Ann Coulter nails it again, says Mitt is correct on his 47% comment

☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/09/19 04:26:48
Conservative political commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter tells
Newsmax that Mitt Romney was “absolutely right” when he said supporters of
President Barack Obama are dependent on the government.

She also states
that the nation is approaching a “dangerous tipping point” when “takers”
outnumber “makers” — and it’s “lights out for America” if Obama is

Coulter discusses Romney’s secretly recorded comments that the 47 percent of
Americans who supported Obama were “people who pay no income tax” and thought of
themselves as “victims” who are “entitled” to government benefits.

don’t understand what’s even disputable about it. I mean, that’s how the
Democrats get people to vote for the Democrats,” she says.

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  • pdt_ski 2012/09/19 04:31:25
    Ann is absolutely right. What Romnsy said, given the light of day, is what we have known for a long time but can't say in polite conversation except to like-minded people. It's too bad it took a leak to have it shown to the public, but perhaps that was part of the plan. Democrats are handing out talking points to their followers, trying to deflect this but the word is out and now everyone is talking about it.

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  • Troy 2012/09/28 15:31:50
  • FeedFwd... Troy 2012/09/28 17:29:56
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    I don't think he is complaining about taxpayers. Tax deductions are available for people who earn an income and are eligible for certain deductions, even working class single mothers who are heads of households. I think he agrees that everybody paying taxes should pay less taxes.
  • Troy 2012/09/28 15:30:12
  • FeedFwd... Troy 2012/09/28 17:37:08
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    There was no room in the Inn... It wasn't a case of entitlement at all! It would have been nice if he or one of his other guests were willing to give up their room or at least share it given that Mary was pregnant and near if not already in labor. Neither he nor the government should have compelled one of his other guests, who arrived and registered ealier and paid for a room, to wake up and kick them out in the street and clean up the room so that Mary and Joseph could have a room. Given the nature of Mary and Joseph, I don't think they would have wanted anybody to do that, either, though I'm sure they would have been grateful if somebody had given them their room. And they would undoubtedly have paid for it.
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/09/19 11:55:49
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    She's right, he's right , only liberals don't understand it.
  • FeedFwd... Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/09/28 17:26:31
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    Liberals understand it alright. Liberal politicians and wealthy want the support of the masses and are quite able to protect their wealth. The takers are never satisfied and know it is liberals who will promise them more.
  • Todayisgoingtobegreat 2012/09/19 11:45:51
    nice post.. just asked someone else if they were a giver or taker
  • ed 2012/09/19 08:49:58
    That's right but there sure are a lot of people who make it sound like Romney is out to get everyone and they are upsetting the senior citizen by their comments.
  • betz ed 2012/09/19 10:42:14
    My mother is a senior and was not upset by his comment at all. Not in the least.
  • ed betz 2012/09/19 22:52:28
    good but some probably were and that's were the ones that did understand what he said explain it to the ones who don't.What people on the left are failing to explain is Romney was asked a question and he merely responded to that question.
  • Eccles 2012/09/19 08:39:36
    About time somebody said it, well done Mr. Romney do not back down
  • Troy Eccles 2012/09/28 15:42:31
  • Eccles Troy 2012/09/29 06:21:53
    They are all con men every man jack of them and I despise the breed but what can you do stuck with them we are. None are saviors just wind bags.
    The Mitt is a crook they all are.
    Have to admit he does have a point on this one despite being a creep.
  • Troy Eccles 2012/09/29 13:25:38 (edited)
    I think the thing I find most striking is the split in the vote in America. The GOP are un ashamedly for the rich, as testified to by Mr Romney, he isnt interested in the poor, they either dont vote for him, or dont vote at all. G.W Bush said, "an interesting crowd, the haves and the have mores, some say you are the elite, I say you are my base" Who speaks for the little guy?

    The rich only want to get richer, usually from the exploitation of the poor.
  • Eccles Troy 2012/09/30 06:09:21
    The disgusting Plutocrat Swine would observe there is money to be made out of misery.
    There does seem to be no middle ground in American politics. The guy with the deepest pockets seems to win every time.
    Nothing will change whoever wins the Presidency. Obama will still be a lame duck cornered by the idiots in GOP.
    If Romney gets it the game will swing and continue.
    One can only hope and pray that the games stop and these guys get serious. The situation is dire, the economic fall is not even half way down, if this carries on the landing is going to cause revolutions.
    These are the observations of an outsider what happens in the USA effects the rest of the world in a big way. If you guys are happy so are we.
  • Troy Eccles 2012/09/30 06:24:54
    Amigo, I too am an outsider, yet we are all part of this world and as such have a right to comment on what we see particularly here on a platform for debate - no?
    Recently they have lifted the restrictions on political funding in the USA, a big mistake I think. America now has the best democracy money can buy!
  • Eccles Troy 2012/10/01 05:07:22
    Scary is it not as for the best democracy money can buy thats a good one well put.
  • maquignon 2012/09/19 07:59:44
    It is Obama's plan to have so many dependent on the government that they will all vote for him and it will collapse our economy. That is his avowed goal.
  • betz maquignon 2012/09/19 10:42:57
    I have to agree with you maquignon. He loves to have people right under his thumb.
  • FeedFwd... betz 2012/09/28 17:39:30
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    We are already borrowing almost 50 cents of every dollar spent and he wants to spend more. What kind of lunacy is that? Even if we could double tax revenues by raising rates on the rich (which we can't), that would not be a reason to spend more until the debt is paid down!
  • Troy betz 2012/09/29 21:44:31
  • betz Troy 2012/09/30 10:12:59
    IMO he is loving the fact that more people than ever before are on foodstamps. He's in control of these people. Yep they are his. Instead of finding jobs for them he came to their rescue with help from the government. Yep he's got them right where he wants them.
  • Troy maquignon 2012/09/29 21:43:35
  • mrdog 2012/09/19 06:55:29
    Ann nailed it..bark
  • BornToBeWild 2012/09/19 06:22:18
    Of course he is! So she isn't alone on this!
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2012/09/19 04:44:11
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Really, how dare he tell the truth. It's OK that Obama has written off the black vote and the white middle class...
  • Troy Peewee ... 2012/09/28 16:24:18
    Yea, tell it like it is!


