"Americans" jailed for not being Eric Holder.

WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/06/22 04:29:42
It seems that, if you're a "fed", killing Mexican citizens, importing drugs and destroying the lawful here in the States is a daily task, something you won't forget to put in your day planner.

U.S. family jailed for Holder's gun crimes
Jeff Knox summarizes stunning story of Fast & Furious hypocrisy

Eighteen months after Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona by Mexican bandits using guns purchased through a U.S. government program called Fast and Furious, we still don’t know who within the Department of Justice knew about the program, much less who authorized it.

Certainly there has been no serious talk about prosecuting any of the people responsible for assisting in the illegal sales of over 2,000 guns to Mexican arms traffickers – guns that were subsequently involved in the murders of BPA Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata, as well as possibly hundreds of Mexican citizens

But while that investigation has dragged on, with Attorney General Eric Holder denying knowledge of the program, denying knowledge of who was involved and denying congressional investigators access to tens of thousands of documents that might answer those questions, New Mexico gun dealer Rick Reese and his two sons Ryin and Remington have sat rotting in separate detention centers, jails and prisons around the state accused of a similar crime involving some 30 guns.

The Reese family, including Rick’s wife Terri, ran a gun shop in Deming, N.M., and was arrested in late August of 2011 on charges of knowingly selling guns to Mexican smugglers and various other related charges.

After spending 6 months in jail, Terri Reese was finally granted bail in March of this year, but Rick and the boys have been repeatedly denied bail on the pretext that they are flight risks or might try to engage in a Ruby Ridge-type standoff.

The rationale for denying the Reeses’ constitutional rights is that Rick knows some people in Mexico, his home has a well and solar power and there were guns and ammunition in their homes and businesses when they were arrested. That’s right: Guns and ammo in the home and business of a federally licensed firearms dealer (all of which were seized a year ago and have never been returned) is being offered as evidence that they can’t be trusted – and a judge bought it.

Well, there’s also the fact that Rick and Terri were involved with a local tea-party group. That’s probably reason enough right there.

The Reeses are scheduled to finally get their day in court in late July, almost a full year after they were arrested and incarcerated. The first of several pre-trial motion hearings was held last week in which the judge heard arguments as to whether the charge of criminal conspiracy should be dropped. The prosecution contends that the Reese family members were all in cahoots in a conspiracy to sell guns to illegal buyers, falsify purchase paperwork, smuggle guns to Mexico and launder the illegal proceeds. The defense contends that the family operated a business buying and selling firearms, ammunition and accessories, and that they made every effort to ensure that every sale they made was legal and properly documented.

During this first hearing, we learned several things about the prosecution’s case. For instance, we learned that prosecutors acknowledge that every gun the Reeses sold was properly logged into and out of their store inventory, and that FBI background checks were conducted, and approvals received, for each purchaser. They also agree that all taxes were paid and no money was exchanged “under the table,” nor did any of the family members receive compensation above their normal company paycheck.

We learned that Rick Reese also employed retired and off-duty law enforcement officers as part-time help in the shop, and that a substantial portion of the company’s business came from law enforcement officers and agencies.

We learned that prosecutors consider three family members standing close to each other and quietly talking to be evidence of conspiracy and that the lead investigator in the case has a very low opinion of fellow law enforcement officers. When asked if he considered the fact that the Reeses employed LEOs in the shop to be contraindicative of a criminal conspiracy, he replied that he did not because “a lot of them [cops and former cops] are dirty.”

Probably the most important fact we learned at this hearing was that the entire investigation was instigated based on a tip that a woman named Penny Torres was making suspicious purchases of guns and ammunition, and might be illegally buying for someone else. That tip led to Torres’ arrest and her subsequent grand jury testimony against the Reese family and another gun shop where she had made some purchases. The presumption is that her cooperation garnered her leniency in the charges and sentence she was facing for her criminal activity.

What is most significant about the arrest of Penny Torres is that the original tip identifying her as a potential “straw buyer” came from Terri Reese.

