'Anonymous' Hackers Target Police: Whose Side Are You On?

News 2011/08/15 20:24:00
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The online hacking group referring to itself as Anonymous has come a long way since its roots on 4chan, with recent attacks targeted at everything from the 2009 Iranian election to Malaysian Internet censorship. They were even connected with the Playstation Network outage earlier this year.

Their latest targets are perhaps their most ambitious.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Anonymous sent out notices to the Fullerton Police Department and Bay Area Rapid Transit for separate instances of assumed police brutality, suggesting it would be their "last warning" before they take action against the official organizations.

Their message to Fullerton police was in response to the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless man who died allegedly at the hands of police officers.

It read, "This is not just a brutal attack against another human being, but an attack against human rights," and called for the "immediate resignation of the Chief of Police in Fullerton, California."

Their statement to BART was in response to the shooting death of Charles Hill, and particularly the transit system's decision to shut off cell phone service in some of their stations after the shooting occurred.

So far, only BART's official website, MyBART.org, has been "hacked" with a link to an Anonymous Twitter feed.

Police are obviously taking the threats very seriously.
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  • TheBorg 2011/08/15 21:57:28 (edited)
    The hackers
    As long as government officials (police, politicians, the Republican-Tea party, etc ) continue to abuse and take away rights and liberties of our citizens, "We The People" have a right to fight back against such tyranny. If there were a checks and balances system in place to assure that when those in power, government officials, politicians and the Republican-Tea party abuse and take away our rights, that they are somehow brought to justice, then I would be adamantly opposed to "Anonymous." However, since these usurpers of rights and freedoms continually go unpunished, it is the citizen's right to fight back and try to put an end to such tyranny in whatever manner they are able.

    "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." ~ The Declaration of Independence

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  • Larry 2011/09/03 21:44:52
    The police
    2 to 5 years in general population
  • Eryk Bałdych 2011/08/16 19:25:52
    The hackers
    Eryk Bałdych
    It's not about the law itself, but about people taking advantage of it, and their intentions.
    It's really hard to tell who's right, i'm just after any will of change, and trying to make thing better.
  • PeterHenderson 2011/08/16 18:22:32
    None of the above
    I'm not on the hackers side cuz if I was the police might put me on some list and ruin me! Life in a democracy can be stressful!
  • reaper 2011/08/16 18:00:01
    None of the above
    anonymous is gay

    anonymous gay
  • PeterHe... reaper 2011/08/16 18:23:19
    If so maybe we need more o them gay-boys!
  • er54c 2011/08/16 17:58:18
  • FPSRules 2011/08/16 17:47:32
    None of the above
    For a civilization to survive it must come to a consensus on what is truly 'right' and absolutely 'wrong'. Once established and accepted, those principles of law must be set in stone and faithfully adhered to; otherwise society collapses into chaos.
    Such Law's do exist and were once treasured and honored by America and her government. Those Law's affected the formation of our very Constitution.

    "We' tossed out the foundational basis of our civil laws and Constitution and now we are reaping our reward.
    Many in authority - from police, to judges, to politicians - behave like criminals and get away with it, so it's little wonder that other people think breaking the law is no big deal.

    These hackers may or may not have good intentions; believing this is the only means to 'right' what they view as wrong. The obvious danger is the basis upon which they determine who will be hacked, and who will be the judge of that.
  • jgh57 2011/08/16 16:59:08
    The police
    Sure and while these idiots have crippled police communications I hope you don't need help because the police are the first to come to your calls for distress.
  • PeterHe... jgh57 2011/08/16 18:24:22
    They are also the ones that come for you if you belong to a legal but unpopular organization that ticks off people in power.
  • William... jgh57 2011/08/17 05:51:53
    William Day
    Yeah, I would rather wait 20 minutes for emergency personnel to come to my aid when 5 minutes could be too late.
  • Jackie 2011/08/16 15:46:48
    The police
    Bad things happen, but is it really right to respond with more bad things? Not all police are evil, so for there to be vigilantes committing crimes like this...I question who they think they are to decide who gets punished? Where will they draw the line--they've attacked people THEY perceive as bad--but they're cyber attacks have damaged more than the guilty parties. No one has the right--police or citizen--to take the law into their own hands, and I am not condoning the actions a few of the police officers have taken, but these hackers are no more than cowards, too afraid to fight the system face to face, so they resort to federal crimes. The sad thing is, the citizens these police serve are going to be the ones paying the price.
  • SpOoKs! 2011/08/16 14:38:49
    The hackers
    Stupid Cops
    stupid cops Stupid Cops
  • wulfsong 2011/08/16 14:26:23
    None of the above
    They're all criminals
  • 2011/08/16 14:17:27
    The hackers
    Yeah, like hackers wanted, I just want to get a real world, real change in the world! So, the hope in them!
  • Mariisole 2011/08/16 14:15:38
    The hackers
    They are standing up for people that don't have the balls to do it themselves.
  • doc Mariisole 2011/08/16 14:48:19
    be careful there people may have the balls just not the know-how
  • Mariisole doc 2011/08/16 14:55:34
    I know that but some do have the smarts, they're just afraid of the government. they need to learn how to fight the man!!!!!!!
  • doc Mariisole 2011/08/16 14:58:49
    Fighting the man is a tough thing to do. As James Simon Kunen once said (actually it was his girlfriend): "When the revolution comes we will become them."
  • albinolime Mariisole 2011/08/16 18:11:26
    what's worse:

