Another One Bites the Dust!

Dorgan announces retirement

By Aaron Blake


01/05/10 06:02 PM ET

In a huge surprise, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.) has just announced he will not seek reelection.

His statement:

I still have a passion for public service and enjoy my work in the
Senate, I have other interests and I have other things I would like to
pursue outside of public life. I have written two books and have an
invitation from a publisher to write two more books. I would like to
do some teaching and would also like to work on energy policy in the
private sector.

“So, over this holiday season, I have come to
the conclusion, with the support of my family, that I will not be
seeking another term in the U.S. Senate in 2010. It is a hard decision
to make after thirty years in the Congress, but I believe it is the
right time for me to pursue these other interests.

“Let me be
clear that this decision does not relate to any dissatisfaction that I
have about serving in the Senate. Yes, I wish there was less rancor and
more bipartisanship in the U.S. Senate these days. But still, it is a
great privilege to serve and I have the utmost respect for all of the
men and women with whom I serve.

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/7...

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  • PartysOver 2010/01/06 15:04:06
    Other Interests LMAO democrap translation I'm gonna get my azz whupped.


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  • TinCanSailor 2010/01/25 13:19:12
    I hope the GOP Central Committee in North Dakota can come up with a person like Scott Brown.
  • Marek 2010/01/23 22:58:23
    Ed schulz from PMS-NBC worked hard to be where he is, he says. I say; Ed stay there, we don't need a senator who advised cheating in Massachusetts just to keep the formerly "kennedy seat." There are enough crooked commiecrats in Washington without you.
  • julie sossaman 2010/01/08 18:56:55
    julie sossaman
    thay know thay will not get reelected thats why we win again.
  • RED DAWN 2010/01/07 02:18:57
    Do you remember when all the LWNJ's were all over Sarah Palin when she left office.How many have you heard say anything about these lefty's leaving.I'm sure they will have a good excuse they will try to spin it some way.
  • IndyLinda RED DAWN 2010/01/07 02:19:26
    LOL! Too right!
  • GINGERBREAD 2010/01/07 01:25:49
    Let them bail out as fast as they can, but do you really think that they will have the same medical treatment as they are "allowing " us to have. I don't think so. I think the they will have the best treatment that any "ELITES" will be getting.
  • awesomeguy1235 2010/01/07 00:49:01
    watcha know, i should get a fire proof suit, you know, humans are getting quite flammable
  • D'Art 2010/01/06 22:56:58
    Lets not get too happy and not assume there is a plan behind this. We have to stay on top this!
  • IndyLinda D'Art 2010/01/06 23:08:05
  • dee 2010/01/06 22:41:24
    impeach the rest.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2010/01/06 22:26:58
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    In other words, "I' m getting the heck out before I get cremated!"
  • jimmy doofieg... 2010/01/06 22:44:01
    isn't that great another one bites the dust and more to follow one way or another
  • doofieg... jimmy 2010/01/06 22:48:26
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    We still have to work hard to make sure others like them are kept out!
  • jimmy doofieg... 2010/01/06 22:52:56
    absolutely it won't be long the candiates well be runing for the mid term i'm sure there credentials well be check very closely especially about our constitution
  • "Abe" 2010/01/06 22:04:04
    I think this is where we are - meaning the Congress~~!! Time to go~~!!

    meaning congress
  • IndyLinda "Abe" 2010/01/06 23:09:54
    Boy, isn't THAT the truth!
  • rwayne72160 2010/01/06 21:55:06
    Voters need to do lots of research on who will be running in place of these lice like Dodd and Dorgan. Obama won the presidency by getting the air headed idiot vote along with the votes of those who believed all his b.s. about hope and change without finding out what his background was and what he really was like.
  • IndyLinda rwayne7... 2010/01/06 23:10:08
  • Diamond Girl 2010/01/06 18:03:19 (edited)
  • IndyLinda Diamond... 2010/01/06 18:20:44 (edited)

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