Another overseas trip Mr. President?

jt 2010/11/16 02:57:55
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  • Mysteryman 2010/11/23 13:53:30
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Of course He will go on lots more trips overseas!
    I do believe that Obama loves the publicity, good
    or bad. Besides, he might as well go, he only makes
    things worse when he is making more decisions here.
  • Wild Kitty 2010/11/22 19:49:34
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Wild Kitty
    Why not? He certainly knows how to spend money: Wars, Bailouts, and Vacations.
    Maybe he should take a permanent one!
  • Mysteryman Wild Kitty 2010/11/23 13:54:17
    Totally true!
  • captkirk999 2010/11/16 19:44:59
    These trips are not as costly as you think. The wars are more costly.
  • Squeaken458 2010/11/16 17:09:37
    He's just using up all the bennies he can get before the next election. It seems like some people want to get elected to office so they can live high on the hog.
  • Squeake... Squeake... 2010/11/16 17:15:48
  • Seonag 2010/11/16 16:56:36
    Waste of taxpayer dollars as far as I'm concerned. With each passing days, he destroys any possible credibility or influence the US may have had in the world. But, I guess this is also part of the 'change' those who voted for him wanted.
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2010/11/16 10:22:31
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    They can keep him, if they want.
  • Kalayaan 001 2010/11/16 08:53:34 (edited)
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Kalayaan 001
    Ah, a slow learner he is.

    biohazard suitah slow learner
    Well, someone should tell him to put-on a bio-hazard suit before touching-down... just be be prepared for the impending s__t-storm he's bound to encounter.
  • Wonder Woman 2010/11/16 07:22:27
  • Brian S 2010/11/16 06:24:11
    Brian S
    I'm getting the impression that Obama is considered to be the 'Cousin Eddie' of National Lampoon fame to the rest of the worlds leaders. Sure, they let him come over, because they don't want to be too rude, but are damn glad to see him go somewhere else.

    cousin eddieeddie national lampoon fame rest worlds leaders rude damn glad

  • Whitese7en 2010/11/16 06:11:35
    No offense, but these were poor choices for answers.
    First off, I didn't understand the first two answers and the third one doesn't apply.
    Am I the one who is saying "you can count on me", or is that what the annointed one is supposedly saying. The same goes with the second choice.

    As for the 3rd choice, I am in no way "undecided" on my feelings about this colossal JOKE of a President who just had his ass handed to him on a world stage. He has failed miserably and hopefully we will very soon be rid of him. Then, we can begin to clean up this mess that he and Nancy Pelosi have created.

    You needed a "None of the above" choice. Jus sayin
  • Dogzebra~PWCM~JLA 2010/11/16 05:55:39
    I haven't had to answer to anyone yet, why should I bother with the likes of you?

    answer bother
  • ♥getreal♥ 2010/11/16 05:27:05 (edited)
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Guess we foot the bill for this one too? Maybe all that pork in the Stimulus and Healthcare bill allowed an expense acct over and above the ridiculous amount he is paid for doing nothing?? Here is an idea..let him go one way..but for the return trip..produce your legal birth certificate..no papers, no re-entry
  • apachehellfire65 2010/11/16 04:26:27
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    well after the stress of his last vacation. he needed a vacation! obama s permanent vacationstress vacation vacation
  • Dagon 2010/11/16 04:05:35
  • Diana 2010/11/16 03:54:55
    I guess he feels the more he stays out of a country where he's not wanted the better he feels.
    The only thing he has accomplished is wasting more money.
  • AL 2010/11/16 03:52:20
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Why can't we get this SOB to stay over sea-so we don't have to waste our tax money sending his worthless butt back and forth?
  • No Lifer 2010/11/16 03:27:44
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    No Lifer
    I'm taking a nice vacation while you all are stuck in the mess I created for you. Good luck with the economy. I'll be back in a few weeks.
  • Bronti 2010/11/16 03:12:36
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    Good. I hope it is successful.
  • sweetpepper 2010/11/16 03:10:37
    Running and hiding. Lame duck Obamarunning hiding
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2010/11/16 03:09:04
    NOT UNDECIDED. I support Obama completely on his trip to Portugal.
  • Bob 2010/11/16 03:08:58
    Oh no...I am still here with you all...
    When "you all" means his Globalist Socialist Jet-setters he and Shellybelly will be there with bells on and bowing deeply.... Do ya have any real question in your mind that Bo thinks he is really getting Air Miles for these trips..... No, just costing the American Public hard earned Tax Dollars...
  • Philo-Publius 2010/11/16 03:08:04
    Oh no...I am still here with you all...
    Well, in fairness, it does make sense that he would try Europe next, being he is a European-American like me...
    ponderfairness europe european-american
  • Bob Philo-P... 2010/11/16 03:09:48
    Since when is Kenya in Europe???
  • Philo-P... Bob 2010/11/16 03:22:58
    It isn't. Kenya is in Africa.