Torres had claimed that her purchases were in preparation for a large family reunion at an area ranch where her relatives wanted to do a lot of shooting. At some point after the sales, Terri Reese became suspicious of Torres’ story and contacted a friend in the Luna County Sheriff’s office, who acted as the shop’s go-to guy in law enforcement. He assured Terri that he would make a report to ATF and get back to her.

Torres testimony against the Reese family led to a months-long sting operation conducted against the Reeses by a federal agency called Homeland Security Investigations, or HSI. That investigation involved a confidential informant named Roman, who was trying to earn a reduced sentence for drug and human smuggling. His job was to make purchases of firearms and ammunition from the Reeses while dropping hints that his intent was to illegally take the guns to Mexico. The trick was to drop those hints in such a way that they wouldn’t alarm the Reeses, but that someone listening to a recording of the tape and reading a transcript would conclude that the Reeses knew, or should have known, his intentions.

Roman, by the way, speaks only broken English, and his conversations with the Reeses included a lot of Spanish, a language that no one in the Reese family speaks, but which has been transcribed for the court in English.

Who would believe that a gun dealer’s report of a suspicious purchaser would lead to a federal investigation of the dealer herself, culminating in a raid with armored vehicles, helicopters and heavily armed officers and agents from multiple jurisdictions?

Or that a few firearms and ammunition sales in a high-volume gun store, including the sales that Terri Reese had reported as suspicious, would result in confiscation of virtually everything the family had accumulated over a 25-year marriage and 17 years in business – bank accounts, gun and coin collections, store inventory, vehicles, real estate, just about everything the family had?

Or that the same Justice Department that had instructed dealers to sell over 2,000 guns to known straw buyers for Mexican drug cartels while making no attempt to track or interdict them – with a few arrests and minor charges against the straw purchasers, but no charges against the ATF and DOJ employees who masterminded the criminal operation – would effectively destroy a family for not being quite diligent enough in their efforts to screen their customers?

It is worth noting that as HSI progressed in their investigation against the Reese family, they were briefing and receiving guidance from Phoenix ATF Bureau Chief Bill Newell – the man responsible for directly overseeing Operation Fast and Furious.

For the Reese family, who have already served 10 months behind bars and have had all of their worldly possessions taken from them, the July trial is an opportunity to prove their innocence and try to reassemble what’s left of their lives.

For the prosecution, it is imperative that they prove that the Reeses were intentionally engaging in the criminal activity they have already been being punished for. Failure to get a conviction would leave egg on the face of a relatively new federal law enforcement agency trying to establish itself, and would mean that the various agencies involved wouldn’t get to divvy up the spoils already pillaged.

Once again though, we see a case where those inside the government and law enforcement are handled with kid gloves and given the benefit of every doubt, while those outside of government and law enforcement are presumed guilty until they can prove their innocence – even after the government has taken away the resources they need to make their case.

If you would like to help the Reese family in their struggle, a defense fund has been set up at:

ATTENTION Patricia Arias
First Savings Bank
520 South Gold
Deming, NM 88030

Read More: http://www.wnd.com/2012/06/family-jailed-for-holde...

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Top Opinion

  • DDogbreath 2012/06/22 09:43:40
    This is total Bullsh*t!

    "repeatedly denied bail on the pretext that they are flight risks or might try to engage in a Ruby Ridge-type standoff."

    After what they did to this family, a Ruby Ridge type stand off is what they deserve, I'd bet with a name like Remington he's a pretty dam good shot...

    Holder should be placed in the same cell....

