An Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul

KCurtis 2012/06/11 23:53:12
Dear Dr. Paul,
I am just a mother and a grandmother who so loves this country and the concept of freedom that stands faithfully behind our lovely United States Constitution. While I respect your views, I also see that you have collected a vast and deep following of people over the course of your admirable career. But, I must ask you now to consider the path you have chosen and the priorities of it. I must ask that you define for those followers, what is the best path for the greater good of us, the American people. I have been involved in politics at a local level since the 1970’s. I have served on a public level, but rarely delved into the national level until 2008. Today with little experience, I run a PAC, a political action committee under the blanket of the independent grass roots movement of the Tea Party. I’ve been an independent voter for over 42 years over 10 election cycles voting for both Democrats and Republicans who hold a fiscal and Constitutional conservative ideology. Now I realize something critical to both the path and direction of this great country, I must chose a side that stands clearly against the progressive movement toward a foundation that squarely stands on the opposite side of Socialism, Marxism, Fascism and eventually Communism, and that stance falls on the Republican Party. While a presidency held by Governor Romney is not as conservative as I like, I recognize for the good of all of the US people; Mr. Romney is the only opportunity we have to continue to live under the Constitution I swore a pledge of allegiance to for the better part of my entire life. So I ask you, plain and simple, transparent, from the bottom of my heart to do the same. The people who follow you have clearly stood for the Constitution, but unfortunately they also blindly follow your direction and some are willing to follow that dedication to the end of the freedom. They as well as all Americans need your direction now. They need to be told you are no longer seeking the office of the President of the United States and they need to be given your choice of endorsement. Without this, all of what you have stood for will soon fall to the ashes of the end of this great nation, the end of a free people. Ronald Regan once said freedom was the last stand in the United States and here we are, at the end of the road. Those of us who never stood with either party now realize that another 4 years of a leftist, progressive presidency will end all that we have stood for, for the last 240 years. It’s time Dr. Paul, it’s time for you, like I, to make your choice.

You have no possible way to win your honorable fight. You have given your all and those on either side have lost, but we as Americans have lost the most. While I understand your attempts and respect your positions now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country; this includes you Dr. Paul. We need to be united so that we will live to vote another day. I urge you to come forward, admit your campaign is over and make an endorsement so that those people who blindly follow can make their choice. And if you have any bit of concern over the future of the US Constitution I ask that you give us a start to turn the paradigm back, to move the road toward a better, more conservative America and endorse Mitt Romney. While he is not the most conservative person to guide this nation through the extremely hard times, he is the most conservative candidate who can win and stop the liberal progressive regression of this country and move forward with the founding principles that we have always, and will hopefully always stand for.

Very best regards,

KCurtis, National Chairwoman
Tea Party PAC of USA

Read More: http://www.teapartypac.org/2012/06/11/an-open-lett...

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  • Freedoo... DavidK 2012/06/14 03:57:28
    Your right. Romney is an amazing breath of fresh air. He resembles a career politician in no way. He is so obviously a man of the ppl and comes from humble beginnings. He has never flip flopped and just beams with morality and experience.

    His track record of being the 48th state in job creation, rolling out Romneycare, and keeping ever single campaign promise as governor clearly paints a different picture than what we have in the white house today. Couple that with the outstanding morals required to make money in the venture capitalist industry and his proven success there; he is a candidate that just couldn't be any better. I can't believe I didn't see it before now.

    I guess I was just brainwashed by mass media to vote for Ron Paul.
    no point in voting
  • DavidK Freedoo... 2012/06/14 11:36:54
    I guess you were brainwashed. He's not running anymore as a GOP'er!
  • Freedoo... DavidK 2012/06/14 18:01:27
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Oh if you could only see the irony here.
  • Defendn... Freedoo... 2012/06/22 17:34:06
  • Chris -... klausd11 2012/06/12 11:12:24
  • kaZappoo 2012/06/12 03:55:24
    what I dont understand is WHY do we the people have to rely on a committee of biased people take two people who have very different out looks & ideals choose two people to run for one of two parties ,,,and unless a person in nominated by a committee RNC or DNC ...there not eligible !

    now they can continue to run their campaign but the ideals of their 's are vanqueshed by the scum of the other two running ...

