Anyone Want To See Some Real Journalism On The Trayvon Martin Case???? Check Out This Report From The United Kingdom.

zbacku 2012/03/27 17:32:40
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Our media has completely failed on the Trayvon Martin case.

Check out what the real reporting is like.

Just a few things we are not told about Trayvon. (By the way, that picture that is all over every report is a picture from when he was 12)

Suspended THREE times for drugs, truancy and graffiti and 'caught carrying a burglary tool': New picture emerges of Trayvon Martin (and did he attack a bus driver too?)
  • The teen was suspended from school three times
  • He was on suspension when he was shot in February, after officials caught him with a 'marijuana pipe' and a baggie with drug residue

  • Trayvon was kicked out of school in October for graffiti after he was allegedly caught with a 'burglary tool' and a bag full of women's jewelry
  • Officials also suspended him once for skipping school and tardiness

It was also revealed that he might have attacked a bus driver, according to a Twitter account that it is claimed belonged to the teen.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120504/Trayvon-Marti...

Read More: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2120504/Tr...

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  • Chanie 2012/04/04 19:45:17
    Care To Comment.
    First of all , if what you're saying is true.....why does it matter? That night on February 26th - he was walking from the store with bag of Skittles and a drink while talking to his girlfriend! Who cares if he's been suspended that doesn't even matter in this case. What matters.....Trayvon is DEAD and the MURDERER is still at large! NO JUSTISE.....NO PEACE! The profiling and racism for all minority races needs to stop! We are ALL equal in this world!
  • John M Chanie 2013/07/20 03:56:52
    John M
    Police didn't arrest Zimmerman initially because it was a clear case of self defense, cries of racial injustice resulted in Zimmerman being arrested and tried. He was found innocent of all charges, now you cry for justice to be served when ironically it clearly has been.
  • Caedus01 Sith Lord of the P... 2012/03/27 23:15:15
    Care To Comment.
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    So Zimmerman knew all this about the Kid BEFORE he disobeyed instructions not to follow the kid? You see the point I making? All that information is irrelevant to the fact that Zimmerman overstepped his boundaries
  • SunShine Caedus0... 2012/03/31 23:03:30
    where do you get that info??
  • Caedus0... SunShine 2012/03/31 23:56:55
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    I was questioning the relevance of the information that was posted, It only served as Character assasination.
  • SunShine Caedus0... 2012/04/01 03:33:18
    you said he knew about trayvon before the the incident??
  • Caedus0... SunShine 2012/04/01 03:42:03
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    So Zimmerman knew all this about the Kid BEFORE he disobeyed instructions not to follow the kid? Note the question mark.... it was a question that was meant to stimulate reasoning more so than an inquiry
  • zbacku Caedus0... 2012/04/01 03:44:09
    It was a question to deflect the truth again.
  • Caedus0... zbacku 2012/04/01 03:46:36
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    My question? Don't you say in everyone of these topic that noone knows the Truth. Now you're accusing me of intentionally deflecting it?
  • Caedus0... zbacku 2012/04/01 03:52:09
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    It seems like you're another one that seem to know what I'm thinking before you put words in my mouth and you rally the troops let me explain my statement. The article says that Treyvon was suspended from school for marijuana paraphranalia. I simply stated "did Zimmerman know that before hand? Questioning why is that even being brought up? So if you're gonna attack me attack me for that not for something you think I'm trying to say
  • SunShine Caedus0... 2012/04/01 03:54:37
    sorry .. don't agree
  • Caedus0... SunShine 2012/04/01 04:00:43
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    Don't agree with what May I ask?
  • SunShine Caedus0... 2012/04/01 05:03:38
    omg.. that is not what you said.. you said: SO.. Zimmerman knew all this about the Kid BEFORE ....
    you did not ASK.. IT WAS not a question.. you stated a fact.. big difference.
  • Caedus0... SunShine 2012/04/01 05:40:17 (edited)
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    OYG yes I did in fact I copied it from the statement its still up there!!! With a question mark?!!! And unlike this post it is NOT edited!!! Geez!!!
  • SunShine Caedus0... 2012/04/01 06:18:19
    that is a statement.. not a question.. and the reason you cannot argue that point is that you did not address it to anyone.. so you weren't asking...question mark or not.
  • Caedus0... SunShine 2012/04/01 06:21:24 (edited)
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    ever heard of a rhetorical question?
    A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question without the expectation of a reply.[1] The question is used as a rhetorical device, posed for the sake of encouraging its listener to consider a message or viewpoint.
  • zbacku SunShine 2012/04/01 03:44:46
    He was deflecting from the truth again.
  • zbacku Caedus0... 2012/04/01 03:46:23
    The media is still showing Trayvon as a 13 year old. Now that's truth in reporting isn't it.
  • Caedus0... zbacku 2012/04/01 03:58:29 (edited)
    Caedus01 Sith Lord of the PHAET
    The Media always does things like that Do you remember HURRICANE Katrina? How when a certain race was seen carrying away groceries "they were doing what they had to do to survive" but when another race is seen carry away groceries IT was LOOTING?"
  • MsTLynne 2012/03/27 22:42:35
  • EdWhiteSpace 2012/03/27 21:04:28
    Care To Comment.
    Not sure how any of that matters. Seriously.