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  • rightagain 2012/06/26 14:30:48
    If Obama gets four more years it will be twenty years before he leaves. That's how dictators are.
    If Obama wins We may very well be in jeopardy from a Government that will not be Of The People, By The People and For The People. But from the rulers of the Amerikan peasants.
    This little article speaks volumes on how and what to expect from this rouge government that is growing stronger and stronger day by day.
    Now we have the ATF and the DOJ against us and the OSHA. Yeah the ones that keep you safe at work are in on gun control now. http://www.volokh.com/2012/06...
    I hope it rains soon or the EPA will be after me for my back yard being so dusty.
  • Dan (Politicaly Incorrect) 2012/06/26 10:46:26
    Dan (Politicaly Incorrect)
    This was the plan. Let gun dealers sell to cartel straw buyers and blame it on the gun dealers. Supposedly to cause public out cry and more gun control. It's Holder and Obama that should be in jail.
  • WannaBe... Dan (Po... 2012/06/26 12:05:39
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Agreed, 100%. Thanks Dan.
  • Doc 2012/06/26 00:16:02
    Without this treasonous double standard, the current administration would have no standards at all.
  • rebel.454 2012/06/24 23:46:09
    I really have a hard time believeing that the AMERICAN government has dropped so low as to pull crap like this on a regular AMERICAN family. I can truely say that I am ashamed of the way this government is run. I never thought I would see something like this happening in the 58 years I have live in this country. If we the people, dont start to stand up and make ourselves heard, this is going to happen more and more every time we turn around. It needs to stop....
  • WannaBe... rebel.454 2012/06/24 23:57:48
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Am coming to the conclusion that the "government" is in breech of the peace, and a direct threat to public safety.
  • Technotrucker_exposingthetruth 2012/06/24 05:12:26
    As a man here in the US from the Czech Republic stated to me, our nation is more of a police state than any former or current communist countries abroad. We should be so proud that we let our employees violate us on a daily basis, with basically no substantial objections.
  • BigFig#9 Technot... 2012/06/24 08:14:23
    Your man from the Czech Republic was somewhat delusional or poorly traveled... We are not the most free nation on earth for expression, etc... but we're up there.... Northern European Social Democracies are who have us beat. .. Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark...
  • Yo'Adri... BigFig#9 2012/06/24 20:08:45
    THE CZECH republic.........that's who you are quoting?????????????? God Help us!
  • BigFig#9 Yo'Adri... 2012/06/25 22:30:49
    You probably meant to reply to rekcurtonhceT_RP2012 as my point was indeed tha this random dude from the CR probably isn't what I'd call a 'high value' witness.... I'd keep him off the stand I think.l
  • Yo'Adri... BigFig#9 2012/06/26 00:05:38
    yeah...sorry.....It was rekcurt.......whatever.....Hope I didn't offend you!
  • BigFig#9 Yo'Adri... 2012/06/27 21:54:26
    Nope - and even if you did it's not like that never happens on Sodahead to a progressive atheist
  • Marek BigFig#9 2012/06/26 12:17:45
    I think, Geert Wilders from Netherlands would disagree with you. He dared to speak out the truth and was dragged thru the mud and charged with hate speech.
  • BigFig#9 Marek 2012/06/27 22:01:00
    Charged with Hate Speech for Hate Speech? Those darn Dutch! Free hate speech may not be as rigorously allowed in the Netherlands but a prostitute can make her living with consenting adults as she/he wishes, I can smoke a jay, marry whoever I want and a number of other things I can't here.... There are 'puts' and 'takes' but net net I'll call the Nordic states generally more free (individually) than the US....My judgement and shared by others but it's close when you compare to say Iraq/Iran/etc....
  • Marek BigFig#9 2012/06/28 04:33:51
    Geert Wilders told the truth. I suppose to the leftists that is a hate speech. They hate it when someone tells them the truth. As for the rest of the comment. It is not freedom when the people are doing everything to destroy themselves. The Dutch are being replaced by muslim immigrants from the third world countries since they are too stoned and high on drugs to have their own children. Some, like Mr. Wilders, see that and sound alarm so they are labeled racists.
  • BigFig#9 Marek 2012/06/29 18:40:32
    I found Amsterdam to be a great place with warm people only a small minority of whom were engaged in the drug culture... Have you been there?
  • stevekele BigFig#9 2014/08/08 14:59:54
    Yeh, BigFig#9, i repeat that Czeh guy's statement, since 9/11, which by the way was committed by and with the knowledge of the US government, the US has become a police state that even Stalin could not imagine is possible!
  • WannaBe... Technot... 2012/06/24 12:17:34
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    It will only get more repressive from here on out. Me thinks we all need to start getting in the faces of "our" elected "leaders" whenever they are at home or even just near us.