    I've never liked the original 2 parties ...

    and I like what PAUL STANDS FOR . but if he's done because if what ever ,,so be it ..and the RNC has no idea what their doing ...

    then the comittees make their choices it 's BULLPOOP ...and NOT in the best interest of the people NOLY which candidate has the most $$$$$

    so are they buying the position ..or the people voting them in ?
  • Ron in ... kaZappoo 2012/06/12 04:10:59
    Ron in Oregon
    You vote in you state and the Electoral College elects the President.
  • kaZappoo Ron in ... 2012/06/12 04:50:06
    I know how the college works ,,,and thanks .....I know a deligate ....!

    I still say it's who brings the most $$ to the table gets the electorial college in their side ...

    ron paul scares washington ....as does WEST / andrew napalatano ...

    romney can be manipulated by the green backers ...and can obama ..that is already evident ..
  • Ron in ... kaZappoo 2012/06/12 19:59:47
    Ron in Oregon
    I wish we had the West/Napalatano option.
  • kaZappoo Ron in ... 2012/06/13 19:47:43
    that was my original choice for a leadership team ...

    problem is that team would scare washington and all involved ) and the world leaders ..not to mention the NWO ...and the UN ....
  • Chef Bu... Ron in ... 2012/06/12 15:04:40
    Chef Bunyan
    The Electoral College is antiquated at best. We should be electing our POTUS by the popular vote!
  • kaZappoo Chef Bu... 2012/06/12 17:02:03
    there for the longest time I thought the popular vote elected the candidates ...then I got a wake up call ...(so naive i was )

    and agreed the current system isnt controlled by the people ....!
  • Ron in ... Chef Bu... 2012/06/12 20:00:59
    Ron in Oregon
    Work to change it then, but it what we now have.
  • Ron in ... Chef Bu... 2012/06/15 20:25:21
    Ron in Oregon
    Work to have this requirement repealed then.
  • KCurtis kaZappoo 2012/06/12 10:51:23
    They are eligible, it's Obama who is not eligible, without that support gained by nomination... they just can't win.
  • kaZappoo KCurtis 2012/06/12 17:02:45
    OH agreed .....and WE know this .....

    the sheeples dont & will deny it !
  • tncdel 2012/06/12 03:49:30
    I'm still hoping Ron Paul will make good use of his political leverage, not squander it, by getting Romney to appoint him Secretary of the Treasury, with power over the Federal Reserve, in return for backing him against Obama.
  • john Kills tncdel 2012/06/12 06:33:20
    john Kills
    Nobody has any control over the federal reserve. Lincoln and Kennedy would tell you, it's dangerous to buck the Fed.
  • Lee tncdel 2012/06/12 10:23:18
    What makes you think the Secretary of the Treasury has "power over the Federal Reserve?"

    That is incorrect.

    The Fed is independent.

    " . . . the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government."

