Animal Planet Mini-Series "Mermaid .. The Body Found"

sglmom 2012/05/28 04:17:27
MY Thoughts ..
OTHER Thoughts ..
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Link to the press release

I've tuned into this with a bit of curiosity ..
listening to what was presented indeed ..

(I encourage curiosity .. learning to listen then ask questions)

It is definitely photographed well ..
the use of selected 'snippets' of highlighting the comments of those participants in this production is intriguing ..

Interweaved with the 'Fishermen's Tales' ...

Does have the ability to 'draw the imagination in' ..

Link to some articles/Blogs on this program

(and here's a link to the very abbreviated entry on WIKIpedia .. note .. a WIKI about this special)
(WIKIs are always suspect .. they rely on the users to keep their content clean ...)

Did you tune into part of this showing?
What were your own thoughts on this?
Where do facts END .. and Imagination begins?
What are the possibilities here?

(Let's also acknowledge we know that Media can 'editorialize' snippets heavily to try to sway sentiments or narrowly promote agendas indeed .. )

Curiosity .. is a good thing ..
so is a good imagination ..
sometimes .. both .. find their way into human psyches (minds) ..
(and at times .. through media too)

PLEASE Feel free to add your thoughts below ..

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  • Hello. 2012/06/03 11:52:36
    MY Thoughts ..
    Since we haven't discovered every bit of the world there is a slight possibility - of their existence. Simply because they are mentioned in fairy tales doesn't mean they aren't real. Panda used to be mythical - can you believe that?!
  • sglmom Hello. 2012/06/03 12:45:57
    Possibly ..
    I've posted polls on this site ..
    where SCIENCE has discovered species previously thought extinct
    (curiously enough .. in their (former) natural habitats too)
    Always fascinating to read/hear stories like this ..
    who knows what we'll find proof of next in the unexplored (and explored) corners of this Earth?
  • safari 2012/05/28 14:59:25
    MY Thoughts ..
    I don't believe in mermaids :)

    I think sailors in the past might have had a little too much rum and mistaken a whale, dolphin or manatee for a mermaid. (Wishful thinking on a lonely sea?)
  • sglmom safari 2012/05/29 02:12:55
    (Oh, you do have a point here!)
    I'm always the skeptic .. the scientist in me generates a lot of questions indeed ...
    being on the sea for months and months .. yes, there's a lot of 'imagination' .. and no place to go for relief ..
  • safari sglmom 2012/05/29 06:28:43 (edited)
    I can also imagine that passing on the story of a female form spotted underwater might also give rise to the "imagination" under those circumstances and become a popular 'sailor story." lol :)

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