An appeal to Ron Paul.............

Teri- Oregon 2012/06/11 23:57:00
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Read More: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4FTQvwRrWc

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  • Mike 2012/07/04 15:19:24
    I don't think that Ron Paul will endorse Mitt but I do think though he will vote for him....just because your vote for someone one doesn't mean you endorse him....it means out of the choices we have...this person would be the best.......I learned my lesson the hard way....yeap last year I didn't like any of my choices...and being republican...I could not get myself to vote McCain....so......I didn't vote....as did lots of my friends and co workers and church goers......This year....I'm voting....not because it's the BEST MAN I THINK COULD DO THE JOB....but because it's be BEST person out of the choices I have....I still would get behind Ron Paul if he ran independently......BUT I would rather see him prosper and change the Republican form ...thought .....and goals....We'll see....
  • Technotrucker_exposingthetruth 2012/07/03 23:28:10
    Excellent speech. I agree with this man 100%! All should watch this.
  • nverumind 2012/07/02 20:01:02 (edited)
    I know he has changed my life in the way that i veiw politics, Gov, the Constitution, Freedom, Personal Liberty, and economy ( keynesian economics vs austrian economics)

    I say it all the time to my husband that i wish i could meet RP in person , just to thank him.
  • Fenris 2012/07/02 10:03:41
    Hope Ron Paul runs again!
  • David Hussey 2012/07/01 23:21:49
    David Hussey
    If Ron Paul endorses Mitt Romney he will lose all the considerable respect I have acquired for him over the years. For him to do so would be to betray his supporters, and if he does this for the sake of his son's political ambitions then he becomes just one more douchebag in Washington.

    Saldy, I don't think Ron has changed the world at all. He has without a doubt changed things for many people, opened many eyes that had been previously closed, but the world today is no different than it was yesterday, or in 2007 for that matter. Far too few people have heard the call to even begin to say that the world is changed because of Ron, it simply has not. He has provided a foothold from which to bring about change, but change has not yet happened.

    The guy in the video makes a good point about the Campaign for Liberty, it is in many ways Ron's legacy and if it is not run by someone who fully embraces all of Ron's ideals, even his unpopular foreign policy positions it will wither and die.
  • Super_Doodles 2012/07/01 19:43:22
    Since that video is gone, here a link to it. HE CHANGED THE WORLD!
  • Teri- O... Super_D... 2012/07/01 23:07:21
    Teri- Oregon
    Thank you so much, I edited the question. :)
  • Super_D... Teri- O... 2012/07/01 23:25:18
    You're welcome. I'm all for getting the message to as many people as possible
  • Striker 2012/06/12 01:15:24
    I support Dr Paul, and will until the RINO Party throws him under the bus, but Sorry, Teri, this hit the floor with a dull thud.
  • Ev Rom Striker 2012/07/02 00:04:11
    Ev Rom
    That is because the media got its way, it duped the conservatives to think Romney was the pick. Now the Con Zombies are out in force doing the liberal medias bidding. I still laugh, the cons crying about the liberal media yet the second the liberal media says Mitt Romney they applaud.
  • Striker Ev Rom 2012/07/02 00:32:57
    As I rarely watch TV "news" I really have no response to this.

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