Angry Birds on Sesame Street Want Obama to take Down PBS Ad: Should He?

Chris D 2012/10/09 20:00:00
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He is at it again. The man who was once going to bring us hope and change is running a new snarky ad, dripping in sarcasm and pits Wall Street against Sesame Street. Mitt Romney is the villain in the new 30-second spot, but the ad really says more about Obama than it does about Romney.

Romney's point in the debate, when the whole Big Bird issue came up, was that he didn't want to borrow from China to pay for government programs like PBS... aren't we all better than this? I think the Obama from 2008 thought so! Should the President take the spot off the air, now that PBS is requesting it?

FOXNEWS.COM reports:
Sesame Workshop has asked the Obama campaign to take down a new TV ad that prominently features the famous talking bird, in a satirical spot mocking Mitt Romney for calling for an end to PBS subsidies.

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  • Daryl 2012/10/10 00:37:13 (edited)
    No, let Obama make a fool of himself.

    -Americans murdered

    -Holder is arming murderous drug cartels

    -Iran is building a nuke

    -Rampant crime in US cities

    -American economy in ruins

    ...and Obama is talking about 'Big Bird'

    obama big bird

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  • Bethany 2012/11/01 02:40:15
    The interesting thing is....PBS receives a miniscule amount of govt funding....about 0.14%. Funding for PBS programs comes from a variety of sources - member stations' dues, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, government agencies, foundations, corporations and private citizens...so....My heart says respect their wishes but my head says this is a vicious election season & if Romney's Big Bird foot in mouth comment helps re-elect the President via a commercial then so be it & let the games begin...
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/10/26 19:52:05
  • Dolly 2012/10/26 18:45:47
    If PBS doesn't want to be associated with Obama, that is their right. I personally will be sad if my dear friend PBS disappears.
  • Nuke 2012/10/23 03:29:30 (edited)
    They've asked him to stop using Big Bird in his ads, Obama needs to stop, then again when does he listen to anyone anyways, he bypassed congress, he just does whatever he damn well pleases without concern for anyone else.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/10/21 05:55:28
    Well, they do have a right to protect their properties.
  • Bilingual required sucks 2012/10/17 16:03:19
    Bilingual required sucks
    Yeah, what a budget bonanza for the Federal Government to stop funds to PBS. That is just ridiculous.
  • apachehellfire65 2012/10/15 20:22:11
    am i the only one that thinks it is odd that the best that the obummer campaign can come up with is HE IS GOING TO KILL BIG BIRD? are these people even trying?
  • Bilingu... apacheh... 2012/10/18 15:46:04
    Bilingual required sucks
    WTF are you talking about? That statement came out of Romney's mouth. The Democrats make fun of it, because it is utter nonsense. Cutting funding to PBS is not going to lower the national debt. Your idiot candidate stated that he will abolish funding for PBS. PBS has a range of scientific, classical music and theatre, operas, documentaries, political commentary....it is a long list. When you cut out PBS, the entire nation loses.
    Romney referenced Big Bird as the reason he will abolish funding to PBS. If you use that example to justify Romney's plan to cut PBS off from funding..., then you you are not aware of what good these free public programs do.Big Bird is just a character from Sesame Street, which is an educational program that benefits kids, by reinforcing what they are taught in school.
    I was one of those kids that grew up watching Sesame Street, and it is not just broadcasted here, but in other countries as well.
  • apacheh... Bilingu... 2012/10/18 17:07:25
    oh! so its Romney s camp saying he is going to kill big bird? you sure about that? and i grew up watching PBS too. but if the government cut out all funding. you know the impact it would have? ABSOLUTELY ZERO! over 85% of PBS,s funding comes from private donors and private grants. and joke or not this close to the election with everything going on. the left thinks the best thing to be talking about is big bird? just more proof the left is compleatly falling apart.
  • Bilingu... apacheh... 2012/10/19 12:38:13 (edited)
    Bilingual required sucks
    Not Romney's camp. Romney HIMSELF said that.
  • Garland Bennett 2012/10/15 20:01:17
    Garland Bennett
    This is just proving, that Obama is making a darn fool of himself. Of all of the important things to talk about and deal with, were going to put a great deal of focal point on one of Sesame Street's most beloved bird, the same one that I'd grew up on and he's going to attack that?!
    Obama is just turning himself into an idiot and just now posting things that're irrelevant and downtrodden horrible as well. I'm so not voting for him as this is one of the things he's done to piss me off about the way he handles things.
  • doc moto 2012/10/15 19:30:27
    doc moto
    Yeah, they need to run him out of office! Vote Romney, he will do a better job, he will do the job!
  • RJeffreySavlov 2012/10/15 19:09:30
    PBS is a government funded network and Obama has no business putting out the ad. Take it down.
  • Sav 2012/10/15 18:23:10 (edited)
    yeah because angry bird didnt get OBAMA Phone but elmo did