    I'm not saying he was a great kid, or a bad one.

    But the facts are these:
    Trevor went to the store and bought some snacks.
    Trevor was on the way to his dad's fiancee's house in the area.
    Zimmerman, who carried a gun and went on frequent patrols, called the cops because he saw a young man walking through the neighborhood and thought he looked 'suspicious'.
    Zimmerman was told to stop.
    He followed Trevor anyway, disregarding the police.
    A fight ensued, whether from Zimmerman attempting to detain Trevor or Trevor not wanting to be followed. We will likely never know which.
    After getting into and losing the fight, Zimmerman pulled a gun and shot Trevor.

    That is not self defense. Zimmerman initiated contact and followed a man because of how he looked.

    It doesn't matter if Trevor had been tossed from school, smoked pot, etc. What matters is he wasn't doing anything when Zimmerman started the altercation and ended up dead because Zimmerman was too busy playing cop to listen to them.
  • Camyle EdWhite... 2012/03/31 18:30:13
    I completely agree...There are countless 17 year olds who smoke pot and have trouble in school...this doesn't excuse the fact that this young man was killed for seemingly no reason.
  • SunShine EdWhite... 2012/03/31 23:05:32
    you don't know who started anything.. that hasn't been established yet.
  • Janice ... SunShine 2012/04/01 04:44:36
    Janice Poole
    You're kidding "Right" and it has been established - Zim was following Trayvon - The police told him NOT to follow, ZIM!!!!!!! followed Travon anyway
  • SunShine Janice ... 2012/04/01 20:38:22
    and he returned to his truck.. where he was found attacked by Trayvon.. I have now read the police report.. the police who attended said that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of his head and his nose was broken.. do you think he did that to himself??
    and this was no helpless little 12 yr old as in the picture you folks have posted.. here is the real picture of him and his tattooed body.. all 170 lbs of him..
    tatoo martin
  • EdWhite... SunShine 2012/04/01 15:22:08
    Sure it has. The kid was walking from the store back to his dad's fiancee's house. Zimmerman had a gun, didn't like his looks, didn't know who he was and started following him. The kid, afraid of being followed by some stranger, ran away. That is all on Zimmerman's call to the police and backed up by the kid's call to his girlfriend. Zimmerman had already had trouble with the law and had been arrested for fighting a cop and had an issue with aggression. He was told to stop following, and didn't.

    Even if the kid was a pot smoking drop out who jumped Zimmerman to beat him up, he shouldn't have been shot. If I was being followed and didn't know who it was and tried getting away but was still followed, I'd probably punch the guy in the mouth and knock him down too.

    Zimmerman was likely going to get his butt kicked. He should have. That doesn't warrant killing anyone.
  • SunShine EdWhite... 2012/04/01 20:42:29
    see pics above.. and quit trying to read other peoples minds.. the police will find out what happened.. in the meantime this is all out of proportion. and the laws are the laws.. in Fl the law says you can defend yourself with a gun.. Zimmerman was found back at his truck.. did he fly there?? he agreed with the person that told him to discontinue following as they were sending someone.. I think he returned to his vehicle.. then.. but the investigation will tell us that later.
  • EdWhite... SunShine 2012/04/02 05:38:49
    LOL Nice pics. How about the one where they brought Zimmerman in with his 'biker's beard' instead of a smiling portrait? Or a smiling one of Trayvon? I'm not reading minds. Facts show a kid out buying candy being followed by a guy out looking for trouble carrying a gun. Facts show a 17 year old running from someone following him who had already been told by cops to stop. Facts show a guy who had already had scuffs with the law for overly aggressive behavior shooting an unarmed 17 year old.