    Source: tumblr.com via Ben on Pinterest

  • Peewee ... Troy 2012/09/28 16:32:01
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    I don't particularly care to help those who won't take care of themselves either. There's a huge difference between can't and won't. How about all those jobs we were promised?
  • Troy Peewee ... 2012/09/28 16:40:11
    Exactly, if the jobs aren't there you can't call people lazy scroungers, who expect handouts for not having one
  • FeedFwd... Troy 2012/09/28 17:45:02
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    And look how many jobs appeared with liberal policies like the stimulus programs. How many jobs are being created by qualitative easing? What exactly is the senate doing to create jobs? How are Obama's ideas going to create jobs? What is wrong with voluntary charity as opposed to corrupt government coercion? What feels good and sounds good to you defies reality.
  • Peewee ... Troy 2012/09/28 18:13:46
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Exactly, so where are all these promised jobs and rosy outlook?
  • FeedFwd... Peewee ... 2012/09/28 17:40:58
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    There is also a big difference between voluntary and compulsory.
  • Peewee ... FeedFwd... 2012/09/28 18:12:13
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Tell me about it! Compulsory health care is coming.
  • DavE 2012/09/19 04:43:44
  • Sgt Major B 2012/09/19 04:40:05
    Sgt Major B
    Ann is dead on. The entire issue is that that segment of the 47% that are deadbeats and prefer living on the dole as opposed to improving their status (translate to Democrats/ Liberals/ Progressives as you see fit) don't like to hear the truth.

    The crocodile tears, the wringing of hands accompanied by the wail of "Woe is me!", the constant carping of "He's got more than me - Life isn't fair!!", the 'grasshopper' attitude of "Oh, the world owes me a livin'...", the refusal to look at the end of their own damned arm when they need a helping hand are enough to make a productive member of society PUKE!
  • god son Sgt Maj... 2012/09/19 05:32:59
    god son
    I know people that are in the army who are voting for Obama. Are the people in the army that are voting for Obama deadbeats?
  • Sgt Maj... god son 2012/09/19 05:41:59 (edited)
    Sgt Major B
    "...that segment of the 47% that are deadbeats and prefer living on the dole..."
    Serving in the military is hardly 'on the dole'. Can you comprehend the difference? Obviously, English isn't your forte.

    I personally don't know of anyone in the military, active duty or retired, that intends to vote for Obama.
  • god son Sgt Maj... 2012/09/19 06:56:21
    god son
    English is my ''forte''. You have poor writing skills and you need to learn how to write better.

    This is a debate you can't win and I look forward to embarrassing you. Shall we begin?

    First, what is the definition of the word ''dole''?

    Second, did you know people in the military receive food stamps?
  • betz god son 2012/09/19 10:45:37
    It's the people who milk the system for years on end who are the leeches and we all know there are many many out there. They know how the system works and are draining the rest of us.
  • Sgt Maj... god son 2012/09/19 12:28:26 (edited)
    Sgt Major B
    Actually, my moronic friend, I write quite effectively and my statement was both clear and concise, The problem is your deficient comprehension. You are incapable of reasoned debate because you perceive and attempt to postulate non-existant nuances in an effort to skew your opponent's meaning.

    The statement "...that segment of the 47%..." serves to limit the group referred to. The term "...deadbeat..." refers to a loafer or one who doesn't pay his bills. The expression "...living on the dole..." historically derives from a form of payment to the unemployed instituted by the British government in 1918.

    The military, being employed, hardly qualify as "living on the dole". Nowhere in my comments did I equate food stamps as a subsidy for deadbeats. Even so, the percentage of military personnel using food stamps is miniscule (.0375% or less than four-one hundredths of one percent of the active duty population). As I pointed out earlier, you perceive meanings never stated or even implied.

    As is the case with most Liberals/Progressives, you screen all conversation through a filter of feces. This is a malady easily remedied. Assume a standing position, feet spread slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Reaching behind you, grasp one cheek with each hand, give a hearty tug with your upper torso, and pull your head out. That should resolve your primary problem.

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