  • TimothyBrianFoley 2012/10/15 16:41:28
    air this ad
  • BIGK27 2012/10/15 15:43:03
    Give Obama the Bird.
  • sally 2012/10/15 06:09:17
    Who cares about the ad? It's just going to be another one of Obama's failed attempts to keep his ass in office.
  • AL 2012/10/15 04:57:23
    Tell you what,I'll take Romney and I'll just give the bird to Obama instead!
  • sunniday 2012/10/15 00:18:16
    Our country was built on free speach & free to worship,anything short of that is communism
  • Joe 2012/10/14 20:36:59
    Wait a second. Romney meant exactly what he said, namely that he intended to cut funding for public television (among other things like education).
  • AL Joe 2012/10/15 04:59:51
    Tell you what, I'll take Romney and I'll give you the bird in that case! Deal?
  • Joe AL 2012/10/15 13:55:07
    Al, your guy brings up Big Bird in a nationally televised debate, which turns out to be yet
    another gaffe. True to form, the cons try to blame Obama! An old trick: you do something outrageous and then accuse someone else of doing it.

    You can flip the bird all you want. If it's the best you can do, then get ready for four more years of Obama (thank God).
  • Navajogirl 2012/10/14 19:02:18
  • AL Navajogirl 2012/10/15 05:00:33
    Don't mess with the Bird Obee!
  • kobidob... Navajogirl 2012/10/15 05:59:08
    Obama to going after big bird is low really low. Obama needs to humble himself and repent.
  • Navajogirl kobidob... 2012/10/17 15:05:06
    Obama has been lower that that , he is a liar...
  • kobidob... Navajogirl 2012/10/18 05:43:15
  • kmay 2012/10/14 18:12:36 (edited)
    PBS makes millions off of the bird! Their CEO makes close to 700k. They don't need my tax dollars!
  • Tombo 2012/10/14 18:02:45
  • Navajogirl Tombo 2012/10/14 19:21:58 (edited)
    Exactly, The real and genuine bird!


  • Tombo Navajogirl 2012/10/15 00:39:30
    Thank You
  • Navajogirl Tombo 2012/10/17 15:34:39 (edited)
    Thank you! Mainly, Obama's brutal issues on abortion was made me not to vote for him at the last election. Now, I see this video and I have more valid reasons for never voting for that incompetent coward.
  • Tombo Navajogirl 2012/10/17 17:20:38
    Here's the latest:
  • Bilingu... Navajogirl 2012/10/19 12:47:09
    Bilingual required sucks
    That is one pissed off eagle.
  • LisaSmith 2012/10/14 16:29:53 (edited)
    It just shows how stupid he is that he is talking about big bird while the Middle East is boiling over and we are being invaded by illegals. Big Bird and obama, so appropriate, meanwhile Romney is the grown up in the campaign.
  • AL LisaSmith 2012/10/15 05:02:00
    Why don't we just give Obama the bird and vote for Romney in that case?
  • iamnothere 2012/10/14 15:27:14
    those who dont want the ad taken down are showing that they dont have a clue about what it means to be non profit and non partisan... of course this is likely the same group who think it is a great idea to have someone behind the curtain telling Obama what to say on a totus in the middle of a debate.. Dumb stupid and ignorant.. and this is being kind
  • rushPUBIKkklans Suck 2012/10/14 14:19:52
    rushPUBIKkklans Suck
    Big Bird better keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep a job.
  • Navajogirl rushPUB... 2012/10/14 19:09:07
    Desperate liberals are using this Big Bird to try to take political advantage: jeesss!!

    During the debate, Romney mentioned that although he loved Big Bird, he wasn’t willing to borrow money from China to fund PBS. Liberals went ballistic, claiming that Romney wanted to kill Big Bird.

  • rushPUB... Navajogirl 2012/10/15 13:44:39
    rushPUBIKkklans Suck
    Why not make the recipients of BILLIONS of tax dollars like oil and pharma corporations pay their own way. Hell, r-Money doesn't even pay HIS own way.
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