Analysis: Democrat Optimism a 'House of Cards'

Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer... 2010/10/07 21:52:31

While the Cook Political Report has a general policy of not putting unindicted incumbents in categories worse than our “Toss Up” column, which is akin to the critical ward of a hospital, we are now looking at moving a dozen or so Democratic House incumbents into the Lean Republican column (Sen. Blanche Lincoln is already there).

Furthermore, only one GOP incumbent today seems to be a candidate for moving into Lean Democratic. With less than a month to go to the election, something could obviously happen that would change the trajectory of this election — but it would have to be something pretty dramatic, and I don’t see that happening.

For most of this cycle, the buzz had Republican-leaning outside groups spending their millions on Senate races and forgoing most House contests. But so far, outside spending geared toward helping GOP House candidates is far outpacing the $5.6 million the Karl Rove-advised American Crossroads has laid down in Senate races. …

At the outset of October, the two biggest fears among rank-and-file House Democrats are that Republican outside groups are finally for real and set to deluge the airwaves, and that the DCCC squandered its September opportunity to preemptively discredit GOP challengers.

While Democrats start airing blistering attack ads with just several days left before early voting starts in most states, some will be wondering whether it’s already too late. For Democrats who haven’t taken advantage of September to build leads by defining their GOP opponents, cutting through the clutter of outside-group spending in October might prove next to impossible.

It appears that the Democrat Party, was taken over by the progressives in academia and the media. These fools mis-read the 08 election, to mean that the country wanting to be like France. They ignored the 47% that voted against Barry. They were wrong, and when they governed like they were right, they birthed the tea party.
Then they thought that their media could ridicule the folks that were gathering in those tea party meetings. Once again they thought wrong!! Their arrogance got the better of them and Congress members started shutting out their constituents, and ignoring them.
Well they are now finding out that there is a heavy price to pay for their arrogance. Their ads telling voters that Republicans will take away their Social Security and burn their churches are not working anymore. Their culture of corruption has caught up with them.
At least the Dems are not claiming that Republicans will take away your free health care, since they have already done that themself and are not interested in talking about that albatross now known as BOcare.

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  • *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP 2010/10/08 20:08:16
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    Chicken dance: Another endangered Democrat bails on debate — and more!

    FTA: The other day, I noted that beleaguered Democrat Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias of Illinois had bailed on a debate with GOP opponent Mark Kirk. Polls show Kirk leading the Obamas’ shady banking buddy.

    Looks like the chicken dance is all the rage among endangered Democrats.

    Here in Colorado, 4th Congressional District Democrat Rep. Betsy Markey went AWOL on her latest debate, too

  • Sherry ... *Danno*... 2010/10/08 20:26:49
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    They are sure doing that!!!
  • *Danno*... Sherry ... 2010/10/09 03:32:37
    *Danno* JYD - SWMTPP
    We've got them on the run, but the elitists believe this will merely be a minor set back.

    We are in this for the long haul.
  • Dora Rachael 2010/10/07 22:10:01
    Dora Rachael
    Great post and I agree.
  • Sherry ... Dora Ra... 2010/10/07 22:31:30
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    Thank you.
  • contrast24 2010/10/07 21:55:48
  • Sherry ... contrast24 2010/10/07 22:32:03
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
  • Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy su... 2010/10/07 21:53:08
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    I am not one to count my chickens before they are hatched, but I am cautiously optimistic that mainstream Americans have turned and turned hard against what was once the Democratic Party. I really do not know how those moderate Democrats allowed the far left Progressives to run amok all this time. It is one thing to be loyal to a party but it is more important to be loyal to your country. Just a reminder, that is the pledge you took, not to someone or something. To your country. In my opinion, the child will not be spared the rod this time around. Just bend over and take your medicine like an adult!

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