  • SunShine EdWhite... 2012/04/02 06:48:33
    FACTS.. Trayvon also had some interesting background issues.. drugs, possibly stolen jewellery, dismissed from school several times. Zimmerman was found at his vehicle, not someplace else chasing down Martin..
    Zimmerman had bleeding from the back of his head and his nose was broken..
    trayvon was 170 lbs..not as reported here at 130 or 140..
    Zimmerman, if he was protecting himself, was within the laws of Florida, in the right.
  • EdWhite... SunShine 2012/04/04 17:34:17
    Trayvon's background doesn't matter here. That's the point. Zimmerman had no access to it and didn't judge him by it.

    The law protects EVERYONE. You, me, 17 year olds carrying iced tea and candy - even if they are black. And even if they smoke pot and got kicked out of school.

    The kid was probably tough and didn't know why he was followed. He was probably protecting himself, or thought he was. He did nothing wrong - he went to the store and was heading back - and was being followed. If some guy follows me around, I'll knock him to the ground and punch him too. The point is that Zimmerman started it by following the kid. He was told to stop by police and admitted he did not. The kid ran away, but Zimmerman couldn't let it go. He caused this all to happen, and then when he is losing a fight he shoots the unarmed kid. Sorry, but there is a BIG difference between that and shooting a robber trying to come into your house, or shooting someone who was following you and starting trouble.

    Zimmerman started it. He alone caused it. He needs to pay for what he did. He was only protecting himself if he was jumped for no reason and had reason to be afraid for his life. If he initiated and caused a situation then shot an unarmed kid, he is wrong.
  • SunShine EdWhite... 2012/04/05 06:46:14
    I understand what you are saying but there are a few other things that come into this.. First is we don't know for certain what happened until the investigation is finished.. and then to add to what you said... if Zimmerman was doing a citizen check because of robberies in the neighborhood that is a whole different thing.. and would not be out of line. Also if zimmerman went back to his vehicle and was then attacked by Martin that is also another thing..
    In the end.. it is a sad situation.. the "right to defend" law doesn't help either.. I will wait for the investigation to be finished..
  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2012/03/27 18:19:10
    Care To Comment.
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    If it doesn't fit the agenda make it fit, liberal motto.
  • EdWhite... Demonic... 2012/04/01 15:24:02
    Both sides do that. And defending Zimmerman here is the right doing the spinning. He didnt shoot a guy breaking in to the neighbor's, or in his house. He followed someone against that was unarmed which led to a confrontation where he killed a kid on the street. This is not the case to try to defend gun rights over.
  • SunShine EdWhite... 2012/04/01 20:43:51
    read the police report that confirms Zimmerman bleeding, having hollered for help and having a broken nose.. of course he did that to himself right???
  • EdWhite... SunShine 2012/04/02 05:40:54
    If he was following me and I didn't know who he was? I would have knocked him down and out, too. But you don't get to follow people and then shoot them if they punch you or even if they beat you up.

    He armed himself and followed people he didn't think 'looked right'. This was not self defense. This was a guy getting in over his head and killing to not get the beating he deserved.
  • LarryFine 2012/03/27 18:11:05
    Care To Comment.
    We've known for some time now that American news media is not reliable or trustworthy as a source of information.
  • SunShine STEELAN... 2012/03/31 23:06:45
    yes.. did you see all the T Shirts with his picture on them?? who would want that of their dead son?? not any parent I know..
  • STEELAN... SunShine 2012/04/04 01:30:23
    STEELANGEL 凸 Metal Up 凸
    Only a devout follower of Al 'Racist' Sharpton, using Civil Rights for their own profit.
  • HOMBRE 2012/03/27 17:59:23
    Care To Comment.
    Sounds like a lib.

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