    Somebody who has the balls and no know-how, or somebody who knows what to do, but not how to do it?

    Perhaps if these people got together.....
  • PeterHe... Mariisole 2011/08/16 18:26:41
    Ya got that right. I'm one of those people who don't have the balls to say what I really think. But if you have a wife n kids to feed, you're a fool to get on some blacklist of anti-government baddies! Soon enough they'll decide to come down on you. Then what? Live in a cave on canned Spam?
  • stl.sha... PeterHe... 2011/08/17 03:44:28
    That reply made me think of the lyrics to "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.

    "And did they get you trade
    Your heroes for ghosts?
    Hot ashes for trees?
    Hot air for a cold breeze?
    Cold comfort for change?
    And did you exchange
    A walk on part in the war
    For a lead role in a cage?"
  • lm1b2 2011/08/16 14:12:56
    The police
    All hackers ought to be jailed as fast as they can identify them,they are criminals,nothing else!
  • doc lm1b2 2011/08/16 14:48:56
    Spoken like a true police state citizen.
  • lester1 lm1b2 2011/08/16 17:34:50
    and also take away their welfare checks.
  • albinolime lester1 2011/08/16 18:11:53
  • Grabitz 2011/08/16 14:12:30
    The hackers
    Sure wish i had their skills . I would be helping many good people that just want a chance in life .
  • ART 2011/08/16 13:41:19
    The hackers
  • PeterHe... ART 2011/08/16 18:30:18
    Well, the Constitution allows us to 'assemble for petition of grievances' and this falls into that category. If what the police are doing is unconstitutional, and if the politicians won't call them on it, then it's up to the public to take up the mission. So if our free and democratic way of life is good, they are indeed using their skills for good.
  • None of the above
    Dark Demonic™ ★ The Original SodaHead Guru ★
    Two wrongs do not make a right.
  • exsecrare Dark De... 2011/08/16 13:43:18
    But three lefts do.
  • MikeOrtiz 2011/08/16 13:38:17
    The hackers
    We are everywhere
  • albinolime MikeOrtiz 2011/08/16 18:12:20
    OOOOoooo, spooky.... =p
  • baboula 2011/08/16 13:20:07
    The police
    "We the people"? Who do they think they are? They do not speak for me and nor will any criminal ever speak for me. Obviously the word " allegedly" does not mean anything to them and nor to many of the responders. There are bad apples everywhere - so you condemn all for the actions of a few? The interesting thing is that these are the first ones calling 911
  • albinolime baboula 2011/08/16 18:13:00
    So many people are speaking for you right now you wouldn't be able to shut them up even if you spoke as loud as you could.
  • Landonbr 2011/08/16 13:10:05
    None of the above
    The Hackers shut down the playstation network! How can I forgive them for such a brutal crime?! They made me tone down my vidgames for a while! How dare they?! >:(
  • Phoenix Landonbr 2011/08/16 16:47:53
    Anonymous were not responsible for that but it may been some rogue hackers who flew their flag or just used their name.
  • albinolime Phoenix 2011/08/16 18:14:05
    Anonymous, isn't that what the word means? How can one group be Anonymous, while the rest are simply anonymous, confusing.
  • Phoenix albinolime 2011/08/16 18:25:42
    They may not have an identity but they have a voice.
  • albinolime Phoenix 2011/08/16 18:35:05
    yep, hackers using twitter, lolz.....not just using twitter, but using twitter to comunicate to the masses their deeds.

    There's only one motivation nowadays for your voice to be public, and there's definitly one motivation for getting publicity in the media: Political agendaaaaaaa
  • Juliees 2011/08/16 13:02:59
    None of the above
    undecided. While these hackers seem to be standing up for what is good and something that means something to them. I'm not sure targeting the police is the way to do it. While mistakes have been made and will be made again, they are important and need to be able to use their computers to assist them in catching those individuals that are breaking laws in the most violent of manners. ie rapists and murderers
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