    What does this have to do however with Obama's European descent?
  • Bob Philo-P... 2010/11/16 03:45:22
    bO's father was natural born Kenyan who moved to and lived in Europe at some point, his mother was American by birth. Hence bO is a Kenyan descendant by birth not of european descent.
  • Philo-P... Bob 2010/11/16 03:59:49
    I had a great-great grandmother who was born in Northern Ireland. I'm still a natural-born citizen of the United States.

    Remember, citizen status is contingent upon birth within geographical boundaries (such as Hawaii) as per the 14th Amendment, and not upon paternity.
  • Bob Philo-P... 2010/11/16 04:13:13 (edited)
    to quote you..."Well, in fairness, it does make sense that he would try Europe next, being he is a European-American like me..."
    His desent is NOT European American it is Kenyan American if anything... was my point... citizenship status wasna't even mentioned until you just brought it up. hence not in question relative to the discussion as originally directed.
  • Philo-P... Bob 2010/11/16 04:28:14
    I agree, citizenship status is not relevant, it wasn't exactly what you asked, true, so fair enough on that point, I think.

    I would however be interested as to whether you think he is in fact a natural-born citizen, and also... I have to ask... why do we single out his father (if we do at all) as the determiner of his nationality? After all, his mother was American, and European-American at that, as I claimed in my original post.

    I'm just curious: why is it that if he's a Kenyan-American in part (as he himself admits), how does that trump the fact that his mother was European-American (if it even does, I mean... not trying to put words into your mouth here). It just evokes images of the 'single drop' test of days gone by, or of some such arbitrary fraction of African blood which would exclude one from American or European society, and, if not, we're still left with the 'why patriarchy (paternity)?' issue. Again, these concerns might be misplaced, but they do enter my mind when someone dismisses a mixed-race individual as African, or hangs the completeness of his ancestry on his father.
  • Bob Philo-P... 2010/11/16 04:48:25
    I am not going to turn this into a birther discussion... but some points..and answers to your questions in that light... Art.2, U.S. Constitution requires that anyone seeking the presidency be a natural born citizen..natural birth requires that both parents be citizens of the U.S.. one of his own grandmothers has stated that he was born in Kenya, hence wouldn't be elegible...

    As for the droptest... that happens to be the consititution and a valid existing document which dictates the requirements. nothing to do with me...other than I support Constitutionalism. as for the race thing... i never mentioned it at all and is irrelevant to the conversation nor my mindset all together. hence not going there!!!
  • Philo-P... Bob 2010/11/16 05:12:34
    Amen on the race issue. I'm glad you agree it's irrelevant.

    I'm a staunch supporter of the Constitution, too. So maybe we agree more than we realize.

    I will say, I honestly was not trying to bait you into a birther or race discussion, I was just troubled by a couple things you alluded to, as they often do go hand in hand with some of the racism I've seen on here, and so clarification was necessary. I appreciate you proving me wrong.
  • Bob Philo-P... 2010/11/16 05:17:16
    Any time you want me to burn my itty bitty fingertips to the bone rationalizing.. feel free to ask... lol.... i enjoyed the discussion.
  • Lynn 2010/11/16 03:05:38
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2010/11/16 03:02:47
    Oh yes...you can count on me, though I won't be here...
    jumpboots 187th PIR
    Don't come back.
  • flaca BN-0 2010/11/16 03:01:21
    Oh no...I am still here with you all...
    flaca BN-0
    that's the job all lame duck presidents do. Check history.
  • CHUCK 2010/11/16 03:01:05
    I WANT TO GO ..

  • sweetpe... CHUCK 2010/11/16 03:08:43
    Who's stopping you?
  • CHUCK sweetpe... 2010/11/16 03:24:29


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