? How stupid are they?
  • motherg... beachco... 2011/07/19 09:33:47 (edited)
    Thats just it they dont care what we the people think....To bad they dont apply the money to the national debt instead of adding to it....
  • Borat Obama 2011/07/19 04:29:39
    Borat Obama
    King Odumba does it again whether you like it not. This knuckle head just does whatever he pleased. Expensive party that is his taste. I hope the Conservatives don't give in on increasing the US debt. How much tax money has he misspend so far? Fast and Furious and now Kaiser running away with $530 million dollars tax money that King Odumba gave him. Guess What? A guy name Kaiser contributed over $1 million dollars to King Odumba's campaign. This is a big payback. Good job King Odumba.
  • Musarchmo 2011/07/19 04:27:44
    Should be higher... like 50k at least.
  • bt sedlock 2011/07/19 04:15:49
    bt sedlock
    Absolutely not! A POTUS should not be having a $40K-a-plate Birthday Fundraiser while the country is in a recession and the recession is getting worse. If this had happened if the POTUS was a republican the media would be climbing down his throat. I remember when Ronald Reagan was in the White House his wife was attacked in the media for buying expensive china while the country was in a recession during 1981-82.
  • SkreamKid 2011/07/19 04:14:00
    of coarse....it's his money in his name in his bank, let him have some fun....if you had that money wouldn't you like to do that?
  • T7rry SkreamKid 2011/07/19 04:48:30
    It's not his money. It is yours and mine.
  • Steve W... T7rry 2011/07/19 06:39:36
    Steve Wilson
    Oh what the heck! It's only money : )
  • Les SkreamKid 2011/07/19 15:31:16
    Your an Idiot if you don't think that our tax dollars are not going to fund part of this Party. I hope they choke on the cake,especially OBUMBLER!!!
  • SkreamKid Les 2011/07/21 16:05:25
    it came from his pay check tho....
  • tom 2011/07/19 04:09:43
    Funny this nation only worries about debt when we have a democrat for a president...GWII inherited Clintons surpluss and created this mess but the press and the republican didn't care then. Republican have fund raisers and they have donors as well...But if Obama has a fund raiser the press and the Republicans are all over it.....It is BS...
  • bt sedlock tom 2011/07/19 04:21:08
    bt sedlock
    The media has always had a Democrat-liberal bias. They've always disliked Republican-conservatives. Get your facts straight, the media is giving Obama a pass.

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