    It's time for "our" government to shake in their boots every time they see a free man or woman.
  • Technot... WannaBe... 2012/06/25 03:45:10
    It is time that all the thieving, lobbyist loyalists are fired. Every last one of them, even if D.C. has to be burnt to the ground to accomplish it. There I go, making that list again! ;o)
  • WannaBe... Technot... 2012/06/25 09:40:14
  • Yo'Adri... Technot... 2012/06/26 00:06:32
    Lobbyist need to be run out of town on a rail......the third rail, if you get my drift!
  • ThinkAboutIt! 2012/06/24 02:02:21
    That's how the liberals do things.
  • ★Calliope★ 2012/06/23 21:56:59
    Holder is a POS racist.

    That's all there is to it, I reckon.
  • WannaBe... ★Calliope★ 2012/06/24 02:21:22
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    well, that's the long and the short of it. ;-)
  • ★Calliope★ WannaBe... 2012/06/24 14:08:23
    It makes me so TIRED.

    These folks truly can't see beyond their own prejudice.
  • XZQZQ 2012/06/23 06:53:39
    Utterly bizarre story. I send a small donation. I hope many others contribute, also... It bothers me when the State arbitrarily chooses to crush people, simply because they can.
  • WannaBe... XZQZQ 2012/06/23 10:18:35
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Well stated, XZQZQ.
  • BigFig#9 XZQZQ 2012/06/24 08:15:30
    Before you send any money read the indictment and do some research - highly misrepresented above...
  • Lady Willpower 2012/06/23 01:28:26
    Lady Willpower
    This is nuts. Who are the real criminals anyway?!
  • WannaBe... Lady Wi... 2012/06/23 06:00:23
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Very good question.
  • abubincrazy 2012/06/23 01:23:43
    I suspect this was going to be a show-trial to back up the commies' attack on the Second Amendment.
    Their ham-fisted machinations are coming back to bite 'em.
    To paraphrase Obi's crazy-ass preacher, Brother Wright, "their chickens....are coming home to roost."
  • Constitution Believer 2012/06/22 23:58:35
  • Yo'Adri... Constit... 2012/06/26 00:10:42
    BOOM! You rock!
  • Constit... Yo'Adri... 2012/06/27 03:26:32
  • Tink123 2012/06/22 23:43:37 (edited)
    The police / feds entrap private citizens like this everyday. And that is precisely what this is - entrapment. I feel for this family. There is nothing more discouraging than having to fight those purposed to protect your rights, your own government, for the recognition of your rights. It's a truly helpless feeling, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    To think that this family could be convicted, not* for their own actions / intent - but for failing to properly judge the actions / intent of individuals completely separate from them. And now they must fight an entity - who can "change the rules of the game" at any given time - for their own livelihood. Tragic.
  • WannaBe... Tink123 2012/06/23 06:09:22
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    You said quite a mouthful there, Lady.
  • Tink123 WannaBe... 2012/06/23 13:27:50 (edited)
    Jeez I know 'this story' all too well. The Feds will put these people through hell to cover their own @$$. And the worst part is - they'll probably walk, but they'll never get their life back. Even if found not guilty on all counts - they'll be haunted by this for the rest of their lives. This is every reason and some to loathe govt.
  • WannaBe... Tink123 2012/06/24 02:25:42
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Bingo, Tinka. The persecution will follow them all the days of their lives.
  • Tink123 WannaBe... 2012/06/24 02:38:34
    Exactly - and the man too.
  • dominic garcia 2012/06/22 23:30:13 (edited)
    dominic garcia
    http://www.justice.gov/usao/n... Here is the original indictment, there is no mention of "Fast and Furious." The newspapers have never mentioned Fast and furious either, till recently. The newspaper put a front page article, but the heading reads " Reese defense attacks conspiracy."
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