  • 'Zedd tncdel 2012/06/12 21:34:12
  • rightside 2012/06/12 03:48:15
    Even Paul knows he's not going to win.
    Good letter! Did you send it to him? I think you should.
  • Teri- Oregon 2012/06/12 03:42:03
    Teri- Oregon
    I shared you letter and my response to your letter directly with Dr.Paul. He is reading it now. Have a good day KC!
  • KCurtis Teri- O... 2012/06/12 10:53:23
    I already sent it to him. Thanks for the added attention LMAO.
  • Teri- O... KCurtis 2012/06/12 11:05:20
    Teri- Oregon
    no problem thought you could use some help since you aren't a true tea party member (well don't follow their beliefs at least) or a Ron Paul supporter
  • Bevos Teri- O... 2012/06/12 12:04:33
    What do you mean that she is not a true tea party member? Just because she does not support YOUR choice? That makes her not believing in the Tea Party? You have your nerve!
    You sound like Obama. IT'S MY WAY OR NO WAY! You have been on this site insulting anybody that does not support Mr Paul, for some time now. I have said nothing about your rants, I have treated you with the respect of a person that has the right to make their own choices in this election, I have listened to your insults about Mr Romney and anyone that follows him. But now I have had ENOUGH!!! You have no right to attack Ms Curtis' character and insult her just because she does not happen to believe as you do.
    Being a true Tea Party member does not mean anybody HAS to follow Mr Paul. There are THOUSANDS, no, MILLIONS that do not follow Mr Paul. But they are still TEA PARTY MEMBERS!!! TRUE Tea Party Members!!!
  • Teri- O... Bevos 2012/06/12 12:09:01
    Teri- Oregon
    she doesn't follow the constitution, all of you who are voting Romney and claim to be tea party members are not true tea party members, the tea party believes in limited government and the constitution. If you vote Romney you do not believe in these things because he is for big government and doesn't even know the constitution by his own omission. that is where I get off saying it.
  • KCurtis Teri- O... 2012/06/12 17:09:52
    Please state something I've done that proves I don't follow the Constitution. I'll state something that you do that is in violation of people's constitutional right... you don't let people have their own opinion. You won't hear people speak unless they are your comrades.
  • Ev Rom KCurtis 2012/06/12 20:19:58
    Ev Rom
    You are just as guilty of trying to censor people by way of insulting, the rest of her post is right on....?
  • Chef Bu... Ev Rom 2012/06/13 07:02:30
  • Ev Rom Chef Bu... 2012/06/14 01:29:18
    Ev Rom
    If you want Oblowhole in office again go ahead, let Romney be the nominee...
  • Chef Bu... Ev Rom 2012/06/14 16:24:07
    Chef Bunyan
    Romney CAN beat 0blowhole! I DON'T want him to be the nominee, but that's the way the DELEGATES are gonna vote!! Romney has WON them! And they aren't going to change their votes! So I WILL support him BECAUSE HE WILL BE THE GOP NOMINEE, LIKE IT OR NOT!!! IT IS CRITICAL THAT WE GET RID OF 0BLOWHOLE!! Despite what you think of Romney, he's still a VAST improvement!!
  • Ev Rom Chef Bu... 2012/06/14 17:55:28
    Ev Rom
    LOL, sure, he is only Obamas twin and just cus he claims to be a republitard you fall for it, hook line and sinker.
  • Chef Bu... Ev Rom 2012/06/14 21:40:57
    Chef Bunyan
  • Ev Rom Chef Bu... 2012/06/14 21:42:41
    Ev Rom
    hey you had you day in the sun as a traitor when you let BUSH initiate the destruction of this country. Let us people who have hope for REAL change have ours.
  • Dan ☮ R... KCurtis 2012/06/13 16:03:50
    Dan ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮
    Just finish reading her post.

    ". If you vote Romney you do not believe in these things because he is for big government and doesn't even know the constitution by his own omission. that is where I get off saying it."
  • Chef Bu... Teri- O... 2012/06/13 07:00:07
    Chef Bunyan
    I've got my membership card in my pocket and our entire chapter of the Tea Party will support the GOP nominee! PERIOD! We MUST get 0blowhole OUT!!!
  • Ev Rom 2012/06/12 03:33:26 (edited)
    Ev Rom
    How arrogant... You don't think Ron Paul knows who Mitt Romney is and what he stands for? Romney is no different than Obama, Ron Paul would have probably dropped out by now if he was. Pretending Romney is a better choice for this country is more insulting than your BS letter to Ron Paul.
  • DavidK Ev Rom 2012/06/12 05:29:42
    Comparing Obama to Romney is the only defense you libtards have anymore. Sorry, the fact that your uneducated, demented, libtarded fools can't see the difference..... Give it up you fools!
  • Ev Rom DavidK 2012/06/12 05:33:49
  • DavidK Ev Rom 2012/06/14 03:28:20
    Ignorance is bliss................

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